Preschool and Enrichment Learning, Growing Up Happy, the Badanamu Way

It’s no secret we’re amazed by Bada method of teaching and helping your children to grow in their formative years. It’s never a crying business when kids attend preschool here at Bada Preschool as its all about being in an environment encourages learning thru playing and vice versa.

When you’re happy and you know it, you clap your hands, do a dance, or whatever takes your fancy. You exude an energy that inspires and invigorates others around you. When a child is happy, something triggers in his brain that brings about feelings of well-being; millions of neurons fire up to make more connections, and that is where learning happens.

This is what they advocate and develop at Badanamu Singapore – a whole-body learning experience where your children have a safe, happy space to come to.

Badanamu Meets Your Child’s Needs in Every Way

Creating an aesthetically pleasing and harmonious environment is the first important step to helping the child ease into this learning space.  The Badanamu world of learning is centred around six, immensely popular characters (Bada, Mimi, Abby, Curly, Punk and Jess) who sing, dance and teach the regular preschool concepts but also focus on important qualities like kindness, empathy, and teamwork, whilst having fun with each other. These are also the qualities you will find in all our trained specialists and teachers, so parents and children alike are always put at ease when they come into the centre.

The centre offers classes to children from as young as 12 months, just as long as the little ones are already walking. This purpose-built, social environment is welcoming and supposed to give your child a sense of comfort and confidence – to forge friendships, express emotions and overcome challenges.

Movement-based Activities

A most natural, yet overlooked characteristic of a child is movement. It is essential to their very being and development that they have to move, literally, to learn. The Badanamu Singapore centre recognizes and acknowledges this trait and this forms the very basis of our education ideology.

In both the preschool and enrichment classes, songs and dancing are a staple, and then, depending on the class you choose, children participate in sensory, themed activities (Bada Genius – 12 to 24months), or learn to read with Bada Sound (24 to 48 months). At the end of each class, we build the core with gym, honing coordination skills and building teamwork.

Bada Preschool Open House

Curious to meet the team behind the centre’s outstanding and interesting programmes? Make your way down to Bada Preschool Open House to experience what Badanamu has to offer at our exclusive FamilyStaySg readers only Open House this August to find out more about their Preschool and Enrichment classes!

Date: 13th of August 2017
Time: 10am to 4pm
Venue: 1 Marine Parade Central, #11-07, Parkway Centre, Singapore 449408.

Seize this opportunity to meet the team responsible for the centre’s fun programmes, and discuss your enquiries with the passionate teachers. The day will begin with a mini tour around the centre followed by an interactive session where your children get a feel of learning at Bada Preschool with a short storytelling session. The afternoon will then cap off with fun activities for your child, including crafts work to bring home to.

To register for the Open House, email and use “FamilyStaySg Open House at Badanamu” in your subject. Do also tell us the names and ages of your children. All little ones at our Open House will take home a mini Bada toy and enjoy special prices on selected Badanamu products.

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