Do you remember your first movie trip to the multiplex? Dark halls, blasting sound systems, and surrounding film critics ever-ready to shoos you the look when you want to speak to your parents?

Probably you were 4 to 5 years old before setting foot to the big screens. Maybe your parents were worried and didn’t know how to comfort you during the quiet screening time. As much as it might be, but bringing a child to the theatre shouldn’t turn out to be a scary movie. Every child is different in reacting to new experiences but it’s important to know how to prep your little one and don’t let your over-worrying or unpreparedness wreak both of your first movie experience together.

Follow our heartfelt tips seen below as we have been there and done that with our so-called little movie-lover. 

Get Ready For Movies

Assuming that your child happens to be around you when you are watching kids related movie trailers on your phone, and the character interests them when you ask if they want to go to the movies. That will be the first sign they might be ready. Prepare them by talking to them what they will expect – being dark, quiet and loud. Practice watching movies at home by turning off the lights and sit quietly as you watch the show.

Mothers with Infants

Mothers with infants over 6 months who are breastfeeding might have a better advantage than those bottle fed.  Any case if the movie gets overwhelming, just latch on and hide them under your nursing cover, 80% of the time, they will usually nap away against your warm embrace.

Plan in the morning

Most of the kids are their best in the morning, and you will meet similar parents filling the hall with their kids who won’t bother about you or your child during the screenings (too busy to mind their own kids). Going in the morning instead of evenings also mean, you won’t meet those serious film -goers who might be bothered by your child’s whispering, giggling or fidgeting.

Special Family Screening

Look out for the dates where some cinemas operate special screenings liked Kids Flix and Mums & Babies screenings dedicated for parents to bring children to catch their favourite kids movie. Movie timing usually are in the morning, less dim halls, free goodie bags provided and even diaper tables will be available.

Skips the ads

All the time, theatres will feature the upcoming trailers and a slew of commercials that may be even more daunting or fast-paced than the original movie itself, give yourself 5-10mins before you take your seats.

Pack the snacks

Make sure your kids are well-fed before going to the cinemas as it will be an hour to two before they get to eat proper again. If you decide to let them snack away, prepare healthy snacks from home or juices and give it to them only when their attention span starts to drift. Or if you have decided to get popcorns or chips, make sure you do so before sitting down and drain them with water after the show as some may be too sweet or salty (or you will be running to the toilets mid-way).

Be Their Narrator 

Eventually, give them and yourself a few trial sessions and bring them out for a short breather if they get too cranky. It’s all about practice and knowing the environment. Importantly when you are all ready when the lights are off, do remember to keep them interested in the show by talking to them and explaining every details in the scenes, laugh when it’s funny and show them that it’s an enjoyable session despite people around might be staring  at you (Do of course keep your narration volume down), and you won’t have to miss movie time with the brood! 




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