Choosing a hospital to deliver your baby is the essential part of the pregnancy journey, followed by the OB-Gyn who’s going to deliver your baby.

We were lucky to found the clinic in the same hospital we are delivering our baby. It was the perfect package we have for both our pregnancies For the second time we are back at the lovely Parkway East Hospital with our gynae, Dr. Lubna who practises at the Roland Chieng Fertility and Women Care on the level 3 of the clinic block. 

Rather than going to the larger hospitals in town, we had more reasons for coming back

Well, first thing first, our gynae is based here. Travelling to do check ups are easy. It was only a short 7 mins drive from home. We had imagined a thousand time that if the baby is in a rush to come, a jammed highway or low supply of taxi during peak hours will be a torture and waste of time. So, being near to our hospital is our top priority and should be for any expecting parents. 

Then, food choices are a plenty around the distinct of the hospital. We have Parkway Parade, i12Katong mall and Roxy Square, a mere 5 min drive away only! Who needs to worry about being hungry when the cafe in the hospital closes.

Next, comparing the hospital maternity packages, we realised that the packages at Parkway East Hospital won’t burn a hole in our pocket, and it won’t be a struggle to afford the aftermath of staying here for 2 nights.

Lastly, we will always remember the great experience we had 3 years ago. The amicable nurses, the cozy single room, great hospital food, and excellence services & complete amenities to ensure us a great stay. Where else will I rather be at? Much better being at home we say!

So, If you are also considering to have your baby deliver here, read on and let us show you more details from our Maternity Tour at Parkway East a month ago! 


Boosting a resort-like feel the newly revamped Parkway East Hospital offers a cosy vibe especially from the modern and homely interior decors. Without taking a second look, you won’t feel like you have arrived at a hospital’s lobby.

The area where Parkway East Hospital allows their guests to wait, features a modern chandelier-inspired lighting hanging from the high ceiling, with leather sofas available for patients to do their registrations. All of these made the experience so different from the cold plastic chairs we see from larger hospitals. 

clinic block lift

Direction signages to the maternity ward block and clinic block are clear and obvious. The reception counter is situated at the most prominent location – right at the main entrance.

All their staff on duty from the security guards to the customer service officers standing by the reception counter, they never fail to greet everyone who arrived (every single time) at the hospital.  

It just seems liked everyone know each other as families. We felt more than being just a guest or patient especially when we come for checks every month. 

Joanna is the customer service officer who assists us during our maternity tour all the way to assisting us even on our delivery day.

Formerly named as East Shore Hospital, now Parkway East Hospital (PEH) had gone through several facelifts within their rooms and suites. Run by the same group as Gleneagles and Mount E, Parkway East Hospital doesn’t have quite as many extra perks as those other hospitals, but it still consists of everything parents will need for a comfortable delivery stay. 

Welcoming more than 2,000 babies each year, PEH is still one of leading private hospitals providing an extensive suite of obstetrics and gynaecology, paediatric and neonatal services. So for any emergency case, it’s a relief for us to know that we won’t have to transfer out for any further operations in other hospitals. 


As the maternity tours are available from Monday to Friday at 2.30pm, and Saturday at 10 am, we came down on a weekday to avoid crowds, and indeed we were the only couple of the day!

At 230pm, we met Joanna, the customer service officer at the registration counter (this is where you can do the pre-registration of the labour and birth registration) who gave us a warm welcome to the tour along with an informative folder and goodie bag. 

The folder consists of many information on how to do our pre-registration, birth registration, what to get ready for the D-day as well as some other additional Antenatal classes that we can join.


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goodie bag items

After giving a detailed introduction on where and what to do during registration, she led us to the maternity ward block and took us to the delivery ward for a simple tour. 


The delivery room is located level 2.  From the image above, we were shown and explained what to expect during the delivery day and what equipment will be used when the baby is born. There is 1 delivery suite with 5 delivery rooms and 2-bed first stage room. Individual rooms will include your own toilet. Nurses will always be on standby for mummies whose admitted, call bells are also located inside the toilets.

Upon entering the room all our memory of our first born came gushing back on how we had spent more than 12 hours to get induced. While I was feeling warm and cosy, which I was on epidural, the husband was freezing cold on the daddy’s armchair while we watched Fox movie the whole night! So, bringing thicker jackets for the husband is definitely a top priority to be packed for our luggage bag! 

Next, we sauntered over to the favourite part of the tour!


After 3 years of changes, we were impressed that the maternity wards now have adorable baby images at the walkway. This surely made feel more encourage to have the baby soon! Unfortunately, we were not able to view the rooms as it was high on occupancy that day so we were brought to level 4 to view the general wards instead. But still, we managed to take a peek at the newborns taking their nap at the nursery room!

Maternity wards are located on level 3 which includes:

  • 1 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with 14 cots
  • 1 nursery with 30 cots
  • 1 ParentCraft room
  • 1 deluxe room
  • 5 single rooms
  • 8 two-bedded rooms
  • 2 four-bedded rooms

Deluxe Room

21m2, from $680

The one and only Deluxe room in the maternity wards, with all the ample amenities and comfort of feeling right at home. We were informed that in any case, if the room is not available, a general ward located on level 4 can be arranged or downgrades with pro-rated costs will be provided. 

We were told that the *FOPEH card no longer entitles a free lodger stay (what we had 3 years ago). The lodger will have to pay according to per night stay.

*Friends of Parkway East Hospital Card membership programme is an initiative by Parkway East Hospital to present all esteemed member, with a host of member benefits and exclusive offers to be used within the hospital. 


  • Maternity menu
  • Luxurious and comfortable lounge sofa for lodger
  • Reading table
  • Armchair to cater for visitors
  • Flat-screen TV with over 20 cable channels
  • Free WiFi
  • Mini bar fridge
  • Electronic safe deposit box
  • Wardrobe
  • Telephone
  • Adjoining bathroom

Single Room

19 sqm, from $600

For single rooms, we were told that there are not much different from the Deluxe room (slightly smaller only!). Either the husband or family member to stay over for the nights. Do note that visiting hours only from 9am till 9 pm daily. 


  • Maternity menu
  • Luxurious and comfortable lounge sofa for lodger
  • Armchair to cater for visitors
  • Flat-screen TV with over 20 cable channels
  • Free WiFi
  • Mini bar fridge
  • Electronic safe deposit box
  • Wardrobe
  • Telephone
  • Adjoining bathroom

2-Bedded Room

29 sqm, from $305

Depends on the occupancy of the Maternity wards, 2 bedded rooms can also be transformed into Single room package to enable the lodger to stay overnight with the patient.


  • Maternity menu
  • Armchair to cater for visitors
  • Flat-screen TV with over 20 cable channels
  • Free WiFi
  • Electronic safe deposit box
  • Wardrobe
  • Telephone
  • Shared bathroom

4-Bedded Room

58 sqm, from $240


  • Maternity menu
  • Armchair to cater for visitors
  • Flat-screen TV with over 20 cable channels
  • Free WiFi 
  • Electronic safe deposit box 
  • Wardrobe 
  • Telephone 
  • Shared bathroom

Do take note that if you come to the hospital after office hours, or if you are in advanced labour, do go straight to the Accident & Emergency Department. The nurses will bring you and your husband to the delivery suite immediately. Admission after 11 p will be considered one night from the package.


Being a family-centric, we are glad that PEH provides good support for breastfeeding mothers with lactation nurses on standby to assist mums on how to breastfeed and provides guides from room to room. However, If you are thinking of pumping, there are breast pumps (image seen below) for rent (Free) but subject to availability.  


After labour, apart from the comfort of the maternity wards, excellence care of the nurses, we were impressed by the wide selection that Parkway East Hospital confinement dishes provides during the stay which consists of 5 different category Confinement, Local, Muslim, Vegetarian and Western menu.

Under the confinement category, there are 8 different types of menu ( seen above) to aid in our postnatal recovery. And guess what! To cater to our Muslim mums, their confinement food are all halal certified!


If you want to have a quick crash course on how to care for our babies, there are parentcraft classes conduct during the stay. There will be classes to teach parents how to bathe, care for our baby’s umbilical cord stump, breastfeeding and burping of babies. Parents can also pick up nutrition tips for breastfeeding and advice on maternity confinement and even after we discharged from the hospital.

Videos on ParentCraft tips will also be available on the TV within our rooms.


Have no fear that your husbands will go hungry here as there are cafes located at level 1 under the Maternity ward block. There are Delifrance, local food choices and even catering food for staff (yes, open for the public to order as well!). But even if hunger pangs strike you in the middle of the night we still can find a plethora of food joints and cafes in the neighbour of Joo Chiat and Marine Parade. 

Guardian and a mini bamboo florist shop can be found right beside the Cafe area. If you just want to grab some quick bites, there are also vending machines located around the hospital too. 


To guide parents-to-be with valuable tips on preparing for and managing childbirth, and the caring of our newborn, Antenatal Classes are available every Saturday in the hospital and Husbands are encouraged to attend these sessions together.


A new dedicated physiotherapy and pilates exercise programme for expectant mothers who want to maintain their fitness levels and prepare their bodies for the demands of labour and motherhood. Luckily we only get to try one session before we pop, and you may click here for our review & images of the session.

Trial classes at $82 per session. Read our article to check out the packages prices.


We were informed that pre-registration is recommended to be done 1 month before our delivery due date just in case the baby decides to come early. We only had to bring along our identity card or passport to the hospital’s admission counter which is also the registration counter. It’s also advisable to bring along our marriage certificate if we are claiming from our husband’s Medisave. After registration is done, we will be given an envelope to bring along during our day of admission for delivery.

Things to bring:

  • NRIC card/ Passport
  • Marriage Certificate


Birth registration services are available at the hospital’s admission counter from 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday within 14 days of our child’s birth. Birth registration is strictly by appointment only. You may call 6340 8600, Monday – Friday, 9 am – 5 pm for any further enquiries.

Do bring along the following:

• Completed form BD 13-11/96 (obtain at the main admissions counter)

• NRIC/passports of both parents

• Original marriage certificate

• Notification of Live Birth document (provided by the hospital upon your baby’s birth)

• Registration fee of $39.40 (cash)*

* Inclusive of 7% GST



We were also told to pack your suitcase after our 34th week and prepare 2 days’ clothes for a normal delivery, and 4 days’ for a caesarian section. Parents who have the Cord Blood kit, do inform the nurses when you are admitted so they can prepare the necessary documents and procedure to collect your blood before labour. 

Things to bring for the mother:

  • Birth plan (if have)
  • 2 sets of outfits (preferably with front openings for breastfeeding)
  • Disposable panties
  • Toiletries (a basic toiletries pack will also be provided)
  • Nursing bra
  • Maternity pads
  • Slippers
  • Marriage certificate
  • Identity card / passport
  • Letter from your doctor, laboratory results (if any)
  • Cord blood collection kit (if any)

For the father:

  • Camera
  • A warm jacket
  • Extra clothes (lodger)

For your baby:

  • Receiving blanket / baby blanket
  • Baby mittens and booties (if you wish)
  • Baby hat
  • 1 outfit for the trip home


By MRT : alight at Eunos station and take bus 15 at the bus stop opposite the station.

By Car: Car park Charges (Daily 24-hour operation with 10 mins grace period)

  • $2.80 – 1st hour
  • $1.40 – for subsequent 1/2 hour or part thereof
  • $22.50 – maximum whole day parking (up till midnight)
  • complimentary parking for Single room and Deluxe room. 

By Bus services: 15, 33, 150, 155

By Shuttle Service: 

PARKWAY EAST HOSPITAL (Formerly East Shore Hospital)

321 Joo Chiat Place, Singapore 427990
Tel: (+65) 6340 8675


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