Have you ever wonder what it’s like to feast with Singapore Zoo very own homegrown celebrity, the Orangutans aka Ah Mengs?

How would they behave? What will they be eating? Is the conception of us sitting together possible? Well, it was not too complicated to find out! A week ago, we were invited by Kelloggs on their family day celebration of them being the proud adopters of the Primate Kingdom in Singapore Zoo! Many families were invited to join in the fun activities that were held on 23 June!

Upon arrival and registration, we had a lovely opportunity to snap some shots with their signature mascots, Tony the Tiger & Coco the Monkey when they made their appearance at the registration table. Although it was early morning, our boys enjoyed the company of the two mascots as we joined the other parent influencers.

Do you know that because of Kellogg’s sponsorship of Primate Kingdom, one of the Capuchin was name as Coco after its Coco mascot for Coco Pops!

Shortly, we were whisked off to Ah Meng’s Resturant for a hearty breakfast buffet with Kelloggs invited guests. Waiting for us was our close relatives – the SO adorable Ah Meng’s descendants and a gentle ball python!

The first thing we noticed in the restaurant was a table tucked at the entrance with jars of Kelloggs Cereals for the kids! It came with the boys’ favorite Frost Loops, Coco Pops, Corn Flakes and Crunchy Oats Granola. Noah went straight to get his bowl and turn the jar knob to receive his first meal of the day, asking mummy to get him some milk to go along with.

To our understanding, Kellogg’s range of cereals will be made available in the breakfast buffet spread at Ah Meng’a Restaurant in the Zoo to provide nutritious breakfast offerings to diners! The demand was so fast that all the kids present entirely empty the cereal jars before we came back for our 2nd round!

Below is the IG post that we shared that day, to see more, swipe the images and play the video!

?It was such a fun day with #kelloggssg family day at the Singapore Zoo? and we had a splendid buffet breakfast ?with Ah Meng’s descendants and enjoyed a range of Kellogg’s nutritious cereals which is now made available in the restaurant because they have become the sponsor of the Primate Kingdom! So from Coco pops, Cornflakes to Frost loops all Our family’s favorite cereals can be found when you dine in at the restaurant! Apart from eating with the Orang Utans, there was an activity booth specially set up today, swipe this post gallery or click on our Ig stories to watch what happen today! Thanks again, for the recommendation @theperfectfather ? and #Kelloggssg for the invite!!! . . . ??Our Baby Christian enjoyed his first Zoo trip with His big brother?? Noah – especially seeing all their favorite ??????animals so up close! . . . . . . . #familystaysg | #Singaporezoo | #sgparentbloggers | #Mediainvite |

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Baby Christian had his share of this new addition to the buffet spread too! If you saw one of the videos, he coupled some fresh cucumber while we let him baby led weaning with his favorite plain cornflakes! All thanks to Kelloggs Singapore, we also managed to take some memorable photos with the stellar!

The entire Ah Meng family came out on a rainy day, hands in hands, waiting at their tree trunks for the buffet guests to take photos with them. We had to wait for the long queue to subside before we had our turn! To expedite the queue and photo taking session, the zookeepers told some of us to head over to the other end of the restaurant for a close encounter with the ball python. I was definitely not a big fan, so I didn’t offer the kids to go over. We only waited for the Ah Mengs!

The Orangutans were friendly and was in such good behaviors. One of them just liked any other human parent, had her baby cling onto her all the time! It was so heartwarming to see how they react, as it was a total replica of how we react around our kids as well. Taking care of the younglings, shielding and making sure they didn’t get drenched in the rain.

Do you know Orangutans are not Monkeys because they do not have tails liked Monkeys do, so they are technically an APE. Just liked us.

We even paid for the photo taken by the zoo’s photographer, spending $35 solely to let the boys own a great memory of “feasting” with the Orangutans! If you want to enjoy feasting with the Orangutans too, take note that the animal appearance only happens from 930am to 10 am, at $35 per adult and $25 per child (from 6 years to 12 years). Only from 9am to 1030am daily. 

Our next stop, after the delicious breakfast buffet and all the goodness of the Kellogg’s cereals, we headed to the Kellogg’s Activity Booth to join in the crowd that was queuing from a distance located right at the Primate Kingdom. Quickly we joined in the queue to find out there were 3 activities that were happening at the same time for families visiting the zoo.

  • Cereal sampling with milk – Grab and Go! 
  • Tattoo Palour – we had 4 images to chose from! All Kellogg’s Characters!
  • 2 games booth of Kellogg Stacking Game & Spot the differences (SEE MY IG POST above FOR THE VIDEO)

All Baby Christian asked for was for Mummy to take the Cereal sampling with milk for him! Usually, I would say no to sugar overdose cereals but for Kellogg’s Cereals + Milk, it had all the best nutrients for the champs! Another was because it was so delicious that daddy and mummy also wanted for themselves!

Then I watched Noah with his dad tried out the booth games to win prizes, straight after we were given a door gift from Kelloggs – a box of cornflake cluster made by Kellogg’s Cornflakes! And being was so addictive, the kids and I finished it even before we got home!

To find out other receipes that you can use the cornflakes to make desserts and snacks, just log on to their Facebook page to learn more! Many of which is so easy, you can do it with your kids!  We will be trying them out too, will share more, do stay tune!

By the end of the whole trip to Singapore Zoo, both boys were knocked out on our way back home, all thanks to Kellogg’s Singapore we had a wonderful experience in celebration of their newest sponsorship!


And to pass on the joy, we are giving away 1 set of Kelloggs’s goodie bag we brought home that day! Simply tell us one of the activities that happened at the Kellogg’s Activity Booth, Comment in our IG post, tag your friends for a higher chance of winning and share our FB post to win it! Contest ends on 3 JUL!

*IMAGE consists of 3 goodie bags worth of products, the winner will only bring home One set of the products seen here.

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