The eXplorerkid Indoor Children Playground at Downtown East has been one of the largest Children play area in Singapore, where kids get to glide down thrilling slides and plunge into ball pits, not under the sun.  We are glad that after so many decades, the folks from eXplorerkid has decided to improve and launch a newly renovated outlet to bring back the fun memories of challenging play stations for kids under 12 years old! 

As soon as the news that their doors were open, we grabbed our bags and head down to check out the polished slides. And  it was liked a brand new discovery, which we love to share with you on the interesting and exciting play stations at Downtown East!  Photo 20-4-16 6 32 54 pm Photo 20-4-16 6 31 56 pm

After you purchase your admission tickets, the staff will always check your kid’s temperature and give you a stamp to the adults. Do sterilize the little hands too!

Photo 20-4-16 6 39 26 pm Photo 23-4-16 7 20 43 am


Photo 23-4-16 7 20 09 amPhoto 20-4-16 6 19 48 pmSAND PLAY

Suitable for: Toddlers and above

Our little one absolutely love this unique tactile and mess-free activity as he shaped mouldable sand into simple designs liked a tiny pyramid, Taj Mahal, and Colossal. Parents need not worry about bringing the sand home or find them on the pants or socks as these little stones are mix with an ingredient which is silicone oil that feels and looks like wet sand! Safe to play and great for encouraging creativity and innovation of the young ones.

Photo 20-4-16 3 58 26 pm Photo 20-4-16 3 57 32 pmART TOWN

Suitable for: Toddlers and above

From Batik, Coin bank to key chains, kids get to paint and bring home their customized artwork. We spent $5 on the Batik painting and let the little Picasso weave his own design (messy painting actually).

Photo 20-4-16 6 38 05 pm Photo 20-4-16 6 36 21 pmMOVIE AREA

Suitable for: Everyone

Cushion steps laid across the playmat for Children to watch kids movies when they are tired of running around, and we think it’s the best spot for parents to stretch their legs while still be able to fix their eyes on the kids. One stone kills two birds.

Photo 20-4-16 3 59 27 pm Photo 23-4-16 7 17 57 am Photo 20-4-16 6 34 50 pm Photo 20-4-16 6 37 20 pmMEGA PLAY

Suitable for: Children Aged Four and Above

Now, this multi-level challenging play system allows Children to test their motor and mental skills by overcoming various physical obstacles by crawling and climbing tunnels (height and size of tunnels are meant for Children, so Parents with toddlers do try to not venture in as you might have a screaming toddler in one hand, and another leg trying to crawl out of this Wonder neverland)

Photo 20-4-16 6 17 37 pmTHE CLIFF

Suitable for: Children Aged Five and above

If you are thinking of training your kid to be another Youtube sensation, well you may give this mini Cliff a try. Not only they can improve their agility learning to put their feet into action, and also it’s a great way to learn how to balance and coordinate their body. Boosting Self-collection could be one of the reason, though we know some kids are pure risk-takers.

Photo 20-4-16 3 59 54 pmLIT BALL PIT

Suitable for: Children aged Three and Above

This is not the conventional ball pit filled with multi-color balls, instead, this is a unique Lit Ball Pool as we heard it’s one of a kind in Singapore. As warm lights emit from the platform, the transparent balls take on different hues as the changing lights create a unique, mystical, and fascinating experience.  So plunge in now for some bubbly fun! (we know it’s a tempting one but Parents are not allowed in the pool with the kids.) 

Photo 20-4-16 4 10 20 pm Photo 20-4-16 6 14 32 pm Photo 20-4-16 6 18 48 pm Photo 23-4-16 7 19 03 am Photo 23-4-16 7 18 44 am Photo 23-4-16 7 19 20 am Photo 23-4-16 7 19 36 amTODDLER PLAY AREA (For the gentle and walkers) 

Suitable for: Children aged 3 and below

Tree slide, role-playing playhouses (Fire station, Pet Shop, Kitchen etc) and a mini ball pit. Let the tiny little ones roam and get creative at this play area dedicated to them. Parents are welcome to join! 

Photo 20-4-16 4 06 18 pm Photo 20-4-16 2 11 51 pmPhoto 20-4-16 6 21 42 pmSHIP (For the mini pirates wannabe) 

Suitable for: Children aged 3 and below

One more area for the slightly younger kids where they can ride on a pirate ship-inspired play area with slides, crawl up platform and more ball pit for them to play and have fun before they dare to hit the MEGA PLAY-Area.

Photo 23-4-16 7 16 56 am Photo 20-4-16 6 36 41 pmADVENTURE HIGHLAND

Suitable for: minimum height of 110cm required for the upper level

If you have a Tarzan-wannabe, then let your kids (make sure they are above 110cm) build their confidence and motor skills by challenging the upper level of the Adventure Highland. To let the younger ones to try out the Highland, for kids height below 110cm they can swing thru the lower level with their parents walking alongside them. Adults,  teens and even public are welcome to try both! Upper Level comes at the additional price of $6.50, while the lower level at $5.50. 

To learn more about their updates and promotions, please log on to *Shout out to NTUC members, on May 1 (NTUC MAY DAY), present your NTUC card to enjoy free entry for 1 member and 2 Children.

Photo 20-4-16 6 33 35 pm

Parking lots for your strollers and prams, as well for your shoes and lockers.
Photo 23-4-16 7 17 15 am

Nursing room available for mummies with babies


If you are going on a weekday (Mon-Fri) from 12pm-9pm, the charges will be for Off-Peak, additionally, it will include 1 Adult per 1 Child entry. Only for eXplorerkid members enjoy further discounts for all rates including the hands-on crafts (Batik painting at $5, KeyChain at $2 and Ceramic coin bank at $6)! For the 2nd adult or more, additional charges at $5 each. In case you forget your socks, it can be brought at the counter for $2.50. For more promotional details, click here to find out more!

  eXplorerkid member Public Toddler (13months – 24 months) Infant (0-12 months)
Off- Peak(Unlimited Play) $9 $20 $5 Free
Peak (2 hours) $20 $28 $10 Free
Peak(unlimited) $20 $30 $12 Free
  • Includes 2 Nursing room within the compound
  • Toilets are located outside of the indoor playground
  • prams to park in the room beside the entrance where shoe lockers are located.
  • charges for art and crafts at the ART town applies separately from the entrance fee.

Opening Hours: 

Mon-Fri: 12pm-9pmSun, Sat, School holidays and Public Holidays: 10am – 10pm 

E!Hub @ Downtown East 3rd Floor, 1 Pasir Ris Close, Singapore 519599 | +6589 1668

Familystaysg team

Disclosure: Giveaway Tickets are sponsored by eXplorekid, all opinions are ours ! 

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