Say Konnichiwa to ANA‟s first-ever overseas Japan gourmet hall in the 300-seat space that is fashioned after an airline lounge
Japanese foodies are in for an epicurean treat as SORA, a Japanese gourmet food hall will open its doors at Changi Airport Terminal 2 today. The 7,760 sq ft space, which seats about 300 diners, is the largest restaurant across the four terminals in Changi Airport. The dining enclave, which is located at the public area on Level 3, houses six Japanese restaurant brands that serve up an oishii line-up of food including ramen, sashimi, okonomiyaki and Nippon-inspired desserts and beverages. SORA, which translates to “sky‟ in Japanese, marks the first time that ANA Trading – the trading arm of Japanese airline company, All Nippon Airways – is operating a food hall outside of Japan Of the six restaurants in SORA, two of them are new-to-market brands: Tsuruhashi Fugetsu and Japoli Kitchen.
Making its overseas debut in Singapore, Tsuruhashi Fugetsu is a renowned okonomiyaki chain that hails from Osaka.
Available from $13 onwards, its signature Japanese savory pancakes are made with fresh cabbage, yakisoba (fried noodles)
and an assortment of battered meat and seafood, before being grilled a la minute and slathered in Worcestershire sauce and mayonnaise and topped with bonito flakes.


Diners who enjoy fusion cuisine will feel right at home at Japoli Kitchen, which offers Italian dishes infused with Japanese touches from $10.80. Menu highlights include Bolognese Pasta and Porcini Risotto. It’s range of freshly-made pizzas, which includes Pizza Margherita and Mentaiko Pizza. The brand uses fresh pasta and flour specially imported from Japan. Rounding up the dining offerings at SORA are other Japanese restaurants such as Menya Takeichi, which is lauded as Tokyo‟s top chicken ramen chain and its collagen-rich Chicken Paitan broth ramen dishes are available from $13.90.
This is the brand‟s 100th outlet worldwide; Kuro Maguro, which is started by the number one Japanese fish wholesaler, is offering meshi (rice dishes) with kaisen (seafood) and torobutsu (tuna) that are air-flown daily from Japan. Prices start from $18.
Those who love tendon will make a beeline at Tendon Kohaku, which specializes in Edomae-style tendon, in which Hokkaido rice is adorned with crisp tempura that is drizzle in tendon sauce. Its first outlet in Eat at Seven, Suntec has drawn long queues every day since it opened. Prices start from $16.60.
Adding a touch of Korea flavors to the culinary delights is Tokyo Sundubu, Japanese‟s largest restaurant chain that serves
the hearty Korean stew rich in collagen. Sundubu Jjigae is a treasure trove of hand-made tofu, vegetables, and ingredients such as chicken, beef, asari (sake-steamed) clams and shrimps, available from $15.


Get tipple-happy at SORA Bar, which offers desserts and beverages to wash the nosh down. On the menu are desserts such as Hokkaido milk ice cream, sake, and cocktails such as Singapore Sling and Mojito. Diners can order food from any of the restaurants and bar and sit in the shared seating area in the middle of the food hall. Modelled after airline lounges, Japan Gourmet Hall SORA boasts comfy booth and tatami seating options. For tatami seating, diners can immerse in Japanese dining etiquette by taking off their shoes before dining – just like what they would do before entering a zashiki or tatami room.


The seating options also come with nifty features such as tables fitted with charging points for mobile electronic devices and an interactive Kid’s Corner complete with a playground and a television screen SORA‟s contemporary chic interiors are heavily steeped in Japanese influences.


The décor boasts intricate exquisite Japanese craftsmanship such as the Kumiki (Japanese woodcraft) and Kumiko (lattice-like timbre trellis) that embellish the counter tables. Adorning the walls are murals of bonsai and pine trees that are hand-painted in a style reminiscent of the time-honored Japanese art history.
SORA is located at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2, 60 Airport Boulevard #036- 058/059, opens from 10.30am to 11pm daily. For more information on SORA, go to SORA‟s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/japangourmethallsora/ or call 6386-7005!
Article & Images all credit to Changi Airport Group

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