Family stay sg - United states of amercia
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United States of America 

The land where anything is possible. The land of opportunities. The place, where dreams come true. USA is a great country with exciting history, beautiful landscapes and endless possibilities to “make it happen”. It is also a great place to visit, if you are still on the hunt for great deals for your family vacation and you are not located in North America.

Family stay sg - United states of amercia
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With its 50 states and nearly 319 million people living there, America is the literal definition of diversity in all aspects possible – ethnic, religious, subcultural, technological, scientific and spiritual.

The different states of the country are hiding different destinations that can make a simple family vacation an unforgettable experience.

Family stay sg - United states of amercia
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Family trips always involve some sort of group activities – visiting amusement parks, going to a live event, taking a walk to some of the iconic museums or just hiking in the nature. With children on board, the “wild, wild west” is not always a good idea. With hiking comes a great deal of troubles – proper equipment, transportation, food, clothing and last, but most certainly not least – the kids themselves. So here are three interesting and exciting ideas of how to make your USA trip a wonderful adventure for both children and adults and will save you some worries.

Anaheim, California

Family stay sg - Southern-California-Beaches
Southern California Beaches, credits: online

The sunny state of California is never asleep. The activities there are numerous. Probably the most iconic spot there, that still electrifies both kids and parents, is celebrating its diamond anniversary of 60 years Disneyland Park. Originally named Disneyland, the amusement park is located in the beautiful city of Anaheim, which is part of the Los Angeles metropolitan area. It opens up back in 1955, and is the first out of now six attraction resorts across the world. It holds eight “lands” in total, including the Mickey’s Toontown, Adventureland and Fantasyland.

Family stay sg - Disneyland
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What’s so great about Disneyland? It reminds us that it’s never too late to become the heroes and princesses of our own fairy tales.

Baltimore, Maryland

Family stay sg -Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, located in the state of Maryland, is the largest independent city on the territory of the United States of America. Holding decades worth of history, this city is now home to 2.7 million people. There are few worth seeing spots here, but aside of the famous Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore has few more landmarks, and the National Aquarium is being one of them.

Family stay sg - BaltimoreNationalAquarium

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The National Aquarium is every kid’s dream. It’s a home to a rich diversity of species, including 9 shark species, blue blubber jelly, green sea turtle and some remarkable bird representatives. It combines the excitement of meeting new animals, seeing them up close, as well as their habitat, and learning all about them from the aquarium’s tourist guide. The most curious ones shall put the foundation of some high scores in their Biology class for sure.

Washington, DC

Washington, DC, is the capital of the United States of America. Having said that, it’s easy to figure how many interesting historical places are there to visit. After the most popular route around the Capitol, the White House and of course, the Supreme Court, there is one more absolutely fascinating place to visit – the National Air & Space Museum.

Family stay sg -National Air & Space Museum.

With a number of amazing collections of scientific discoveries and studies, beautiful and unique exhibitions and a variety of interesting events, the museum is a combination of entertaining, educational and exciting landmark for the whole family to see. To make the experience even more remarkable and memorable, the museum hosts a variety of family-oriented events, including a movie on the museum’s five-story-high IMAX scree, hands-on activities and meetings with pilots and other space specialists.

Vacations with children should be that time off, where parents and young kinds reconnect, recharge, enrich and expand their views of life. Important thing to keep in mind, especially for young and inexperienced parents is, that whatever you plant in a little kid’s head, this might shape your child’s future few years later.

So choose wisely. And have fun!

Enjoy the vacation!


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