Pregnancy and after labour is the best time to go healthy and 100% natural & organic.The lucky thing is, we recently gotten our hands on one of the fully certified organic skin care range in the world. If one product is enough to keep our skin healthy, we have 7 organic baby safe skin care products to use from head to toe and from pregnancy till after birth!


When it comes to the products we used on our kids, we are the strict parents. After having a first born who suffered from a history of eczema skin conditions, all the episodes of uncontrollable scratching and blood filled bed, every thing that goes on to the skin – the largest organ on our whole body which can directly impact any hormonal changes in a growing child, we do not want to compromise in using non-certified products to break that balance.

Especially, having a newborn with delicate skin in the house, skin care products that contain harsh and synthesised ingredients, are definitely out of our list.

It’s been almost a month now, we have been using the highly recommended natural organic product that uses high-quality raw materials sourced from Australia to promote healthy skin growth naturally from mama to baby.

Absolutely safe from synthetic or genetically modified chemicals, pesticides, chemical fertiliser and contaminants like heavy metals in the soil. 

Introducing Cherub Rubs from Australia.


The brainchild of Australian naturopath and mum of three, Keeli Cambourne, founded Cherub Rubs after years of research and development as a sensitive skin solution for her children and for the benefit of other little ones. It is 100 percent natural and organic for use from indoors to outdoors. In addition, up to 95% of these ingredients are certified organic and toxic-free by Safe Cosmetics Australia.


Baby Safe Hair & Body Wash with lemon oil and tea tree oil, 250ml

Being all-natural and safe for newborns, we loved the blend of essential oil rich in vitamins A-C-E ideal for having our little one cleaned and healthy from the face, hair to scalp! Initially, we were not used to the scent of the tea oil but gradually from the third & fourth day on, we realised that our baby smells really nice from the therapeutical scent which also greatly reduced his mild cradle cap and made sleep better at night for him. 

The texture was gel-like and created some suds that was able to enable us to use just a minimal amount (maybe a 5 cent coin size) for his whole body. Which made him feel (we’re sure he does!) refreshingly clean! On a regular basis, we alternated the use of the Hair & Body Wash with their Baby Shampoo in washing his hair. (and both smells the same!)

Other than the lemon and tea tree oil we knew from the packaging, what was nourishing your baby skin are the presences of Olive oil and Sweet almond oil that’s rich in Vitamin D that aids in repairing damaged skin conditions.

Suitable for: Everyone from newborns to adults and pregnant women. All skin types, including sensitive skin. Hair and body.

Do you know? The pure essential oil from the leaves of the Tea Tree is a potent antiseptic and excellent for the treatment of acne while Lemon oil helps to fight against infections, aids the digestive system, soothes headaches, migraines and muscular problems, and clears greasy skin and hair.

Organic Baby Shampoo: with lemon oil and orange oil, 250ml

The importance of having a good Baby Shampoo is to make sure your lil one has a healthy scalp and eventually locks of beautiful hair. It had to be soft and gentle enough for any sensitive skin, and Cherub Rubs Organic Baby Shampoo does that job well enough! All the natural & organic ingredients put together which not only had our baby a clean scalp but helped to maintain his soft hair!

We even tried this on ourselves and found out that it has a natural sulphate-free foam so when it slips into our eyes, it wasn’t painful at all (our current adult shampoo hurts like a prick!). Similar to their Hair & Body Wash, we only need to a coin size of it, and it could easily cover his whole head. It also largely reduces the smell of his new born baby (oily) head, and made his mane smell less oily after a whole day out!

Suitable for: Everyone from newborns to adults and pregnant women. All skin types, including sensitive skin.

Do you know? Orange Oil is a natural astringent and relieves tension, therefore great for use on head and scalp during washing.


Skin Soothe with aloe vera, Centella and calendula oils, 100ml 


Cherub Rubs Skin Sooth has the perfect ingredients for a natural soothing relief for rashes and eczema, as it helps to relieve dry and irritated skin from the daily exposure of detergents, soaps and even environmental conditions (dust).

We like the fact that it acts as a cooling lotion for the skin, and it contacts mild antiseptic properties to aid in revitalising the skin irritations such as stings or bites. Our elder one may still occasionally scratched his legs at night we tried applying Skin Soothe to stop the scratching. AND the soothing scent of the Calendula oil gave a calming effect to the toddler and made him sleep better at night as well. 

Suitable for: Everyone from newborns to adults and pregnant women. All skin types, including sensitive skin. Body and face, including the eye area.

Do you know? 3 ingredients to ensure you have healthy skin – aloe vera antibacterial properties not only heals, soothes but also moistures. Centella has the ability to both speed wound healing and decreases the signs of ageing with its Collagen synthesis. Calendula Oil is an excellent anti inflammatory oil in general.

Skin Balm with sandalwood and macadamia oil, 60g 


The texture is more concentrated and thicker compare to Skin Soothe, as it’s a rich and nourishing cream made for chapped and dried skin. We never depend on any rashes/nappy cream before, but we did realize sometimes some redness would flare up after a diaper change from the wiping of the wet tissues. So create a barrier against the moist that cause the rashes, we tried using this on our baby and it eased the rashes or redness.

The thick texture of Skin Balm creates a protection against external causes such as diaper material or wet wipes chemicals. With the combination of sandalwood, calendula and chamomile oils, Skin Balm works well for soothing dry skin while organic butter and macadamia oil help to maintain softness and provide nourishment in the regeneration process.

We heard that it has great effects to sore and cracked nipples (this part we didn’t try as we didn’t have any, and we aren’t a fan of the scandal wood scent) so for mamas whose looking for a product safe for babies and even yourself, it’s good to know that Skin Balm doesn’t contain any toxic ingredients and is safe during breastfeeding without rinsing it off after application!

Suitable for: Everyone from newborns to adults and pregnant women. All skin types, including sensitive skin. Body and face, including chapped lips, cracked nipples, chapped hands, peeled cuticles, chapped bums, and cracked heels.


Using DEET free products are important to pregnant and kids under 3 years old, so to serve the purpose of being an insect repellent, Lemon Eucalyptus Oil is a much better option and Cherub Rubs uses very safe and low concentration in their baby safe outdoor skin protection product in Scatterbugs & Skin Guard Plus.

Do you know? Lemon Eucalyptus Oil is used as food flavouring/fragrance and therapeutic purposes by aboriginals in Australia for many years.

Scatterbugs with aloe vera and lemon eucalyptus oil, 100ml


Being a safe and effective bug protection, we’ve enjoyed heading out like never before with Scatterbugs around, especially with a newborn, sun protection is really important as well! Firstly Scatterbugs have aloe vera as an ingredient to soothe the skin and Shea butter serves as a sun protection for the delicate skin. Multiple application is needed as advised. And it was great in preventing bugs bites on our lil one! This is recommended for babies, though we don’t recommend to stay under the sun for too long with them. 

Suitable for: Everyone from newborns to adults and pregnant women. All skin types, including sensitive skin. Body and face.

Scatterscreen with Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, and lemon eucalyptus oil, 100ml


One of our favourite product among the 3 outdoor products, Scatterscreen is a clever product that is able to do 3 things at the same time! It’s a 3-in-1 outdoor protection against UVA and UVB (SPF 8), bugs and dry skin! All we needed to bring this bottle out when we go outdoor! The texture was thicker and it does not absorb into the skin easily so a multiple of application is needed but it was okay for us as we don’t stay under the sun that long. Our elder one was able to enjoy the pool without worry himself getting any burns or bugs bite.

Suitable for: Everyone from newborns to adults and pregnant women. All skin types, including sensitive skin. Whole body, from face to feet.

Do You Know? Infants only need a few minutes of morning sun to get enough vitamin D. SPF 8 is thus more than enough for their delicate skin. High SPF also generally implies a high level of harmful chemical filters, which are absent in Scatterscreen.

Clear smooth watery texture

Skin Guard Plus with aloe vera and more lemon eucalyptus oil, 100ml


Mama here needs all the protection from the sun and bugs as much as my boys, so Skin Guard Plus is the perfect product to use and bring along when we need to be under the sun! With Scatterbugs and Scatterscreen settled for the small and really little ones, we had Skin Guard Plus compact enough to put into our handbags! Even for preggers, its highly advisable to use your sun blocks too, and Skin Guard Plus is as safe for you, while it contains lemon eucalyptus oil – a safe and effective alternative to DEET when you go to mossie infested areas.

Suitable for: Kids 3 years and up, teenagers, and adults including pregnant women. All skin types, including sensitive skin. Body and face.


Ever since the second pregnancy began, we realized that we were sensitive to any whiff of artificial scent whether it’s from perfume and body lotion as we knew that this chemical made fragrance does more harm to us than good so when we knew that the fragrance that Cherub Rubs products were made of mainly from essential oils we felt safe using it! We learnt that it is low in percentage in their mixture of the essential oil and its purity offers extra benefits similar to aromatherapy which includes reduce anxiety, induce sleep and promote circulation. 

Another good to know point is that the oil that was used is predominantly edible oils and well established for use over many years. Just in case, you caught your lil ones licking them. The mix are generally at very low concentrations in Cherub Rubs products to ensure safety for newborn as well.

Begin your healthy skin regime with Cherub Rubs organic skin care products found available at Meidi-Ya, OG and Takashimaya, selected Guardian, Isetan, Kiddy Palace, Sasa, and Watsons outlets as well as from online at,, and!

Visit their website for ingredients used and more details! 


WIN! 1 Hamper of organic skin care products

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