The popular purple dinosaur Barney had lead kids into imaginative adventures for over 25 long years, and this September from 9 – 11, he’s live on stage at the new The Theatre @  Media Corp. Educating and bringing musical joy to children with his songs and dance, together with his friends – BJ, Baby Bop and Riff, proudly present a brand new musical of all his popular and favorite songs all in one show.familystaysg-barneygreatesthits familystaysg-barneygreatesthits

It was a high-energy performance coupled with plenty of infectious dance moves for the little ones to follow and sing along. Both children and adults clap and groove their feet to this 75 minutes musical (with a short 15 min interval) pretty much the perfect show for kids as young as 2 years old to enjoy. It had non-stop popular hits marathon, even us couldn’t resist raising our hands in the air, and juggle our toes to Barney’s call.

The scene opens with Barney and his friends on a quest to find the king who lost his crown in which they thought, at this moment he would most probably be very anxious to have misplaced it. So they hurriedly made their way to the castle projected on the animated backdrop on stage to find the King and return him the crown! Along the way, they met Barney’s friend BJ, Baby Bop and Riff who came to help and all of them sang their favorite songs liked Mr. Knickerbocker, If all the raindrops, and BJ’s song.  familystaysg-barneygreatesthits

Kids were echoing the tunes and lyrics after the characters when they arrived at the castle to look for their king behind paintings of well-known Nursery rhymes such as Mary had The Little Lamb, Patty Cake, Hickory Dickory Dock, Baker’s man, Jack and Jill and etc. Although our two-year-old can’t catch up with the lyrics, the catchy tunes rivet him away from his seat and had him swaying to the beat. Many others literally bounced off whenever any music comes on.  


Straight after the interval, Barney came back with a mission to visit the purple planet in outer space. In order to launch their rocket to fly into space, the audience had to participate by following Barney and his friends with the clapping song. Then again, as they land on the purple planet, they met another King, the King who owns the purple planet, had a strange liking for everything in purple welcomes the brood and Barney into a celebration of songs weaved delightful one after another. All, we could see around us was that gleeful smile on the whole time. For those bringing little ones, do take note on the party pops, you will get one in the beginning of the show and a few more at the end.

Barney Greatest hit now performed at The Theatre @ MediaCorp becomes one of our favorite venue for children’s theatre show for the year as the kids are able to fully enjoy the performance here without getting too much of restrictions from the ushers. This is definitely the performance for your whole family to enjoy this September School holiday so if you have not gotten your tickets yet, hurry head down fast as the show only runs for 3 days ! For more information, check out this link to get your tix at sistics now! 


FamilyStaySg Team

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