Two weeks have passed since we had a memorable party at our favourite maternity store at Bove by Spring Maternity. It was a joyous occasion to be able to celebrate two special events in our lives as a parent of two boys – our full month party for Christian & 3-year-old birthday party for Noah! From our heartfelt appreciation, we thank you all our guests for coming together on this awesome day! We can’t say more on how blessed we are with two adorable boys, thank you for sharing such occasion with us!

Without further ado, follow us as we show you what happened that day! Birthday party

For a few months, we have gone thru planning and coordinating with the various vendors & service providers to make all this happened, and it was such a fantastic day for the kids ( can see from all their sweaty foreheads, cake smudged face and painted arms)! Never in our lives to imagine after having 2 boys in a row, we will have a Frozen theme party (YES! WE KNOW! THAT SONG! oh man)! It did happen, after all, we had to please the older one, as his favourite characters were somehow Queen Elsa, Princess Anna and of course Olaf.

Birthday party

We never imagine that giving birth to 2 boys, we will still have a Frozen theme party (YES! We know right!). Other boys were having Paw Patrol, PJ Masks or even super hero theme, but our toddler when we asked what character he liked for his birthday, he burped out that he wanted LET IT GO because he adores Queen Elsa, Princess Anna and of course Olaf!

And so here we go.. 


Birthday party Birthday party Birthday party Birthday party

We decided to do the planning early. When we were in our third trimester of pregnancy, we had a chance of getting in touch with River Ash Bakery to discuss on our birthday theme after we saw their bundle deal of the Frozen Winterland theme birthday cakes. The whole process was a smooth and fuzz free as we did most of the details confirmation such as the flavour of the cakes and desserts, size and quantity choices via the website.

In the end, we decided on a two tier large cake with vanilla rose cream cheese suitable for over 30-40 pax. It came with 6 cupcakes with paper figurines on it. Our hearts literally melted when we saw the actual product! It came in white boxes and all of them looks deliciously beautiful!  we also have fruit tarts, macarons and more cupcakes!

Not forgeting to mention, we also have fruit tarts, macarons and more cupcakes in white & tiffany icing!

Birthday party

Our dessert table was so delectable to look at! We had many mini Elsa and Anna wow-ing & drooling over the desserts. It was a game of war with the little hands trying to sneak a bite before we cut the cake. This time, we decided to whip up our own dessert decorations. But guilty as much, we had many last minutes sourcing and purchases from Q10 for the garlands and paper lanterns etc. On that day itself, we even made trips before the party starts to Toys R Us to get Frozen Theme party wares such as napkins, cups and table cloth. 

We did our own dessert table decorations as they don’t come with decors. Which we prefer this way, at least we know what we want. But guilty as much, we had many last minutes sourcing and purchases from Q10 for the garlands and paper lanterns etc. On that day itself, we even made trips before the party starts to Toys R Us to get Frozen Theme party wares such as napkins, cups and table cloth. Thank Goodness they sold some of the partywares as many outlets were out of stocks already!

To know more about River Ash Bakery info and online ordering system, visit! Their popular themes include Unicorn, My Little Pony, Tsum Tsum, Frozen Winterland, Pororo, Gudetama, Hello Kitty Floral, Mermaid, Galaxy cakes! Prices start from $70 with colour customizations and courier delivery is available too! 

Exclusive promo for our readers! Take 10% off using the code “FAMILYSTAY10” upon checkout on their online website! Promo code valid until 31st Dec 2017.


Birthday party

To feed our guests, we specially picked Stamford Catering to host our feast! We selected their Local Spread Special Buffet that came with 10+1 Courses @ $12.00+ to cater to our 60 over pax.

From their menu, we gave our thumbs up to their mouth-watering ocean catch Signature Fish Fillet with Thai Sauce! It was succulent and spicy! We absolutely loved spicy food, and we thought we really needed to have something to perk up the taste from the rest of the “kids friendly” food. All the dishes we picked was something we know we will eat for the next few days – such as Stamford’s Signature Curry Chicken, Chee Chong Fan, Wok-Fried Glass Noodles and Sushi Platter! Just in case, we have any leftovers we know we can still pack home for dinner. 

Every party, the buffet food will always the main highlight. And we must feed our guests well. So having to try their buffet spread from our other friend’s party, we know we can trust Stamford Catering for their menu and taste! Can’t deny that we had many great raves that day! Below images shows a portion of our buffet spread::

  • MEAT: Signature Curry Chicken with Potatoes
  • PRAWN: Torpedo Prawn with Tartar Dip
  • OCEAN CATCH: Signature Fish Fillet with Thai Sauce
  • MAIN (RICE): Vegetarian Pineapple Rice
  • MAIN(NOODLE): Wok-Fried Glass Noodles with Minced Chicken
  • VEGETABLE: Nonya Chap Chye
  • EGG/BEANCURD: Egg Tofu with Enoki Mushroom & Seow Bai Chye
  • FINGER FOOD: Signature Maki & Sushi Platter
  • DIMSUM: Steamed Chee Cheong Fan
  • SWEET DESSERT: Chilled Almond Jelly with Lychee & Pineapple
  • BEVERAGE: Refreshing Fruit Punch

Watch our party’s video featuring the scrumptious buffet spread we had from Stamford Catering, as you know the images really don’t do justice to these tantalising dishes!


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Another reason was that we had made use of their newly launched “My Rewards” membership programme for households that last a lifetime. And it’s free to sign up! As their member, we were able to enjoy 10 points for every $1 spent on e-commerce (excluding GST) which can be exchanged for vouchers from their partners or to offset next buffet order bill, as well as other member-exclusive privileges that can be found on their website! 

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a buffet catering for your parties, do hop over to their website as there are currently ongoing promotions for Ala-carte Buffet Catering and Ala-carte High Tea Buffet where you can save up to 15% if ordered via e-commerce and also on phone! Don’t forget to check out their Take-Home Kids Party Thematic Collectibles and Baby Full Month Thematic Collectibles if you’d like a more hassle-free way of enhancing the look of your party!

Use our exclusive promo code “FAMILYSG” for 30% off their Thematic Collectibles valid with Ala-carte Buffet Catering menu until 31 Dec 2017!

VENUE – Bove By Spring MaternityBirthday party

As you know we did our own decors, finding every blue & white colour decorations to “Frozen” up the bigger event hall “Bove moments” in Bove by Spring Maternity the one-stop Maternity & Baby megastore at Suntec City. Being a newly launched retail stop last year,  we expected that many of our guests didn’t know there are event halls available within the large store! To find out more read our guide on the 10 highlights you can find within Bove!

With two event spaces -Bove Moments and Bovetastic available, we went for the larger one that can easily hold over 80 – 100 pax. Many parents may have preferred to have it at restaurants or hotels, but finding somewhere affordable and convenient was our call. Transportation from MRT to driving was easy for everyone as it’s strategically located right in the city.

The venue was booked immediately when we requested it and the confirmation email came promptly. Service from their staff was impeccable, especially the ground staff who assisted us a greatly during the event. We had the afternoon slot from 130pm to 430pm, as the store only opens at 11 am, they have already prepared our 2 large tables & 40 chairs. Although we were given the projector we didn’t use it, only had the mic and sound system on the whole time. 

Whether you have a full month party or a birthday celebration, we definitely recommend Bove as the perfect kids friendly event venue, as there is even milk making stations and nursing rooms to cater to babies & infants. Do check out their party services which include food catering, party activities and celebratory decorations if you really don’t have an idea on how to host one! You are in safe hands, new or busy parents! Don’t forget to sign up for their free membership to get 10% off their event spaces too!


Setting up: Initially, the thought of engaging a party company to us was such cheesy concept, but this year we knew we were expecting a pool of toddlers, so since we need some fun activities to keep them entertained, why not find the best? Having PartyMojo onboard was the right decision made by us, as the birthday boy and his little guests had such a blastastic time with his toddler sized bouncy castle, balloons, and face painting!  

Their set crew came early to blow up the balloons, pump up the castle and prepared for the makeup accessories before the excited guests arrived. From their way of handling the kids during the party it was obvious they were very good at what they are doing, as all the little ones utterly enjoyed their time!

Birthday party

For this party, we had the Standard Toddler Package that includes

  • balloons decoration for the venue
  • helium balloons decor and giant foil balloon bouquet
  • a pair of theme ballon columns placed by the cake cutting table
  • Party music
  • 2 x Art & Craft – chose–
    • Sand art activity for 25 kids!
    • Clay paint for 25 kids!
    • Mosaic Tiara/crowns for 25 kids!
    • Sand art for 25 kids!
  • Balloon sculpting – 1.5hrs of free flow fun
  • Face painting & Glitter Tattoo
  • Toddler Play area – Bouncy Castle
  • Cake Cutting Ceremony
  • All set up & delivery included

In need of a party specialist to celebrate your joyous occasion? Do contact PartyMojo at 81606622 or email! Oh! They have food and snacks rental such as popcorn and candy floss booths as well, check out their website here!

 Special Mention: KirakiraKandy

Birthday party

One of our good friends, Kirakirakandy came with a big present of the day! They brought us a table display of twinkling healthy lollipops made from Taiwan natural high-grade cane sugar, and completely free from artificial preservatives! We had glowing lollipops on our dessert table! See our IG stories below to see the light up! All the Kids kept wanting to steal one!

As a parent with a toddler who will have eczema outbreak when he takes sugar stuff, we never allowed him to have any lollipops at all, but upon learning about this interesting LED glowing lollipop, we were sold! Firstly, it’s made of natural sugar, light sticks are non-toxic food grade plastic and the candies are certified safe by CE and RoHS through independent tests. No worries for any allergys as it’s peanut oil free and no gelatin used during the making process. It’s also gluten free and definitely suitable for vegans, safe to say it’s suitable for everyone who loves some magical candies! As much as we hope to have it last forever, as long as you don’t keep using it, it can last up to 7 days! And the candies can do good for a year if properly stored. 

It’s also gluten free and definitely suitable for vegans, safe to say it’s suitable for everyone who loves some magical candies! As much as we hope to have it last forever, as long as you don’t keep it on for a long time, it can last up to 7 days! And the candies can do good for a year if properly stored. 

Take a look at the various flavors we had that day –

  • Red colour – Strawberry flavour
  • Orange colour- Orange flavour
  • Yellow colour- Passionfruit flavour
  • Green colour-  Apple flavour
  • Blue colour-  Japanese Soda flavour
  • Clear Blue colour- Blueberry flavour
  • Purple colour- Grape flavour
  • Pink colour- Peach flavour
  • White- Natural Cane Sugar flavour

The next time you are looking for goodie bag items or dessert tables displays ideas, don’t forget to add on some KiraKiraKandy to brighten up your #POTD! Want a chance to bring home these beauties? Great news from US! we are giving away 15 x Kirakirakandy at our IG post! Go and find out how to win it! 

Our IG stories that day:: 



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