Paper Monkey Theatre (Singapore)

An exciting tale of a filial boy who braves all odds to save his mother!

Based on a Chinese folktale, The Magic Lanterntells the story of Chen Xiang, born from a forbidden marriage between a heavenly goddess and a human. The ever-righteous deity Er Lang Shen disapproves of the marriage and imprisons Chen Xiang’s mother beneath a mountain. Determined to rescue her, Chen Xiang sets out to face an impossible battle. Will filial piety and love conquer all?

This modern adaptation lets children learn about determination and filial piety, through an engaging presentation of traditional rod and hand puppetry. Brought to life though theatrical elements and live music performance, children can experience firsthand these exquisite traditional puppets.

This production is commissioned and presented by Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay.

Visit us at www.esplanade.com/moonfest


9 Sept – 11 Sept 2016


Esplanade Theatre Studio


The Magic Lantern

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