Phuket For Family: Rawai VIP Villas & Rawai Kids Park staycation review!

Didn’t imagine we would have indeed lived out the dream of relishing a family holiday in Thailand!

Home to a bevy of stunning golden sandy beaches, coastal hills and lush greenery amidst the unspoiled natural paradise emerged a dedicated family VIP villa & Phuket’s largest kids park perfect for a family-friendly holiday destination – Rawai VIP Villas and Kids Park!

This is one of the rare resorts that expertly blend in the ultimate high-end luxury and relaxation, together with adventure and excitement to keep kids entertained so the whole family can soak in a perfect holiday!


It was a quick decision made by the family, and the next thing was we jetting off via Scoot to the newly found family paradise which we featured in the beginning of the year. Merely less than a power nap of 2 hours, Noah was pulling his new Trunki suitcase, while Christian enjoyed his comfy baby carrier ride, the whole pack was strolling thru customs of Phuket International Airport with a sense of anticipation. Stepping out of the arrival hall we looked around for any faces that read “WELCOME, IM YOUR DRIVER FROM RAWAI”.


It took a while before we found our fuss-free airport transfer driver that would ferry us to our sweet abode for the next 4 days. It was a comfortable, glittery 9 seater vehicle, looking brand new and chic. 40mins or so, we arrived at Rawai VIP Villas. The driver came down with us and assisted with the luggages, and he promptly bid us farewell with palms together – Thailand’s hand sign for thank you.

Two friendly Rawai staff greeted us with a sweet smile and gave us a sweet Sawadeeka before gesturing us to take a seat at their comfy sofa at the waiting area while they sorted out our villa – THREE BEDROOMS VILLA, specially arranged for the birthday ( on the 3rd day) mama here.


As Rawai VIP Villas was rather new, the new office with blasting air-con (compare to the blazing hot weather outside) was a paradise. We were offered bottles of water when the keys were being prepared with a last double check via their walkie-talkie that everything has been cleared from the other end.

A bunch of keys was given to us, we were told that every door has a key – including kitchen, side door, main gate (remote control key and the 3 bedrooms. Two Rawai indoor playground access cards were also passed on to us so we can enjoy the play area for the next few days.

Check in was supposed to be 3 pm, we somehow arrived early due to our flight time, fortunately, our villa was readily prepared we did an early check-in to our villa!


The planning behind this project was indeed a well-thought plan, the villas were neatly arranged, with well-manicured plants dotted along the rows of villas. We can’t wait less to check out our very own villa with private pool! From the website, it looks liked a huge villa dedicated to us! A buggy was arranged for us promptly as we hope on, our luggage have already reached the main gate (that’s how efficient their service was!)

Even though it was within walking distance from the main lobby to our villa, say 5 mins walk, but we were swiftly ferried over.

You can never imagine how excited the boys were (yes, including hubby) when we saw the main gate! As we stand foot into the villa, we realized it’s the corner “unit” which means that we had the view all to ourselves! Yes, that lush greenery and hillside view felt liked right out of any travel (insta) gram picterques account!

Our private pool was a stunning sight, with pool floats already pumped for us! Talking about fuss-free! No need to pack them for this trip at all! We can just change into our swimming suits and dive straight in.

Once we stepped in, parked our bags in the room, we were impressed that all the rooms have already been cool down by the air cons even before we reached. The kids were happy as well as the adults! (No sweat over anything!) We put the baby on the white sheets of the well-pressed king size bed, and he took a good old nap that afternoon. We all did.

Before that it was exploring time, we took turns to check out the en-suite bathroom – well no surprise, the large space could accommodate a large bathtub as well as a large area of the standing shower! It’s twice the size of any hdb toilets, and this space gain delighted the entire brood.

A baby cot with adorable kids towel, pillows, blankie was given, together with other amenities such as bathrobes, slippers, hairdryer, vanity kit, and bottles of mineral water.

Nothing seems less perfect as what we expected, looking clean and neat!

Next, we swing over to the living room which comprises of the dining area and kitchenette. We loved the high ceiling roof with a modern furnishings touch. There was a fridge, baking oven, microwave and even a coffee brewer!

Not forgetting a washing machine and clothes drying rack was available!


A lovely cafe located within Rawai VIP Villas resort, Love Rawai Cafe, the only restaurant we have been faithfully hanging out throughout the 4 days in Phuket. There was everything we needed, it more than enough for us, the food, drinks, ambiance, and peace of mind.

With kids around, the first thing we need to worry was finding a proper eatery in a foreign country. Fortunately, that concern didn’t make it to our list of parenting worries this time.

Before reaching Love Rawai Cafe within walking distance from our villa, say less than 3 mins, there was this little ticket office where the staff will always check on you – “Where you going?”, “Cafe!”, “ok!” as the indoor playground needed tickets to enter.

So once you pass by the ticket office as well as the outdoor area with the rope climbing tower on the left,  you will be walking past a garden of more manicured plants and a mini kids sandpit area. It’s such a pretty sight, no one can resist not taking any photos from there.

The cafe was such a cozy place to be in, we enjoyed our time just taking our own sweet time eating our meals (even though the mozzies are feasting on us as well). The menu was fantastic as well, other than Thai food, there was a full list of western food for us to chose from. Can you imagine throughout the 4 days, how many dishes we could order without repeating it!

Breakfast was a delectable buffet spread! Importantly there was food suitable for the kids, as the elder one got a little feverish on the second day of stay he was well-fed by simple dishes such as porridge and cereals. We highly recommend to try out their pasta and authentic Thai food (we don’t quite trust restaurants outside the resort) so at least we got to satisfy our Thai food cravings here.

Breakfast time!

From the menu.

One of the weekdays, when there was low in occupancy of guests staying in Rawai VIP Villas, so to prevent food wastage, the cafe offered a few breakfast set menus for us to chose – from the image seen below.

Whatever we could order from the cafe including kids menu, we could do the same for in-room services. Waiting time was short, and yes, food was delivered directly to our villas! So convenient especially at night when we want to avoid the mozzies.

Love Rawai Cafe Breakfast began at 7 am daily, while orders from the menu start at 9 am till 9 pm.


The main reason why we loved Rawai – well, of course, their popular Rawai Kids Park! Never would we think that we could come to Phuket for the kids! Being the largest kids park in Phuket, there had to be reasons why it’s the hot spot for families on vacation!

Outdoor area (with rope climbing tower)

The rope climbing tower was a great attraction for older kids from 8 y.o. There is also a large net about 7 meters high which is safe and fun for kids. We didn’t get to try this because our kids are too young for this but it looks fun though! Occasionally we heard that family events, birthdays with animation, live music and show are held in this area as there are comfortable spaces for families to roam.

Then, this outdoor playground consists of a large area (250 sq.m.) with a roof which protects kids from tropical sun and rain with 4 slide sets, swing, trampoline – the space where kids are free to run, play and jump.

Water area

Kids pool with slides, 40 cm deep, 225 sq.m water area where kids and parents feel safe and comfortable playing together. Parents who feel ok to let their kids play alone in water area can sit at the restaurant or use lounge chairs and tables around the pool. Another feature that we didn’t get to try as the elder boy was down with fever, so it was really a pity as plenty of kids were playing there the entire day.

Indoor playground

The only area where our sick boy enjoyed very much, so much so he cried when we had to go back after an hour of playing there (somehow he felt better after running around) was the indoor playground with an area of 250 sq.m. with air conditioner. The playroom area is for the smaller ones, it is full of toys and spaces for kids activities, there are also kids labyrinth, trampoline, kids-houses, bicycles. This area is the most popular where the parents and kids can spend time together playing, reading books or painting.

All we can say – it’s really a kid’s haven, we almost wanted to leave him here along and head back to take a rest! Only taking a few steps away, kids are free to head over from the cafe to play within safe guidance from the staff. For guests that direct booked the villas from Rawai VIP Villa‘s website get to enjoy free access to the indoor playground.

Kids park opening hours: 9 am to 9 pm


Finally other than the VIP Pool we loved diving in (only once, as the other days were raining cats and dogs) was the experience we had at Kim’s massage! Must do on the list for us! With the sore shoulder, arms, and legs, we opt for back and leg massage.

People from Phuket really loved babies a lot! While mummy was getting her rub-down, Baby Christian did too! Pricing was affordable and it was a rejuvenating experience just sitting there and watched the cars pass by.

How to get there: via bicycle, there are rental of free bicycles from Rawai VIP Villas, all you need to do was to informed the front desk people or just grab one from your villa (there will always be a preparation of a few bicycles for guests to use!). Once you reach the main road, keep left and you will see Kim’s message and many other parlors along the street.


  • To enjoy perks from the resort, book directly from their website at
  • Find out when is the rainy season, we had almost 3 raining days during the stay and it did dampen our mood before we head over to the Rawai Kids Park!
  • Bring your mozzie repellant or patch, or else you will be buffet spread for those flying blood-sucking vampires.
  • Always check for their updates and promotions to earn some treats!

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