Why are we choosing Play-Doh over toys you may ask? if you happen to come to our place for playdates that will be the “toy” you see our son be mingling with. Yes, it’s a fact we all know that play dough is fun but apart from making a mess what is it really good for?  

Knowing the list of activities that can be done with Play-Doh is endless, but how beneficial can it be to your child’s early development years? 

For all we know, the list of benefits is way more comprehensive than it being a malleable play item. If only you knew that messing up actually boosts your child’s development everytime she/he pops out the fun!

Let’s show you 6 ways on how PlayDoh does beneficial developments for your child than just having fun…. 

Familystaysg - playdoh benefits for child's development


When your child is having fun playing with the colourful doughs, he is building up strength in all the tiny hand muscles making them ready for writing and handling cutting later on.

This tactile play item can be cut, flattened, squashed, squeezed, rolled, chopped, raked, scored, punctured, poked and shredded.  Each one of these different actions aids fine motor development in a different way, not forgetting that it improves their hand-eye coordination and general concentration.


Want your child to exercise his creativity from a young age? Play dough is the perfect medium for all sorts of imaginative play and can represent so many things in a child’s eyes. The lists may go on and on whether or not you know what’s made out of these simple dough by your mini curator.


The effect of all that squeezing and squashing creates an extremely therapeutic effect for stress relief. If you ask any adult who has played with dough or watching their kids silently moulding an item, can tell you how at ease it can do to a person being calm for that moment.


The best time to bond with your child is when you make the play dough together as it can lead to lots of questioning and prediction skills. They get to explore and observe you while experience the changing state of materials as well as be filled with wonder for a new creation. Seeing things becoming another form may just be quite a transformation for the child as adults often take for granted in things.


Watch their pride and joy when your little one whip out a table of dishes with their mini confidence and happiness that they made something for the parents. This allows them to build not just confidence but also encourages character to shine when they get to pretend play with different Play-Doh sets.


When using shapes and symbols to press into the malleable substance, this promotes their communication skill in learning how to speak out in differentiating the colors,  shapes, and even asking the adults for assistance to finish a creation.



If you have been eyeing on a Play-Doh set for your little ones, start off with these new Kitchen Creation sets to test their creative little hands!

Familystaysg - playdoh benefits for child's development

We felt liked junior chefs whipping dishes on the stovetop with this new Kitchen creation set. What set this apart from other PlayDoh sets we had previously was that it really makes sizzling sounds when the skillet or saucepan are placed on the burners.

The sizzle gets even more intense when a Play-Doh creation is placed on one of the pans, almost like real cooking! We had our menu entrees from silly steak, imaginary eggs, crazy burgers, and even a funny fish with the 4 stampers.

What about the side dishes? We create pretend veggies with the half-molds, while we used the tongs and spatula to grab and flip Play-Doh foods. It gave him a sense of accomplishment that he felt like he does the same cooking as though he was in the kitchen with us.

Includes stovetop, 4 stampers, 2 pans, tongs, spatula, knife, fork, 2 plates, and 5 cans of Play-Doh Brand Modeling Compound.

Familystaysg - playdoh benefits for child's development

This fun set of kitchen-themed tools lets budding chefs exercise their imagination to shape and slice a variety of silly fruits, veggies, pretend meats using the half mold cutting board and kitchen tools. Add more fun to the previous Kitchen Set with Stove. Our boy favourite tool was the presser tool that squeezes out a variety of shapes like silly celery, garlic and even pasta! 

Includes  2 cutting boards, cleaver, knife, presser with rail, bowl, plate, spoon, fork, shears, and 6 cans of Play-Doh Brand Modeling Compound.

Familystaysg - playdoh benefits for child's development Familystaysg - playdoh benefits for child's developmentAs much as it recommended for ages 3 years and up, our toddler had his first Play-Doh set when he was 2 years old. Better to be safe to have guided play as the compound not intended to be eaten and it does contain wheat. Depends on individual but product and colours may also vary from the box package.

Looking for ways to boost your child’s development by giving them a tactile toy, whether you are sold or not after reading our article, feel free to check out the wide range of Playdoh’s collection here!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Hasbro.

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