Retreat for the body, soul and mind… 

As hard as it seems, sometimes the modern mom’s life can be a real pleasure with a vacation or just a weekend away every now and then. For those active and working moms, we have some very interesting and tempting suggestions. Once you give it a try, you will wonder why have you waited for so long.


Family stay sg - Thailand treats
Thailand treats

Thailand, or the Kingdom of Thailand, is a small country in the Indochinese peninsula in Mainland Southwest Asia that can be easily described as a little peace of heaven. With its many temples, beautiful animal welfare beautiful beaches, the Land of Smiles is probably a top destination to choose if you’re planning on a relaxing vacation in Asia.

Family stay sg - Detox for her mind
Detox for her mind

Our daily activities keep us busy and we often choose the fast option rather than the healthier one. So detoxing your body from all the various ingredients that slow down your metabolism and prevent you from being healthy is a key factor that shall enable you take better care of your family too. There are many detox programs that include tailored eating regimes for a certain amount of time, as well as educational lectures and some stress-releasing activities such as yoga. An excellent choice for a laid-back holiday. Make sure to book an extra of at least two days, so you can experience the authentic Thai food before your detox starts.

Family stay sg - Detox for her body
Detox for her body


Family stay sg - Retreat in Philippines
Retreat in philippines

The land of the Philippines can be described in one simple way – breathtaking. The beautiful landscapes and the historical value of pretty much every single monument you can see there can fulfill you for a long, long time. The Philippines take that name after the 1898 Treaty of Paris arrangement has been made.

The beautiful land was named after King Philip II of Spain and until today, remains that way. Being a top destination in the Asia region, the place has a great climate for those who love a hot weather.

FAMILY STAY SG - Relax in Philippines
Relax in Philippines

As being the 39th largest economy worldwide, the Philippines offer a lot. Daily excursions to the Motag Living Museum or just chilling on the famous White Beach – it’s up to you. If you have a spa vacation in mind, don’t forget to try out the healing arts of Watsu, Reiki and Skodhana Karma. Most wellness centers offer great packages that include private classes or combined activities with detox or day spa procedures. A very iconic and well-recognized massage, which has been mastered by the local specialists is the Dagdagay acupressure feet treatment and fall in the list of must try’s.


Family stay sg - retail therapy in Johor Bahru
retail therapy in Johor Bahru


If you’re on a budget, but you’d still like to take some time off parenting duties, Johor Bahru is a wonderful choice. The capital state of Johor in Peninsular Malaysia. With nearly two millions of population, the city is the largest metropolitan area of Iskandar Malaysia.

Johor Bahru is a great choice for both some girl time, or a tight-packed family vacation with the kids. The city offers many themed parks such as the Sanrio Hello Kitty Town and the Angry Birds activity park that the younger family members can enjoy visiting, as well as some fascinating museums, parks and vivid nightlife that the adults can indulge on.

It is often told that Johor Bahru is one of the most popular shopping destinations where lot of Singaporeans head to if they are on the hunt for some fashion items and want to combine the shopping spree with some fun time out.

What else to visit there? Pulai Waterfall, Arulmigu Sri Rajakaliamman Glass Temple and Kota Tinggi Museum shall leave some unforgettable vacation memories that are worth seeing.

By pampering and luxuriate yourself,  your husband and kids can have their patience paid off with a loving and vibrant wife & mummy back to being the super woman in their life. 


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