Parents in the far east, do you know that the newly revamped Edutainment Hub at E!hub @ Downtown East, where learning meets fun –  have reopened last week? 
Ever since we came to review the refurbished eXplorerKid, the preceding kids-friendly Edutainment Hub on level 3 of the Downtown East mall has been recently been redesigned with new enrichment classes, music lessons, and play activities available for the little ones! It is one of the biggest edutainment havens in the East, which consists of an all-new pram parking area and the floor will be decked in a fun jungle theme to cater to kids exploring the space.
We arrived early for their open house day and participate in a media tour to 5 key tenants – Little Skool-HouseBerriesCristofori,  Kent Ridge Tuition Centre and eXplorekid, so here’s what happen:
Even before the tenants start their workshops, parents were in beeline in front of booths having free butter corn in cups and mouth-watering hot dogs, and a roving magician was folding balloons as well as free face painting too! The open house event had a family carnival vibe, welcoming families around the area to join in the fun. 


First on, we met with several friendly KR teachers, ushing us in for their art workshop. familystaysg-ehub!
This new stylish outlet boost of 3 cosy class rooms to cater to their different set of classes. Classroom walls were wrapped around with nature-inspired wall art, aromatherapy towering tree and many of the kids art work. This new Kent Ridge outlet boosts an array of fun and holistic enrichment programs for children as young as 3 months old, which is a great news for parents with little ones. 
For them, playgroup classes for the aged of 1.5 to year old are offered. With English and Chinese teachers taking turns to lead theme-based lessons and allowing children to enjoy learning through stories, music, art , games and other activities. Every  week, kids get 2 hours per session in which they can choose to attend either 2, 3 or 5 times per week. Need a place to let your kids play and learn? You know who to look for!
Previously we have always relate Kent Ridge centers to top-quality academic programs for primary school kids, but here in this outlet in Pasir Ris, young ones are offered with creativity-inspired enrichment lessons such as “Baking & Cooking”, ” Preschool art” and also “Music Appreciation” classes for children from 3 months to 3 years old! 
Our little reviewer giving a try  in learning how to reuse recycled items and made it to an art of their own!
For more information or their array of fun and holistic enhrichment programmes for your kids, you may visit their website at


Next up, we hopped over to explore the newest 17th outlet of The Little Skool House preschool in Singapore!


Liked any excited parents, we hurriedly swing in to check out the capacious center. We went into a huge and airy environment, with high ceilings and cloud murals hanging from above, and it felt homed being there.  We were impressed that instead of having the strong alcohol stench that lingers in new schools, Little Skool House uses gentle for skin, foamy soap-liked fragrance free hand sanitizers, we could see how dedicated they are willing to invest in the basic things that concern the little ones.


Together with a hybrid of closed and open concept learning spaces to give children a sense of freedom, it also allows teachers to manage the safety and supervision of children. The center is able to fit in 9 infants and 160 for toddlers to kindergarten 2.

Their classrooms are designed with adjoining smaller cosy spaces to create integration and a sense of wonder in the children. The use of glass in the design serves the purpose for high visibility, allowing children to see beyond their own classroom environment. 

There were also a large mass amount of wood and wood-grain with natural colours furniture where the earth tones, green, and blue colours provided the children a sense of calmness. Children in a way won’t feel liked they are in school, and be in an environment where they can feel liked being at home in their comfort zone. 


We see several role-playing toys, basic wooden blocks, all the simple things that kids can learn and play without the tech gadgets. This is some basic concepts that we would appreciate if we were to leave our child for a full day at least we know he’s not having a screen on his hand or eyes on the tv but in good hands of some good old-fashion toys to build their character.


Furnitures are all custom-made to fit their little heights. Even toilets for the little tots and kindergarden are separated to ensure any conteminations doesn’t spread across the whole school. With a low ratio of teachers and students, the quality of attention that the children are well proportion to enhance and faciliate their growth and development in each programme.

Infant care (1:3), Toddler (1:6), N1 (1:10), N2 (1:12), K1 (1:15), K2 (1:15). 


Other than incorporating the latest environment design for a more engaging learning experience for young children. It also has a partnership with Explorer Kids (indoor playground) that allows teachers to make use of the equipments for developing children in motor skills.

In addition, the access to the Early Literacy Centre (ELC) is an added edge for all children in this branch. Workshops will be held at the centre, and sometimes there will be open events for public to bring their kids to enjoy the library of books and art.

So, keen to enrol your child here? Check out their website at for more information! familystaysg-ehub!


Located in a small lane in between eXplorerKid & Cristofori music center, Berries can be easily seen with it’s brightly lit main entrance. Classes here are conducted to nurture children to develop on their mother tongue language independently from young.

If you are looking for quality chinese language building classes for your little ones (from N1 onwards), Berries provies a range of course structure that targets conversational practices, craftworks, read & recongise programme, and even refine language skills with thematic nursery rhymes. Each session takes 1 hour 30mins to 1 hour 45 mins depending on their levels (N2 is 1 hour 45mins) across 47 weeks. 


During the open house, kids were warmly invited to join in their Story-telling Sessions with hand puppets and animation clips suitable for 5-7 years old. For parents who are inclined to speaking english at home, to start the kids early in learning mother tongue is benefical before entering in primary schools, which would drastically aid their learning in classes. To know more about their course, click here to their website at



Looking for kids-friendly music classes? you definitely should take a look at the list of music course available here at Cristofori Music School. Being Singapore’s Largest and most prestigious music school, your children gets to chose from the classical piano lessons, violins, guitar, drums, and even Ukelele and Cajon Ensemble (music tapping on the cajon boxes as seen below)! 


We got our hands on the Afro-Peruvian instrument orginated from Peru in 19th century during the Open house workshop. Most of the bigger kids joined in the Cajon (Pronounced as Ka-hon) Circle sessions, when the music started, the instructors taught everyone the tricks how to properly drum the beat with the music played on the player. It was fun and engaging and though our little hands couldn’t catch up with the class, the music session was infectious, and there was our little one swaying to the beat! 

Additionally, if you are interested to bring home your own instruments, there are adorable kids sized Ukulele selling at $25 each,  and the mini Cajon for your junior at $99! Nevertheles, do check with their staff for any ongoing promotions! For more info, visit their website at

familystaysg-ehub! familystaysg-ehub!


To think that with so much fun kids activities going on at E!Hub, there better be a place for parents to sip a tea or catch some breath! Located in the middle of the level, stood an alfreso and causal cafe tucked right by the enrichment schools, The Tree Cafe & Restaurant offers all families an relaxing idyllic spot to rest their feet and enjoy some simple delicious menu that caters to everyone including kids! (yes, kids menu available!)


The Tree cafe noticeably have a iconic tree perched within the cafe with sofas offering their guests a relaxing spot to kick back and relax.


We tried all of their main courses which includes their kids chic meal ( $4.90), fish and chips ($6.90), chic culet ($6.90) and BBQ Chic steak ($6.90) and to our surprise, food was not too bad for a first day! Considering the portion was filling enough and super pocket friendly! Our favourite was their Kids Chic Meal, as we enjoyed their large bowl of savory spagetti, a handful of salad and tender chicken breast meat (nor tough or dry). Fried stuff was well-prepared, so next time if you are here, do try these out!


Even the price for their All-Day Breakfast looks decent!  We will be back to try out those!




Last but not least, one of our favorite indoor playground in the east! Imagine to only pay for $3 (Toddlers from 13-24months plus  25% off if you use passion card)! for your kids to enjoy illuminating ball pits, mega play area, unique tactile and mess-free mouldable sand, and adventure highland  at the newly revamped eXplorerKid
Sadly we had to miss their open house – Sketchy Mask (Art &craft) activity as we had another event to rush for that day, but if you want to know more on what other art activities you can do with your kids, check out our guide at eXplorerkid we were there the previous time!
Safe mouldable sand in encouraging creativity and innovation of the young ones.
So if you happen to be down at Pasir Ris this weekend, don’t forget to pop over to take a look at the newly reopened E!Hub at DownTown East! Bountiful of family friendly activities awaits! 

Familystaysg team

Disclosure: We were invited for a media tour, opinions are ours.

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