Children learn things in many ways. Some kids learn better with songs, some learn thru visual aids and some while they role-play. So whether they are absorbing new skill or knowledge at home or in school, as long as they are emotionally engaged with a character from the book, TV, or even online technology, they are learning.

All of this happens daily at the newly launched preschool we recently enrolled in, at Badanamu Singapore. Its holistic teaching methodology aims to build a strong early formative foundation for young children before they go to primary school. 

Let us show you more with Bada and Friends on an exciting journey into a magical world of words and stories. 


Founded by David Roberts from London, as a super preschool concept, he discovered a need to help children develop foundational skills before entering kindergarten after years of observing how his nephew grow and learn.


To develop natural emotional learning & active learning in Children

Badanamu Method was developed where children get to engage naturally with emotional learning and active learning, they believe children can learn more effectively, deeper and importantly happier using these methods than any other comparable method.

The method is then enhanced by utilising technology and incorporating classic theories of education into their programs educating the children. For those who are familiar with Badanamu’s learning video sensational of compelling narrative, beautiful music, and adorable characters, impressively it has received a worldwide estimate of over 408 million views via YouTube! 

Have you realised that kids pick up songs and new words faster from their favourite characters on TV than just by reading from the textbooks – it’s all about emotion engagement!


Singapore’s first newly opened Bada preschool located at Marine Parade Central runs classes for children age primarily between one and five years old. We found out that their curriculums prioritise on interaction, communication, music and movement in the class where children get to develop foundational skills required for a well-rounded, happy and creative little person!

Besides their enrichment classes, Bada preschool also carries the full range of Badanamu products (e.g Bada pen, books, sticker books, etc) for a more enhanced learning, this encourages parents to have their part in home education. Having an emotion attachment to the Characters of Badanamu and his friends, the more they will enjoy learning with them!


The “soul” behind Badanamu Singapore or Bada Preschool is Teacher Sol who happens to be happiest around children. She previously started a successful school in 2000 that unlocked the genius in the children who came to her. Fascinated by how they view the world, she wants to offer every child an opportunity and the space to explore various possibilities that will shape a confident, socially responsible, independent thinker.

It would have been her 10th year reading news live on 938Live if not for Emma, her tenacious business partner, luring her away to start Badanamu Singapore. They have now built a vision together – to create a haven that is nurturing and enriching not just for the kids, but the entire family.

Here are 3 classes which are uniquely Badanamu:  

  1. Bada Genius | 12 -24 months old | 40 mins class 

Uncover your child’s genius as they discover the beauty and fascination of our world with their entire being. 

  1. Bada Sound | 2 – 4 years old | 60 mins class 

Learn to read with Bada and Friends! Let us take you into the wonderful world of phonics, rhymes and amazing stories.  

  1. Bada Talk | 4 years and older | 60 mins class

Enhance your child’s appreciation for the English Language 

* 2-hour classes are also available upon request! 


(We enrolled into Bada Sound for aged 2-4 years)

  1. Upon early arrival, we were warmly welcomed into a vibrant and cosy environment with Badanamu themed wall all around the preschool. Just then, we noticed a mini indoor play area by the entrance! Excitedly, our toddler and the other children had their doses of fun with the teachers shuffling giant blocks and playing toys specially prepared within the play area. They see it as a great way to let the kids relax and enjoy being there for classes.
  2. When it was time for class, we followed everyone into the YELLOW room. The kids sang and danced along with the teachers to Badanamu music video to warm up for the real curriculum following after.The teachers then sat the children on the floor to start on SOUNDS learning by choosing an Alphabet letter and further elaborating on the pronunciation and phonics of the letter used that day. According to the theme each week, more hands-on activities are introduced to enhance the experience. 
  3. Next up we head over to the BLUE room for a change of environment as most of Bada Sound students were short attention span toddlers. In the new classroom, the children engaged in activities to build their motor skills with crafts work and various hands on activities liked tracing alphabets on wallpapers and grabbing items with mini tongs for hand-eye coordination! What had us utterly impressed was the efforts put into the different craft themes each month and the regularly changed activities to ensure the kids learn a different set of skills each time they are here for lessons. The ratio of teachers to student remains a low ratio of 1:5, with 2 additional assisting teachers to guide them around at any time.
  4. Right after finishing their craft works for the week, the kids head back again to the YELLOW room for more body movement, mat work and storytelling session with the use of Badanamu specially curated storybooks. We see the kids enjoying the mat exercises very much in which they get to build confidence in each challenge. Classes here aren’t just learning but plenty of fun time too! 
  5. Before the class comes to an end, everyone has gathered back to the play area again to continue their play while waiting for their parents to pick them up after a fulfilling 60 mins. We’ve noticed that because the kids thoroughly enjoyed their day at school, they didn’t want to leave at all! Definitely not a scene at the conventional kindergartens. Even our toddler had already gotten super adapted and comfortable on his first day!


After attending several lessons, when we are back at home we realised that our boy would ask us to read him more books and making it a routine at night. It does seem liked he finds joy in learning new things. And whenever we asked if he looks forward to his Sunday class, his answers are always a yes!

By having him engaging in the Badanamu method of learning, going to enrichment classes becomes a new discovery for him each time we send him there. Other than anticipating his handy crafts each week, we are positive to seeing more great improvement in his speech as well as having the passion for learning new things! 

Promotion Time!

Come on down and experience this super preschool concept at Bada Preschool as it’s now offering a free trial class for our readers! To add on – for every 4 sessions you sign up at Bada Preschool, you will get 1 more class to your package, and every 12 sessions, there will be 2 extra classes

Bada toy seen on the right of the image!

Additionally, you also get to bring home a mini Bada toy and also a Badanamu tote bag too! So hurry now and contact them to arrange for your first Bada class!


Where: 1 Marine Parade Central,  Unit 11-07 Parkway Centre, Singapore  449408

Contact number: + 65 6344 2886




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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Badanamu Singapore, but all reviews and opinions are ours.

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