Other than making sure the tummy is well fed, putting them down for a nap or let them sleep thru the night has always been a mission for every parent. So, when it’s our turn to soothe the newborn to bed after his warm bath or latching, we have to be constant on our standby mode to scurry back for another round of patting and lullaby. 

Not until recently an amazing product only available in U.S reached our door step – DockAToT, founded by a mum who tried to find an alternative way for her child to lounge around other than blankets, cot, and baby lounger. This comfy pod changes the way we spent the day with the baby. From nap, play and importantly how we co-sleep with him. 

DockATot – a multi-functional lounging, playing, chilling, resting and snuggling dock you can take anywhere. Created with love in Sweden with a strict emphasis on design and comfort, there is simply nothing else like it on the market that allows mothers to feed, soothe, and bond with baby.

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Being in a shape of a pod, the designer aims to reinvent a womb-like environment for the baby. The day our DockATot arrives, our baby was merely a week old. He was easily napping thru the day and night. Latching whenever and wherever. This was the time where we can just plod him on our Dock and carried him anywhere in the house. It gave us a peace of mind when we have our toilet break, cooking and even working at the dining table, we can just leave him on the sofa or bring him anywhere we go. The lightweight is a great advantage compared to those bulky baby bassinet.

During his full month party, his dock was with him the entire time. Or you can say he was comfortably in it the whole time.


To us, co-sleep with the baby is essential. Not only we can be aware of the baby’s cues and turns, we can easily flip him over and place him back without fear of SID. It acted as a shelter against his knocked out mummy and even a fortress against his toddler brother who often finds himself on the end of the bed the next morning. 

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As the baby grows bigger, we now use our Dock during his tummy time. Having the ideal and comfy round padded sides, it provides a prop up cushion when placed under his arms. This greatly helps him to develop the strength for neck movement as well as encourages back strengthening for sitting up.

Most of the time, we keep the boys together as possible so they get used to each other. The big brother would be fiddling with his own toys while the little one will lounge around and watched all these happened in front of him. Given that this Dock grows with our little one, we can’t find another better pod to be the best gift we can even get him even if he does outgrow it someday.

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