There’s always a time for something, and to us, weekends are for eating together and dim sums will always be our top pick to bring the kids for an idyllic morning with a good old Chinese tea and of course, a table that surrounds with delectable “touch the heart” dim sum!

To breathe in the new air into the prominent dishes, Chef Ku at the highly acclaimed Golden Peony restaurant located on level 3 of Conrad Centennial Singapore has recently unveiled a new dazzling array of dim sums perfect for families with little ones to relish in! For the sake of satisfying the mouth of our local diners, all dim sums are freshly handmade using classic techniques which fused traditional Cantonese and local flavors.

We were impressed by their aesthetically appealing selections of signatures and unconventional culinary creations, that even children look forward (begged us to hurry up!) to sink their teeth into each of the dishes during our photo shoots! Parents will also be happy to find the restaurant to be very kids-friendly with adorable cutleries and amenities pre-given to the little hungry tummies while the food was prepared – we got two set of Children’s coloring book to keep them entertained that day!


Other than the Siew Mai, crispy prawn dumpling, and Char Siao Bao (chicken bun), kids always lacked the choice of a visually pleasing dim sum to pick from.

Dainty animal-shaped treats such as Shrimp Toast in the shape of a turtle, Egg Custard Bun fashioned as a piglet, Mushroom with Bamboo Pith Bun made to resemble a cat, Chicken Bun that looks like a porcupine as well as Snow White with Green Tea Paste rabbits from Golden Peony were served to us with much effort made in details!

snow white rabbit with green tea paste
chicken bun

The Green Tea Paste rabbits had a soft mochi texture and when you sink your teeth into it, the green paste was released in a smooth motion without the sweetness being too overwhelming in the mouth. Don’t be fooled by the Porcupine looking chicken bun that it looked like any bao, it was actually a mantou with fillings and our kids had a good time feasting over the crispy skin and succulent chicken fillings!

mushroom & bamboo pith cat bun
egg custard pig bun

The subtle sweetness from the mushroom and bamboo brings a whole new flavor to buns in general, our boys enjoyed the cat bun even they don’t usually like mushrooms, we could only have a bite before the two boys finished it in a blink of an eye! Oh, kitty(man)!

We can’t lie that personally we aren’t fans of custard buns, so we don’t usually one. Reason being, we dread that the egg custards filling are always stuffed in way too much for that small bun to comprehend. But Golden Peony’s egg custard piglet bun had the best of both world, the portion was right, we had the taste of the savory egg custards as soon as we finished the handcrafted soft skin. There was nothing to complain other than it was too cute to eat the little piggies!

Shrimp Toast in the shape of a turtle

Keeping the best for the last, as these adorable turtles were their favorite compared to the rest of the dishes, and we can understand why! Handmade with shrimp, mushroom, toast, and asparagus, these fried and then baked treats are irresistibly tasty as the shrimp adds a little chewiness on top of the toast and mushroom. This was hands down the winner (chose by my boys) among the 5 dim sums specially curated for the little ones!

Take a look at the wide selections of weekend menu apart from the kids’ theme dim sums, from steam, to fried&baked and barbequed, the pricing is fairly affordable for such top-notch Chinese restaurants in hotels. These captivating treats are only served under the kid’s menu for weekends – can be found under their dim sum for little ones section.

Priced at $4.80 per set only

More New Dim Sum to try

Be spoilt for choice with new additions such as the Crystal Shrimp Dumpling, Chilli Crab Meat Taro Pastry, Century Egg Shrimp Paste Bread Crumbs and ‘Hong Kong’ traditional sponge cake with olive seed.

Chilli Crab Meat Taro Pastry
Crystal Shrimp Dumpling
spinach seafood dumpling


Avocado & Vanilla Ice cream
Mango pudding





Available on Saturdays and Sundays

First Seating: 11.30am to 1pm

Second Seating: 1.30pm to 3pm


Spend a leisurely afternoon indulging on a range of dainty handcrafted dim sums. Savor new entries including the likes of the springy, firm and tasty Steamed Dace Fish Balls, bling-ed Abalone Dumpling (Siew Mai) with Gold Flakes, Deep-fried Filo Pastry with Sea Perch and Fresh Mango as well as Spring Rolls filled with Shredded Salt Baked Chicken.

Available from Mondays to Fridays

Time: 11.30am to 2.30pm

No NEED to burn your pocket for good food, make use of our exclusive promotion with Golden Peony till 23 Dec 2018, when you quote “FAMILY15” during payment or booking, for that 15% off your bill!

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Where: Golden Peony
Conrad Centennial Singapore, Level 3
Two Temasek Boulevard Singapore 038982
How: For reservations, please call +65 6432 7482/88 or email or visit


Get their signature chili paste home!

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