Travelling with Young Children

Family vacations are the best.

But sometimes travelling with young children can be challenging. A simple trip can turn into a nightmare, and that is certainly not what most of us have in mind, while booking the oh, so waited flight to heaven. Taking a break from your day-to-day activities and work duties with a kid is like a rollercoaster. You never know when you will find yourself hanging you’re your head upside down.

Every child is different. But luckily, we have found the secret of how their little minds operate. Here are some common situations and an anti-stress solutions to them.

  1. Discipline on a plane

Travelling by air always feels as an adventure. The calm and silent salon creates a relaxing atmosphere and is often great for self-reflecting or daydreaming. Toddlers don’t care about that. They are curious, active, lively and flying with an airplane feels like Christmas, but without the tree. To avoid embarrassing situation of your child screaming, crying or arguing with you, bring in his or hers most favorite toy. If the flight is longer than an hour, consider taking a tech gadget (a simple tablet works wonders), to entertain the little person with a game or some cartoons.


  1. Stick to the child’s normal daily regime

For those little people, who give meaning to our lives, travelling is an adventure. For us, adults, it can be a challenge. Either way, the excitement always plays an important role. Make sure you stick to the child’s daily regime and try not to skip meals or a regular naptime. When children don’t take the required amount of sleep, they can be moody, and this will inevitably reflect on the other passengers that are travelling with you.

  1. If you can, bring some child gear

The child safety sit your kid loves, or a favorite blanket, might be your savior. Children can switch moods in a matter of seconds. Sometimes while craving for attention, they get upset for no obvious reason. The comfort of something that they are already familiar and comfortable with will help them relax.

Travel Suitcase

  1. Prepare medication in case of an emergency

Sometimes kids tend to have motion sickness that can be easily controlled with the right medication and some good sleep while moving. The most common meds that are used in that case are called antihistamines and are likely to cause drowsiness. If you are travelling by air and you think your child will get sick, make sure to inform the stewardess about that. Thus she will quickly assist you and shall take the situation under control without disturbing the other passengers.

Bonus tip: It’s good to bring some small snacks with you. Travelling on an empty stomach can cause nausea. If you have chosen plane travel, again, ask the stewardess for a snack.

  1. Stay alert, but don’t stress too much about it

Travelling it’s like eating too much ice cream. You love it, but having too much of it can make you feel sick. Stressing over minor details can ruin both yours and your family’s vacation. Double-check everything once, before you go. And most importantly – give yourself a break, because that’s what travelling is for.

You can take care of that pre-travelling hassle by checking the items from the list below.

Travelling with young children checklist:

  • First aid medical kit
  • Motion sickness medicine
  • Snacks
  • Child safety sit/adjustable stroller
  • Tablet/Laptop
  • Favorite toy/Puzzle game/Coloring books and pencils
  • Sunscreen (if travelling during the summer)
  • Extra lightweight blanket
Familystaysg - 5 Top Tips for Travelling with Young Children
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Let the vacation begin!


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