Taiwan to Taiwan with Kids. This is not the first time we been to Taipei, if you happen to follow us regularly, you would have known that Taiwan is half our homeland as (my) mother is a Taiwanese! This time we decided to try something different – STAY IN A HOTEL!

Apart from staying at the grandmother house (no lifts and not enough beds!!) because we have additional children in tow – Baby Christian and Noah! Which makes 4 of us now dragging 20 over kg bags plus pushing our handy BabyZen YOYO stroller, we are in desperate need of that convenience and ample space to feel comfortable and rejuvenated throughout that one week of holiday.

So the wanderlust has hit again even before we stepped foot onto the land of bountiful shopping heaven, bustling night markets, and good weather! All parents, including us, know that the less complicated the journey, the more relaxing the holiday, which is where the hotel matters a lot.

Sometimes, going online to find that perfect stay might just be even luckier than we thought – and fortunately, we found the newly launched Hotel CHAM CHAM TPE on our first search and we are hooked!


Whether you are here for business or traveling with friends and family, Hotel Cham Cham Taipei offers a total of 337 rooms with Van Gogh inspired wall murals aplenty are going to leave you feeling rejuvenated. Room priced ranging from 9000TWD to 15000TWD per night. 

Being a vivid young sub-brand of the prestigious Caesar Park Hotels & Resorts which was merely launched in 2017, Hotel Cham Cham Taipei is a part of the top-notch luxury boutique hotel around the area combining their chic hotel design with intelligent technology found around the hotel. It’s also dedicated to providing a “FUN” living style for their guest to stay.

From the language of Tibet – Cham Cham meaning free, joyful and feeling of anticipation! We had a seriously wonderful experience with a freedom of quality stay that over exceeds our expectations.


Located in the region of Ban Qiao, it’s perched at the main road of Ming Quan road and where plenty of famous department malls such as FE21, cinemas, restaurants, bookstores and even the railway train station are within walking distances. For us to go on foot, it only takes a brief 5 mins walk to the Banqiao railway and HSR station taking us to anywhere we want to go.


It’s no doubt that Taiwan has always been a family-friendly country with well-equipped nursing and diaper rooms seen in train stations and malls. That goes the same in hotels even if there’s no play space for kids liked kids clubs in Hotel Cham Cham Taipei, we were still very much impressed by the baby amenities provided for their guests.

Before checking in, we were told that upon availability they can offer the baby cot, baby bathing amenities such as bathtub, bathing stool and water scoop, stroller, car seats and even bottle sterilizers! (Combi!)

We had the bathing amenities through the stay and boy, it was such a lifesaver especially having to wash the baby in the adult bathtub or standing shower wasn’t a good idea. Noah was also able to help us in bathing his brother, other than playing together it strengthens their bonding time together. It was a good sight to see!

To test the durability of their stroller we also borrowed it a day for a ride. The combi stroller was lightweight and easy to carry around, that comes with a large compartment below to put our stuff. Definitely, a nice gesture for a hotel to offer such services for families.

Other than all those little one amenities where parents can use, Hotel Cham Cham Taipei offers board games (with a small fee) for those who wish to enjoy in the comfort of their rooms. We heard it’s extremely popular and high in demand. To rent simply head over to the lobby concierge to check out what games are available.

Stylish With Technology

Blending in with a range of digital gadgets in Hotel Cham Cham Taipei, being a staying guests meaning we get to play around with some really cool stuff! First to introduce is the coolest table clock ever with a 5 in 1 feature of being the clock, telling you the temperature, plays music, being the alarm to wake, it’s a phone charger as well!

There is also a fashionable design Swiss phone with low radiation for a better sleep

Help to save energy with the eco-friendly power supply that operates by body sensor!

Our favorite got to be the ToTo washlet electrical shower toilet seat that kept our bums warm during the cold weather while giving us a fresh one after everytime we uses it!

My kids, on the other hand, loved the moveable SHARP tv which we can easily shift it to the left or right depending which side of the room we are lazing at. If you noticed, we have 3 beds in total – a king bed on the left, and twin beds on the right side of the room.

For that extra energy boost in the morning, we got these stylish premium coffee and tea selection readily available in the room, specially curated from around the world to cater to the exquisite taste of every guest.


To accommodate our sleeping habits with the kids ( me and the baby, the big one with daddy), we picked their DauDin family rooms ( Taiwan’s Minnan dialect means “Together” ) that spans through a comfortable size of 36.3 sqm. Our little family was well-accommodated with their comfortable luxury beds throughout our stay. Allowing children below 6 years to stay for free and complimentary rental of children’s amenities upon availability and requests.

All the rooms are furnished with a separated washroom and bathroom complete with a full-length glass mirror washing area. Noah had such fun time brushing his teeth (which he always dread very much) without us helping him much, as he mentioned that he’s a big boy and he can see himself easily with the huge mirror.

Amenities are promptly changed daily unless you request for a DO NOT DISTURB.

We sure did make full use of the stay in Taiwan this time, the boys had the best night sleep with minimum disturbance from the other guests staying beside us. All they remember was waking up to new cartoons on the tv daily and great comfort from what HOTEL CHAM CHAM provides. We, as parents we were impressed by the effort the hotel offers for their guests even for families with kids – especially we spent our Lunar New Year in this newly opened hotel no bad service were compromised and we had no regrets in making this decision to book for this stay.

To see our IG stories on our stay at HOTEL CHAM CHAM TPE, just swing over to our Instagram profile and look for the IG Highlights ( CHAM CHAM) to see more behind the scenes from the moment we landed till we checked out! To get in touch with Hotel Cham Cham for room booking, kindly email them at fd.tpe@chamcham.com.tw or click here to Contact them. 

Some of the IG post we did during our stay::

  • BREAKFAST AT THEIR SISTER HOTEL (CAESAR PARK HOTEL) located behind HOTEL CHAM CHAM provides complimentary breakfast when you stay at HOTEL CHAM CHAM.

VIDEO during our stay


ADDRESS: 220 新北市板橋區中山路一段139號

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