If your travel plans to Taiwan with kids always bounce between going to the night markets or touristy locations such as the zoos, museums or shopping malls, take this chance while reading our post to try something new! We are glad that while searching for what to do with the boys, we found ourselves heading uphill for a lavishing rejuvenating experience with the – HOT SPRING. Somewhere, we didn’ knew how much family-friendly it was and rewarding for the little ones.

A newly opened Beitou Hotspring Resort located hidden away from the bustling cities and overwhelming light pollution stood among the lush mountain forest landscape of Dan-Feng Mountains, Asia Pacific Hotel – our new-found family destination in Taiwan, for guests with families to relax and body nurturing.


Spending over 10 years in construction, Asia Pacific hotel is Beitou’s first dynamic hotel, being the nation’s first to offer a vast variety of AR/VR experience within the premises – parents look out for this!

So apart from the range of Hot Spring options –  yes we talking about the private tub in each room, public and outdoor hot springs, there is also a myriad of activities that are designed to keep all guests entertained that will include swimming pool designed specially for families, a varieties of water fitness courses, and water acrobatic activities!

With over 140 Japanese Zen-inspired, simplistic rooms consisting the Superior, Deluxe and AP suite, each room comes with your own private independent Hot Spring Tub coupled with the options to switch from cold to hot baths. There’s nothing as relaxing as having that comfort in your own room, enjoying all the health benefits of experiencing the amazing white sulfur spring bath.

The day of arrival, we took an MRT train to Beitou station for pick up by their hotel shuttle bus in which we referred to the scheduled timing seen below (Taken from their website). The bus arrived promptly, with an hour apart, taking approx 10-12 pax each trip.


Upon reaching the destinated resort, we had a swift and fuss-free check-in (around 3pm) at the stylish concierge before heading up to one of the premium rooms found in the hotel – introducing their AP suite. Their professional staff patiently explain to us about our ONE STAY TWO MEALS promo package which will have us for one night in the AP suite, dinner and breakfast provided.


What awaited us was the quintessential of the AP resort hospitality –  a spacious living room with two sofas firmly set against the walls, two plush medium size beds tucked behind the Japanese Shoji sliding doors, the independent hot spring area furthermore with a lovely tea area. And an abundance of natural light flushed in from the unobstructed views of the greenery outside our full-length windows.   

Tugging our lightly packed luggage into our AP suite, our eyes and body feasted on the tranquility it offers. The design of the suite entire surround itself with the culture of their Japanese architect – the sliding door, tatami style bed and neutral color tones that dress the walls and furniture of the room. 

The calm serenity continues to engulf as we turn towards the tea area – to chill. We stripped out of our outfits and slipped into their pre-arranged Japanese bathrobes (yup, we brought along our kids’ sized too!) and hastily began our pampering soak in.

While the hot and cold spring tap water both running to fill the cold stone tub, we decided to have a little rendezvous with the exquisite tea set and snacks provided by the hotel. Even if you aren’t a tea person, you can also lavish on their complimentary NESPRESSO capsules for a sweet afternoon tea break.

All that natural light flooding in. Eyes feasting on the greenery.

Can’t cheers with beer as I’m still breastfeeding, how about some hot tea?

Having a sweet tooth is such a sin, just couldn’t resist finishing all of these savory little treats even before I got in the tub to lose some calories.

A separate washing up area just liked any hot spring parlor in Japan.

Pampering yourselves with these specially curated, luxurious imported green shower set.

And so with the benefits of Beitou being the primary location of the hot spring in Taiwan, the hotel’s highly coveted white sulfur spring water not only improve dry skins conditions, arthritic pain and it’s said to also aid in internal problems such as menopausal symptoms and digestive disorders. Incredibly it helps to calm the mind, soften skin keratin, promote blood circulation and alleviate physical exhaustion. No more secrets to why you see more healthy Japanese elders compare to the entire world.

Thereafter we took our turns to soak for about 20-30mins, and as soon after the sun sets, we head down for our dinner buffet.

Package includes:

  • Green Restaurant Breakfast and Dinner
  • Additional Accommodations for 2 Medium Bed,  Up to 2 people (adult or children) per room.
  • Children below 5: Free; 6 – 11: NT$2000 each per night (includes breakfast, lunch, OR dinner, amenities, facility fees)
  • ◆ Adults: 12 and above: NT$2700 each per night (includes breakfast, lunch, OR dinner, amenities, facility fees)

Amenities included: 

  • 49″ LED TV
  • Independent Hot Spring Tub
  • Stone Cold Water Bowl
  • Detached Toilet/Shower Room
  • Delicate Tea Set and Featured Tea Bags
  • Fruits and Snacks
  • Imported Green Shower Set
  • Selected Japanese Bathrobes (Male + Female)
  • Indoor/Outdoor Slippers

Green Restaurant

Located at Floor G, we were greeted with an elegant dining environment enclaved with the beautiful views of GuanYinShan. The perfect combination of classic Taiwan dishes and some local catches came together to form such amazing tastes! The perk of traveling to Taiwan, all that good food everywhere!

By 530pm, our dinner was a radiant variety of vegetable salads and hand-made desserts for a fresh anti-oxidizing lifestyle. Each of us was then given a few choices for our main dish – either their juicy ribs, fresh giant prawn or savory steak! Well, obviously we had one of each to try it out, and all was freshly grilled – no complains at all!

The breakfast the next morning was primarily in a western style which promptly began at 7 am to 10 am on weekdays and 1030 am on weekends. Our fuel for the day was varieties of Chinese cuisines in semi-buffet forms. Otherwise, there were also offerings of traditional breakfast options such as porridge, fried noodles, and the essentials of the big breakfast. What uniquely caught our attention were the sweet potatoes – something you can only find in Taiwan culture, which we absolutely loved very much!

Oh, that morning view!


After our dinner, we went up to the 2nd floor to take a look. Even before we stepped out of the lift, we could smell what’s coming. Calming our nerves and mind, at the sight of their elegant Spa parlor. According to the different seasons, their guests get to receive customized treatments by their aromatherapists, providing a top aromatic treatment service.

Just because we had a filling dinner, we made a reservation to come in an hour for a full-body relaxation massage without any hesitation! Kids, time for bed!

Before the session, we sat down with our therapist to go through which essential oil we wanted to use for our treatment. She taught us the benefits of the different oil and told us that the bottle used will be given to us after the entire session. So everyone can bring back that special session as a keepsake.

There’s single treatment rooms and double treatment rooms available.

Took a quick look at their VIP treatment for cells exfoliating at their fully equipped water treatment room.

 Nothing beats having a good rub down right after a good soak in the hot spring, agreed?

Family Swimming Area

No hotel is complete without a swimming pool, not like they need it here, but for those who desire to have some frolicking or splashing time with the kids, rejoice to know that the temperature of the water here is constantly regulated throughout the year. It’s open from 7 to 6pm daily.


  • Adult: NT600/person,
  • Child: NT400/person for 2 hours.
  • Overtime charge NT200 for adults,
  • NT150 for children and is charged per 30 minutes.

AR / VR Experience Game Zone

Found on the same level as the pool as well as the public hot spring area, this Level 1 virtual reality experience game zone is definitely the most engaging among all the other resorts nearby. Named as Lohas – guests will require to book in advance.

LOHAS World opens from 7 am to 11 pm. It creates a diverse and rich leisure entertainment world. Taiwan’s first hotel setup with virtual reality experience spaces. VR gaming consoles and the experience area integrates technology and vacation, providing a dynamic relaxing and leisure experience.

Here we are with the VR football and stomping game reflected on the floor, Noah had a go at it and didn’t want to leave when we had to go back up to bed.

The VR offers an exciting roller coaster journey. Ride a bike into Alishan. Ride a horse into the wild west. Experience 6 exciting and fun VR gaming consoles.

The Table Game Area offers 2 table footballs and floating balls. Via the interactive and exciting competitive games, enjoy a great family time. The table footballs and floating balls are beloved by both the adults and children and come as complimentary to use and play in.

The AR Paint the Ocean Family Area similar to MOSH! Singapore allows kids to demonstrate their imagination and creativity. They can interact and play with the fishes they draw in the virtual ocean world or beneath the Interactive Table Game Area. No kids will want to leave as its too addictive seeing your own fish floating in the “ocean”.

Even their restrooms are made to be child-friendly. Check out that adorable toilet bowl!

If your child is a crafty person, these hands-on DIY Classroom holds various DIY course periodically. Similarly, booking of the classes requires an advanced booking!

About and Around

Perched outside the hotel there are even other options for easy hot spring experience, we found this outdoor hot spring pool for the tired feet with temperature regulated constantly on a higher degree, anyone can just swing by to have a good soak before check-in.

Apart from this area for a quick dip, for non-staying guests, Asia Pacific hotel also provides public hot spring pool for a dip and go – priced at NT1600 per person. Separating into either Male or Female rooms for more privacy. This also located at Level 1. For more information, please click here to find out more! 

Overall Review

Parenting has never been easier with kids in tow whenever we travel. Other than going to places with digital pollution that adds to the difficulty of communicating to them with patience and calmness. Why not, head over to Asia Pacific Hotel and give the little ones and yourself, of course, some detox from the usual vacation expectation to a more tranquil, close to nature and the rejuvenating journey that you and your kids can enjoy and remember. Will we be coming back? Absolutely, so say the toddler and our parents.

To learn more about the promo package that we had during our February trip to Taiwan, Beitou, take a look at their website link here. With the usual price of NT12,900 to their reduced NT8,900 for the same room we had!

Disclosure: One Night Stay was kindly sponsored by Asia Pacific Hotel.

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