Off the shores of our mainland Singapore, our feet landed on the small island where sandy beaches and the best kids summer party can be found here. Our team was invited to join in the fun and sunshine at the iconic 70, 000 sq ft beachfront venue that offers exhilarating wave rides and the ultimate beach lifestyle experience in Singapore – Wave House Sentosa!

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Wave House Sentosa are well-known as an oasis of good food and drinks and the coolest place in Sentosa to surf, chill out, dance and listen to DJs and Live Acts. This is the perfect gathering venue for private events like birthdays, to school trips and even corporate parties. 

FamilyStaySg - Wavehousesentosa - flow camp

So even before the school starts in July, these kids register to the flow camp at Wave House Sentosa for a day of 2 hours of adrenaline pumping flow Sessions, Pizza making,  Luge Ride, 5 mins Mega Bounce, One-way Cable Car, Skateboard Clinic, Beach Safety Talk, and other activities around the island! 


FamilyStaySg - Wavehousesentosa - flow camp

Ready for some real fun? Those kids with the height of at least 107cm tall get to catch the waves in a safe, non-curling, endless sheet of water for bodyboarding fun. They were also taught the basic maneuvers techniques and basic tricks liked standing up, Ollie (jump), Double Knee Riding by professional surfers. We watched them tumbling all around from the start to ace-ing the moves and even standing on the board, the whole process at this flow session had our legs aching to join in the fun! Pity that our toddler was only 90cm, but still we were totally infected in the mood.

Want to improve cognitive skills and self-confidence? Every kid should definitely try this out! 


FamilyStaySg - Wavehouse - flow camp

When it was time for lunch time, what was expecting the kids at the tables were heaps of ingredients on creating their own personalized Pizza. It was Make-Your-Own-Pizza time, where they get to make their lunch from scratch! Other than that, our all-time favorite thing to do at Wave House Sentosa Restaurant & Bar is to feast at their galore of delectable Modern California Asian Cuisine menu. It easily complete anyone’s day after a ride of wave surfing or hanging out at the beach.   

So check out with our favourite HOISIN ROAST DUCK PIZZA generously drizzled with crispy wonton skin, shiitake and scallions ($17.80+), the unique rendition of CHEF’S SALAD that consists of sliced boiled eggs , strips of chicken and chicken ham emboldened with akes of gruyere cheese ($12++), 6 oz HANDMADE BEEF BURGER with savory bacons and vege alongside with straight cut fries ($17++) and CRUNCHY CHICKEN TULIPS with calamansi and Thai Chili ($10.50++)! Lunch was served well!  


To have a hassle free and enjoyable time around Sentosa, the kids learnt practical lesson on the importance of knowing the safety rules and tips on roaming the whole island and sea. By the end of the session, the kids were expert in looking out for the RED and YELLOW (swim here) Flags in the sea, which of the “unique” sea creatures to watch out for (e.g jellyfishes) and etc.


FamilyStaySg - Wavehousesentosa - flow campNever would we have imagined that (oh boy!) those kids have nerves of steel! Look at how each of them launched themselves away on the Mega Bounce. This is definitely not for the faint-hearted! And what we remember were excited kids bawling their lungs out to be “HIGHER! HIGHER!“. 


Next on, we hop our way up on the Skyride Chairlift to view the really gorgeous skyline of Singapore, upon almost losing one of our slippers when we initially “jump” on the ride while hand carrying a 14kg toddler. When you are up there, legs dangling, the wind, swaying trees and a breath of clean fresh air seems liked the perfect moment and the bustle of life in the city seems so far away until we reached the entrance of LUGE RIDE! (oh yes!)

LUGE RIDEFamilyStaySg - Wavehouse - flow camp

Up for a challenge to a race down the 650m Jungle Trail, or 688m Dragon Trail of Sentosa’s Skyline Luge? Don’t worry! if it was your first time taking over the wheel, full instructions on how to navigate the carts will be given before you whizz off down the hill. Smaller kids can ride with grown-ups and the carts can be steered and controlled at a speed that suits you. You can also take the Skyride up again and we know one time is definitely not enough. We saw that on the faces of all the young drivers.  


FamilyStaySg - Wavehouse - flow campFamilyStaySg - Wavehousesentosa - flow campFinally, back to where we started, as much as the kids were tired out from the day of thrilling rides (and many of them are experiencing Sentosa without the company of their parents), surprisingly all of them beam at the sight of skateboards. Meanwhile, some of them may have the chance to own one, the younger ones had to wear protective gears on the elbows, knees, and head and learn how to properly master this old school activity way before scooter was invented!FamilyStaySg - Wavehouse - flow camp

After spending a day at Wave House Sentosa from racing with the wave, bouncing away plus all the other exciting and fun activities that never in our small mind, would have done so with our children. It was such a fulfilling experience to us! So if your kid who are lacking in some sunlight, adrenaline pumping and fun, the next school holiday or weekends why not drop by WAVE HOUSE SENTOSA for him/her to bring home the ultimate beach lifestyle experience – perfect for kids! For more information on what Wave House Sentosa offers for children, check out their website for more details.  


Directions to Wave House
By Car – Turn into Sentosa Gateway from the main island, keep right when you reach a fork in the road and you will reach Sentosa Gantry. Go past the Gantry and take a right turn onto the 2nd exit of the roundabout onto Artillery Avenue. Follow the road and turn left onto Beach View. Continue along this road and you will reach the Beach Car Park on your right. After parking at Beach Car Park, you can proceed to take our buggy service.*
By Taxi  Follow the directions above and head towards the taxi stand that is located at the Beach Station. After which, you may also proceed to take our buggy service.*
By MRT – Take the North-East line or Circle Line and alight at Harbourfront MRT station (NE1/CC29). Enter Vivocity Shopping Mall and take the Sentosa Express (Lobby L, Level 3) to the Beach Station. Once you have alighted at Beach Station, you may also take our buggy service.*
***Wave House Sentosa Buggy Service – their buggy bay is located opposite the Old Chang Kee stall at Beach Station. It is a complimentary shuttle service for all Wave House visitors and is available daily from 10.30 a.m. to 10.30 p.m. Do take note that the buggy loops every 8 minutes between the Beach station and Wave House Sentosa.

WAVE HOUSE SENTOSA | 36 Siloso Beach Walk, Sentosa, Singapore 099007 |  +65 6377 3113 | |


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