Can’t Fish, no worries, to get the same experience we have curated a bucket list of kids friendly prawning hot spots in Singapore where you can easily catch some live prawns and have a patience training session with your mini shrimper while the twiggy rods are moving under our eagle eyes! Oh yes, it’s nice to know some of these places also offer the old school Longkang fishing as well, let’s find out more.. shall we?


Well known by the east people, this is where you get big head prawns and freshwater lobsters from the pond of Fish@Big Splash. Get some fun with some selected prawns that comes with color tags which entitled you to win a prize if you can catch one! What’s more, Children can reminisce in the good old days of LongKang fishing in their mini “Longkang” pond and bring home some guppy, baby koi, goldfish or shrimps back! If you happen to be near Bugis +, do hop by the newly opened outlet at the roof garden on level 7 (with an air-conditioned and outdoor area), hit it before the news spread!  

Fish@Bugis+ & Fish@Big Splash | Opens 24hours daily | +65 8338 6530 | 

child friendly prawning spots in singapore


Back by the kampong charm and rustic setting of the refurbished Bottle Tree Park, you can have your dose of seafood catching away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Feel safe with their non-slip concrete flooring and the slight gradient depth pond is specially catering to kids of different height and age at the Longkang fishes corner. ($12/ Kid inclusive Tank for Longkang fishing.) There is also a slew of delectable dining options, such as Mookata, Thai Street Food, Chinese restaurant, and Bistro to feed those hungry little ones after a long day of hands exercise! 

Orto | 81 Lorong Chencharu, #01-09 | Opens Daily 24 hours | +65 6257 2972 | 


Swig some chilled beers and haul the rods out into the pond of 2 outlets spread across Jurong Hill near Jurong bird park and Punggol on Tebing road with your ale buddies and kids. Who say you can’t get the best of both world while prawning and watching soccer? 

Hai bin prawning | at Jurong and Punggol | + 65 6265 2598 and 6447 8693 | Opens daily | 

child friendly prawning spots in singapore


To let your kids relive the kampong experience, pile your little ones into your MPV to net home little fishes at Pasir Ris kid’s kampong sheltered ponds. Not just yet, they also get to feed koi and ducks, be introduce to hamster, gerbils and mouse thru the Pet shows and have their super close encounter with some briny creatures at the touch pools! 

Pasir Ris Kid’s kampong |  No 11, Pasir Ris Farmway 1, Aqua Fauna Centre | +65 6583 9030 | 


Housing the world’s largest freshwater fish, The Arapaimas, and every fishing related accessories or products, the whole family also get to enjoy fish spa therapy, catch fresh quality prawns, and Longkang fishes at this large fish farm in Pasir Ris. If you are thinking of great kids packages at an affordable price, do check with their staff for more info! 

Mainland Tropical Fish Farm | No.1 Pasir Ris Farmway 1 | Opens Daily 8.30am till 7pm | +65 6287 3883 | 


A great alternative other than cycling at East Coast Park, with fresh water prawns and village-inspired longkang fishing, this is where you can get the BBQ essentials for free too. Stay chill and relax in the idyllic location while sipping some cool beers or ice creams!

East Coast Prawning | 1020 East Coast Parkway, #01-06 | +65 6227 3330 |  Opens 24 Hours Daily |


If your child loves getting close to farm animals, farmart centre is the place you should bring them during the weekends. There are animal encounter experiences, awesome chance to exercise their little confidence in feeding koi, learn about quail’s farming and prawning all in one day! 

Farmart Centre | 67 Sungei Tengah Road | + 65 6767 0070 | Opens daily | 


After checking to the countryside villas, make sure you fill your tummies with a yummy full of local dishes at their dine-in options, then head over to spend some bonding time with the family prawning or allow the well trained masseurs to work away those knots and aching muscles from the daily hustle.

D’Kranji Farm Resort | 10 Neo Tiew Lane 2 | +65 6898 9228 | 

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