It seems liked the Disney fans at the Magical Ice Festival happening this week in Singapore Indoor Stadium have not yet let go of the worldwide phenomenon of Frozen fever that went liked wildfire around the globe since The Little Mermaid or Beauty and The Beast era. We had our goosebumps and thrilling hearts standing right at the entrance listening to the soundtracks from Frozen and other familiar Disney films. This is our first time as parents, each bringing boys with contrasting characters whom might or might not even know who’s Elsa or Anna (or maybe just Olaf the snowman for us as we got a bedsheet of him all over), but we could see that they were as excited as the rest of the crowd. Feeling the heat while we quickly scrambled into the fully-seated Singapore indoor stadium hall, all the audience were waiting for their favourite characters from Disney to take flight on that ice rink.

The ice rink was dimly lit with stars projected on the stage curtains, as mothers of boisterous boys, we hurriedly took our cameras to snap away while the boys were looking around for interesting things to run after. This is the moment we all been waiting for, popcorns and cold drinks in our another hand (phones and cameras on one) the long anticipated Disney show opens with the old-time classic – Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Goofy and Donald made cameo appearances at the beginning and end of the production. Our body grooved along to the infectious music and so did the little ones jumping on our laps, clapping in unity (not on the beat though). In came along two clumsy stepsisters from Cinderella which was a surprise as we definitely prefer the pretty one to be around, though Cinderella didn’t make it that day the sisters comical acts amplify the excitement of the screaming fans.



Next up, a familiar drum music that struck our memory – “The seaweed is always greener. In somebody else’s lake. You dream about going up there. But that is a big mistake. Just look at the world around you…” What else other than Sebastian and his beautiful crews from under the sea! Bringing on their multi-colored costumes and props up reliving the scenes from under the ocean with all the marine creatures swirling in a harmonious dance line. Not long after the main stellar girl – Princess Ariel appeared behind the curtains and did she had the impressive turns with just one hand on the rope after she had her transformation of tails to human legs.  




After the ocean princess made her exit with a happy ending with her loving prince; Tangled – the Disney film which was released 5 years ago opened the scene with a tangled cart and kids from the audience went on a ride onto the freezing ice. That send crowd once again into simultaneous photo snapping moment as the lucky ones gleefully enjoyed the spot light as a part of the show. Our favourite moment came when the sky lights were lit and send up which became another romantic scene that warms the heart of young girls and old even ours. 



As the show gets more entertaining, Beauty and the Beast our second favorite were up next (understatement, the best is kept last). We were familiar with the songs (oh, too well!) and as we sang along, to our amazement Beauty truely lived up to her name with her highly graceful moves. The videos can do more justice than me rumbling here, but expect fireworks, incredible twirling and can can dance moves for this! 



Keeping the best for last we say, the most hyped, long awaited, much anticipated, here we have Princess Elsa and Anna, and of course, Kristoff, Olaf, Sven, and Hans, the Duke taking over the ice rink liked their own concert party. You can hear all the kids singing on the top of their voices to Let it go and we couldn’t help ourselves but follow the callings. Check the video out you will know why especially when Elsa skate to the highlight of the song in her insanely well-designed costumes. (We loved it!). Overall we enjoyed ourselves just liked any Talyor Swift or Bruno Marz concerts we would beg to go but this Frozen party kept us feeling light hearted and melted at the end of the night. 

So if you are the 1% who haven’t bought your tickets to the show yet (we assumed no parents won’t though if you have girls at home!), don’t even think of missing it! 2 more days till the show ends! Just let it go and watch Disney On Ice!

WHEN: 11 – 20 March 2016

WHERE: Singapore Indoor Stadium 




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