Does being pregnant or breastfeeding mean we have to be out of the trending circle? No Mums-to-be should scramble to just wearing baggy or oversized clothes only to accommodate our expanding bump!

Finding that stylish and affordable maternity wear online is not an easy hunt so when we chanced upon JumpEatCry, we heard the bells ringing for our growing belly! Best yet, we didn’t have to go broke or even out of the house to bag home these chic apparels for maternity and even when we are nursing on the go!


If you recently just pass your second trimester, it’s the perfect time for some wardrobe updates with JumpEatCry!

Being a Singapore-based online e-commerce store, JEC‘s founders set out to bring out new style trends with their versatile yet pocket-friendly maternity and nursing clothes for pregnant and new mothers. Designed by their co-founder, their new in-house label – Mothercot collections are regularly released together with their other curated collections.

By understanding that everyday clothing may not always fit the mother with an ever-growing belly, Jump Eat Cry strives to bring outfits that cater for essential comfort that lasts throughout and beyond pregnancy.

Scroll down! Let’s bring you our favourite and recommended 3 Maternity outfits from their in-house design – Mothercot might just bring a new light to your maternity style! 

Pastel Rainbow Nursing Dress

Uniquely made of Ribbed Knit, we were amazed that this specially curated material does not trap heat at all. Apart from being a “cooling” outfit, we heard that this Pastel Rainbow Nursing Dress has been a popular choice because of the paddle pop colours that resemble Spring time! Better yet, you don’t even have to worry about ironing it (oh yes!), as it is ceases-free as well as very stretchable for any stage of your pregnancy and up till for breastfeeding!
Whether it’s going for our mummies gathering or movie night with the hubs, the (mood) uplifting hue is suitable for any day outs! Mums to be, you will be glad to know that as convenient as it gets, it comes with a lift up nursing access with no zips, so tuck it on your must buy list and become that eye-catching mama! 


Veronda Nursing Dress (Office Dress)

If you are thinking of getting a maternity dress suitable for work or formal occasions, this no zip nursing dress will be your perfect option!  As the dress is made of Milk Silk, it gives off a soft, flowy and lightweight feel. Being another crease-free material, you can just wear it even without touching the iron. A bonus point for us, as we often have to juggle between work and handing toddlers, so ironing clothes is too much a hassle for us. The reason why we gave our thumbs up to this dress, which is perfect for mamas who need to be that presentable all the time! 
Need to latch or pump on the go, this nursing dress comes with an easy pull aside access so , no need to cry over milk strains as the dark pattern will be your best camouflage. Add this to your maternity list and stay cool during this hot weather! Oh! did we mentioned there are pockets too… 🙂


Mallory Empire Nursing Dress (Favourite Office Dress)

Mamas who might just have more than an expanding belly (arms!), don’t miss this nursing dress with 3/4 sleeves! It’s made up of 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex, and it had prints that are specifically made for a more formal get up. The crease-free, detachable belt and vertical zip down nursing access made it our 3rd recommended office wear! 
You can’t get any more modern, stylish or comfortable in this nursing dress. This nursing dress grows together with you, from your pregnancy to breastfeeding journey. We loved how it fits snugly with our growing bump instead of just body hugging it, giving us that confidence that mamas can be that chic even with a bump!


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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by JumpEatCry.

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