KidZania Singapore, Singapore’s largest family edutainment center opens yesterday on 12 April 2016!  

A kid-sized replica of a real city where kids get to be the adults while parents take the back seat and let your little bosses take the lead and be in charge for a day! They get to make their own decisions, pick up values such as financial planning, discipline and teamwork through the benefits of 60 role-play from over 37 industry partners (17 local brands).

Here’s the LOWDOWN for your Kids to glide thru this big city smoothly!


Within the big city, Kids are given the freedom to take charge on their own for the day (while parents can watch them from outside), as they learn the individual professionals purely by themselves. However, moving around the city, parents have to take note that Kids aged 8 and below must be accompanied by a parent/guardian(Adults aged 18 and above) at all times. Therefore, do give the little ones an idea on what will happen in case they are afraid to make the step out to try things themselves. Connection within the city will not be available, so if there’s a need to log on, ask around for KidZania Wifi password at the Check in counter, or swing over to the Parents Lounge at Level 2!

Guide To KidZania SG


Just liked any other airport procedures, upon arriving at KidZania, hop over to the take your queue at the AIRPORT TICKET counter (whether you bought your tickets online or on the spot), your kids will be lavish with 5 items; a boarding pass, security bracelets and city map 20 kidZos and a bank card containing 30 kidZos which you can cash out at the Bank (later). Do take note that  ticket counters open at 9.15am while the last admission is at 30 minutes before the park closes. To enter, proceed to the DEPARTURE (left) area.

Guide To KidZania SGGuide To KidZania SG


KidZania has currency of their own; “Kidzos” where kids can use it across other KidZania in the 23 countries. If your kids want to activate their debit card, they may do so at  MAYBANK. Once again, they have to queue up (themselves and with assistance from the friendly Kidzguardians) to get their card started before they try out at the role-playing. In which they will work, earn and use kidZos to partake in activities, save or spend to purchase goods and services.  Just liked the real world, there will be ATMs and iKiosks in the city, where they can manage their finances at any time during their visit.

Guide To KidZania SG4. SECURITY

To make sure Kids are safe in this enormous center, everyone who enters the park will be tagged with a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) security bracelet. Kids are only allowed to leave the park with an adult if his/her bracelet matches that of the adult who accompanied them. Remember to return the bracelet at the Customs & Immigration area.Guide To KidZania SG


Look out for the Census Board displayed outside each establishment which will indicate the activity type, minimum age, duration of play, and how much kidZos you can earn or need to pay. Some activities may have higher requirements for age and height. However, if your younger ones below 4 years old, they will be considered as toddlers, and there are some specific area where they can enjoy while waiting for the older siblings – namely the Kindergarten and RightZKeepers Residence. If not sure where to start, head over to JOB INFORMATION COUNTER on LEVEL 1 to find out what’s suitable for your kids.

Guide To KidZania SG
Nursing room


Always be the perfect citizen of KidZania to make sure that everyone have a great time, so take your queue behind the line, and always trash your own rubbish (no littering Kay!). And if you wish to exit, follow the exit signs to the immigration area , instead of going round and round as it’s definitely easy to get lost if it’s your first visit. Visit the restroom before your kids even start their activities as restrooms are not located in all area:

  • on first level it’s beside THE SOUP SPOON & IMMIGRATION AREA.
  • on second level, located beside HEALTH INSTITUTE, (nursing room on same level too).
Guide To KidZania SG
The Learning Lab


Want to earn more KidZos? Similar to real life education or work society, earn a degree at the University (The LEARNING LAB – level 1) can upgrade the job and course pay out!

Guide To KidZania SG


Enjoy the privileges like earning more KidZos and exclusive discounts i.e highest tier – Honorable Citizen; after achieving 60 stamps, your kids receive extra+6Z, 15%off The National Store and save 15Z on the redemption at the KidZania department store and many more!

Guide To KidZania SG


With wide paths and service lifts for easy access throughout the city, KidZania Singapore is a stroller friendly city for all to come, trial and tested by us!Guide To KidZania SG


There is definitely loads to take in within a day, but to ensure every kid have their experience as much possible, KidZania advice Kids and families to allocate a minimum of 3 hours, and optimally 5 hours, taking in consideration on the respective waiting times for each establishment.


KidZania Singapore is the 1stKidZania in the world to: 1.   Have a full-winged fuselage of a Boeing 737 within the city. That gives parents and kids a lovely close-up view of a real plane, even before they step into the city doors.

2.   Two types of flight simulators (A380 and B787) within the Aviation Academy.

3.   A Peranakan Museum, highlighting a part of Singapore’s unique local culture and heritage.

4.   To be located on an island resort. KidZanians can look forward to interacting with kids from Singapore and all over the world.

5.   Built on a purpose-built building to customise the KidZania Singapore infrastructure and experience.

KidZania Singapore is a sporty place! One of the few KidZanias in the world to have a Stadium and Mountaineering School
37 Industry Partners, with 17 from Singapore Beyond renowned international brands, KidZania Singapore will also have a mix of familiar local brands to give guests a KidZanian experience that is unique to Singapore’s heritage and culture
7,600 square metres (or 81,806 square feet) Equivalent to 6 Olympic-sized swimming pools!
1,500 The maximum capacity of KidZania Singapore at any one time. In order to ensure the safety of our KidZanians, we observe this capacity limit strictly.
Safety Tags, doors with curved sides, and more Health and Safety during play are critical in this kid-sized city. Children and parents are tagged with safety tags that ensure that the children can be contacted anywhere in the city, and leave with an authorised adult. Glass doors with curved-in edges prevent kids from having their hands clamped by the swinging doors.
ZanKs! Kai! That’s “Thank You” and “Hello” in KidZania Singapore. Yes, KidZania has its own language and terms, just like a real city.
kidZos That’s right! KidZania even has its own currency in the form of kidZos, which can be used in any KidZania city in the world.
Urbano, Beebop, Chika, Vita, and Bache KidZania’s most celebrated citizens, they are caretakers of the ideals that the nation of KidZania upholds. Called the “RightZKeepers” of KidZania, they embody its six principal RightZ: To Be, To Know, To Create, To Share, To Care, and To Play.


FOR TODDLERS: To keep the younger ones entertain, whilst the older siblings head out to the city for role-playing, there are areas for the toddlers to spend time in their little world with storytelling, puppet shows and more!

Guide To KidZania SG


Best suited for children aged 4 and below, the Kindergarten is stocked with toys and bouncy surfaces for the little ones to discover their skills and abilities. Do look out for our variable programmes as well!

Photo 12-4-16 1 33 27 pm Photo 12-4-16 1 45 46 pm Photo 12-4-16 1 49 41 pm Photo 12-4-16 1 46 50 pm

RightZKeepers Residence

Similar to the Kindergarten, the RightZKeepers Residence is perfect for kids aged 4 and below to explore and have hours of fun within the different rooms of the RightZKeepers Residence. Variable programmes are also available for both adults and kids to participate in.

For Parents: head up to level 2 at Mezzanine Floor for some time off, kick back and relax or even sip tea while connecting online. 

Guide To KidZania SG

Parents Area

To enjoy the “peace”, no kids are allowed within the parent area, where daddies and mummies can tag on the wifi under “KidZania Guest” and ooze their time away while your kids might be somewhere else saving lives as a paramedic or patrolling town as the police officers in blue uniform!

Aviation Academy

Plane Passenger

Parents are welcomed to role-play as passengers while the children take charge as the cabin crew and pilot.

Coach Station

Tour Bus Tourist

Adults can join in the fun as they tour around the city of KidZania!



Come on in and enjoy exciting performances by aspiring actors! Adults are welcome to watch the kids put on the show too.

Guide To KidZania SG Guide To KidZania SG Guide To KidZania SG


Be loyal fans and motivation while the kids score their first goals as the cheering spectators!

FOR 4 YEARS AND ABOVE: A city built to scale for children, complete with buildings, paved streets, vehicles, a functioning economy, and recognizable destinations in the form of “establishments” sponsored and branded by leading multi-national and local brands. Children perform “jobs” and are either paid for their work (as a fireman, doctor, police officer, journalist, shopkeeper, etc.) or pay to shop or to be entertained.

Guide To KidZania SG

Acting Academy


Take the stage and train to be an Actor by taking lessons in acting, and showcase your newly acquired acting skills for your family and friends with a performance in the Theatre!

Art Studio


Get crafty and let your imagination run wild as you create your own greeting cards and bookmarks! Adults are welcome to join in as well!

Aviation Academy

First Officer – Pilot, Cabin Crew

Get a rare opportunity to be inside a cockpit and have a taste of what it feels like to operate an aircraft! Work in the sky as you flash your brightest smile and serve the passengers on board the flight as an esteemed Cabin Crew! Adults are welcome to role-play as passengers.

Guide To KidZania SG

Bank and Vault

Service Manager, Wealth Manager, Cash Officer

At the Bank, assist fellow KidZanians with their enquiries and banking needs, and help them manage their kidZos with a bank account.

At the Vault, be a Cash Officer and work as a team to prepare, deliver and protect the citizens’ money to ensure they reach their destinations safely!

Guide To KidZania SG

Candy Shop

Candy Design Trainee

Learn how candies of different colours and flavours are made, and bring your little creations of sweetness back home for your family and friends to savour!

Chicken Restaurant


Learn the steps to maintain food hygiene and assemble your very own delicious, finger lickin’ good burger. Enjoy it yourself thereafter, or share it with your loved ones.

City Clock


Get in the groove and wow the crowd by putting on an unforgettable dance routine during the hourly City Clock performance.

City Parade


Get loud and parade around the city together with the other performers, and bring everybody’s spirits up! This is one performance which you won’t be faulted for being loud!

Coach Station

Tour Guide, Tourist

Be a Tour Guide and show tourists all the sights in KidZania Singapore! Or hop on the Tour Bus and witness the monuments and landmarks in KidZania Singapore as a Tourist! Adults can join in the fun too.

Guide To KidZania SGConvenience Store

Junior Cashier, Store Assistant, Customer

Role-play three roles in one place! Learn how to manage a shop and ensure your store is always well stocked to keep the customers happy! Or engage in retail therapy and shop to your heart’s content with your shopping list.

Guide To KidZania SG Guide To KidZania SGCourier Service


Safeguard the package to make sure it gets to the customers on time, and in its original state! Can you do it through the labyrinth of little streets in the city of KidZania Singapore? The challenge is yours!


Crime Scene Investigator

Do you have what it takes to crack the case? Be a Crime Scene Investigator and keep your eyes peeled for clues and hints that have been spread across the city. The citizens are counting on you!

Guide To KidZania SGDentist Clinic

Junior Dentist

Learn about the basics of oral hygiene and assist in conducting a dental surgery to remove the source of pain that is hurting our patient.

Guide To KidZania SGDepartment Store


What’s work with no play? Reward yourself for your hard work and shop till you drop with your kidZos at the Department Store! Find the best buys and the coolest knick knacks which money cannot buy. Only kidZos are accepted here.

Guide To KidZania SG Guide To KidZania SGDocumentary Studio

Host, Video Editor

Get the chance to film and host your very own documentary!  Learn how to edit your documentary by adding music or stock videos, and bring your finished work home for your select viewers.

Driving School

Trainee Driver

Apply for a driving license by familiarising yourself with the road signs and rules! Remember to drive responsibly, obey the traffic rules and in order to pass the final test. You must have a valid eye test from the optometrist before you can be issued a driving licence.

Guide To KidZania SGDriving Streets


Put your newly acquired driving skills to use at our driving circuit, and get yourself around the circuit in a safe and responsible manner. Most importantly, remember to visit the petrol station before you run flat!

Guide To KidZania SGFashion Boutique

Trainee Model, Visual Merchandiser, Fashion Coordinator, Runway Model

Attend our Modelling Class and learn how to catwalk in our Fashion Show, and showcase all your favourite pieces with your show-stopping poses. Adults are welcomed to be guests of the Fashion Show.

Guide To KidZania SG Guide To KidZania SGFire Station

Fire Fighter

The fire is threatening to burn down the hotel. Put on your uniforms, hop on the big red fire engine and get ready to put out the inferno! Health Institute

Health Researcher

Learn about the importance of personal hygiene, and how it protects you from germs and keeps you healthy for all of your adventures. Health Researchers are also tasked to create a liquid soap mixture on their own as part their lesson.

Guide To KidZania SGHospital, Accident & Emergency, Operating Theatre, Nursery and CT Scan Room

Paramedic, Surgeon, Baby Expert, Radiologist

Be a hero and save lives! Respond to emergencies, ensure all patients are treated in time and learn how to care for infants. Want something more challenging? Be a Surgeon or help doctors and assist them in their cure for their patients.

Ice Cream Factory

Ice Cream Maker

Learn about the ingredients that goes into the cold treat that everybody loves! Here’s your chance to make your very own ice cream and have some while you’re at it!

Guide To KidZania SG Guide To KidZania SG Guide To KidZania SGImaging Academy

Photographer Student, Photojournalist

Always wonder what happens behind the scene in the studio? Join the professional photographers at the Imaging Academy and learn proper camera techniques, and pick up tips on how to compose beautiful pictures.

Guide To KidZania SGInsurance Office

Financial Services Consultant, Customer

Approach the citizens and protect their future by matching their needs to the available insurance policies. Also, don’t forget to remind your customers to apply for insurance before they attempt the High Ropes Challenge Course at the Mountaineering School.

Job Information Centre

Candidate, Experienced Worker

Unsure of what job to take on? Take the Skills Set Analysis test here to find out which jobs are recommended for you and get more KidZos when you complete the list of recommended jobs! Once you have gained some experience, you can come back here and prepare your resume.

Guide To KidZania SG
Makeup Atelier


Looking for a makeover? Visit the Makeup Atelier and be at your best with your choice of look and personality. Artistic or dramatic, elegant or poised. Any look is possible at the Makeup Atelier!

Guide To KidZania SG Milk Innovation Lab

Food Scientist

It’s all about the science of food as you learn how to make formula milk. You will learn the importance of food safety and quality checks, and how Food Scientists are able to deliver nutritious and great tasting growing-up milk all the time.

Guide To KidZania SG Guide To KidZania SG

Mountaineering School


Be a brave mountaineer and take on the High Ropes Challenge Course. Overcome your fears and earn the admiration of the citizens by completing the various challenges high above the city streets.

Guide To KidZania SG

Newspaper Edition

Journalist, Newspaper Delivery Crew

Be an aspiring journalist and write about important events and news happening around the world! Or join the crew to deliver the newspapers fresh off the printer to the citizens of KidZania Singapore.

Guide To KidZania SG

Optical Shop

Optometry Consultant, Customer

Blur vision no more! Conduct eye tests for your customers and learn more about short-sightedness and astigmatism. Help them select the correct frame sizes and shapes once you have conducted their eye test. A valid eye test is required for driving school and driving streets.

Guide To KidZania SG

Peranakan Museum

Museum Curator

Learn about the work of a museum curator through taking care and displaying valuable artefacts from the unique Peranakan heritage. Put your creativity to test and curate your own masterpiece!

Guide To KidZania SG

Petrol Station

Assistant Petrol Station Manager

The city cars are depending on you to keep them running. Learn more about the different types of fuel and its applications, as you fill up the cars with fuel at the petrol station.

Guide To KidZania SG

Pizza Shop

Pizza Chef

Create your own pizza, and have the freedom to arrange all of the delicious pizza ingredients on your pizza. Learn more about the ingredients and the dough, and watch it all come together at the Pizza Kitchen.

Guide To KidZania SG

Police Station

Police Officer

Do you have the discipline and courage to protect the city? Ensure the safety of the citizens of KidZania Singapore as you patrol around the city with your fellow officers in blue, and keep a lookout for any signs of danger. Your call of duty might just be around the corner!

Guide To KidZania SG

Radio Station

Radio Presenter, Technical Assistant

Be introduced to all of the high-tech equipment used in a live radio broadcast programme and learn how it is used to produce a radio program! Run your very own radio segment as you deliver chart-topping hits.

Guide To KidZania SG

Science Laboratory

Junior Scientist

Bacteria are commonly frowned upon, but do you know that not all bacteria are bad? As a probiotics scientist, you will be responsible for the differentiation between the good and bad bacteria, and to use the good bacteria to benefit the health of others.

Guide To KidZania SG

Soup Kitchen

Assistant Soup Chef

Get in the kitchen and create a healthy bowl of soup! Be an Assistant Soup Chef and learn the steps and ingredients involved in whipping up a hot bowl of soulful soup, and discover its health benefits.



Come on in and enjoy exciting performances by aspiring actors! Adults are welcome to watch the kids put on the show too.

Guide To KidZania SG Guide To KidZania SGTraditional BBQ meat store

Traditional BBQ Meat Assistant

Have you ever wondered how traditional BBQ meat is prepared? Discover the rich history behind this taste of tradition which is enjoyed by many, and learn how the meat is still cooked the traditional way using charcoal. 



Invest in the power of knowledge and advance your career in the city with a degree from the city’s University! Learning never stops at KidZania Singapore.

Water Quality Assurance Plant

Water Quality Assurance Specialist, Water Delivery Crew

As a Water Quality Assurance Specialist, you would have the important task of testing the purity of the city’s drinking water and ensuring that it is free of bacteria and chemicals. After which the crew will ensure smooth delivery of the water all over the city.

Useful Info:

Family stay sg - KidZania Singapore - Artist Impression Day
credits: Kidzania

Address: Palawan Kidz City. 31 Beach View #01-01/02 Singapore 098008

Getting there:

  • By Sentosa Express: Board the Express at Sentosa Station at VivoCity Lobby L on Level 3. Alight at Beach Station
  • By MRT: Alight at Harbourfront Station
  • By Taxi: Alight at Beach Station Taxi Stand
  • By Car: Park at Beach Car Park

Opening Hours: Sundays to Thursdays: 10am to 5pm |  Fridays, Saturdays, School holidays, eve of and Public Holidays: 10am to 8pm 

Ticket Price: (Purchase tickets online, you get 5% off!) 

Ongoing promotion with Maybank cards, you get 10% off admission fee! (no top up from online purchase)

Ticket Type Walk-In Online
Kid  (4 – 17 years old) S$58.00 S$55.10
Adult (18 – 59 years old) S$35.00 S$33.25
Toddler (2 – 3 years old) S$25.00 S$23.75
Senior (60 years old and above) S$25.00 S$23.75
Infant (under 2 years old) Free Free


Internal map shown below! 

Guide To KidZania SG Guide To KidZania SG

Guide To KidZania Sg
Bring home these from the KidZania Shops! (With real cash of course!)

Enjoy! Zank u!

Familystaysg Team


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