Europe is the oldest of seven continents on Earth.

With its hidden beautiful landscapes, different cultures and incredible food, it’s a recipe for an unforgettable vacation for the whole family. If you live overseas or your country is not the typical European spot, indulging on a vacation abroad will help you take off the stress. Here are few family and budget friendly ideas that will help you explore another culture, take off the stress and most importantly – have a decent dose of fun.


Family stay sg - Rome
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Italy is heaven on Earth. Beautiful sightseeing, rich and intriguing history that can take you thousand years back and have course – the food. Oh, the food! Fresh pasta, pizza la Italian, bruschetta, antipasti… Visiting Italy means two things- you will enrich your knowledge of history and art and you will gain some weight.

The country is extremely liberal and in most big cities, people speak fluent English. A great destination to visit, aside of Rome, Venice and Florence, is the South of Italy where the sea meets the shore. Lecce, Bari and Poignant. The coastal towns provide tourists with fresh seafood, beautiful and clean beaches and interesting trips to the old parts of the towns where hundreds of pottery shops, bookstores and markets are hidden in the small streets.

Family stay sg - Venice, Grand Canal
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Internet services offer reasonable bed and breakfast deals, which let visitors taste traditional, home made food. That way the interaction with locals definitely helps shape an understanding of the culture and traditions.


Spain is hot. Literally. Summers there are a constant fiesta with lots of music festivals, parties and delicious street food. The beautiful capital Madrid offers a great number of museums and cultural spots, and Barcelona is a true color palette that can impress even the most pretentious people.

Family stay sg - Barcelona
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Most hotels provide family packs with included transportation or a city guide. If you prefer the more authentic bed and breakfast, you can rent a car. You can check at the airport desk service for suggestions that include a cheaper car with child safety sits.

It’s always a good idea to have extra cash, as there are way too many tourist attractions and street indulgence. Top suggestions? Tibidado Mountain, the historic Gothic Quarter and Sargada Familia Basilica.

Family stay sg - Barcelona
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Even though the county is facing some hard times with its economy, it still holds some of the best places on Earth. With scenic views that are looking like Monet’s painting.

The beautiful island of Crete offers the perfect family vacation. With crystal clear beaches and delicious local food, the time spent there is like a time spent in heaven. The history that’s hidden around the streets of the island holds centuries of wisdom. If you feel bored hanging by the beach, you can enjoy a refreshing walk in the mountain or visit the countryside and indulge on satisfy your cravings with some yummy fresh food and natural olive oil that’s coming straight from the olive trees that are covering the countryside.

Family stay sg - Crete in Greece
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Greek island in general, are a wonderful and often budget-friendly choice for a family vacation. Locals count on the tourist wave to bring some business, as most of them have transferred their villa houses into bed and breakfast deals.

Other interesting, unbelievably beautiful and magnificent Greek islands are Santorini, Mykonos, Corfu and Rhodes, where iconic Venetian style castles can be seen while taking an afternoon walk by the beach. While planning a family vacation, it’s much easier to do it if your trip destination includes sea, where you can also find extremely affordable all-inclusive deals, spots that are lacking the Vanity Fair bigger cities have.

Family stay sg - Santorini, Greece
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If your vacation spot is abroad, make sure you pack wisely and you have your passport, visa and travel insurance ready.

Enjoy your getaway!


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