When it comes to the safety of your child, are you taking the correct precautions as much as when they were infants or newborn?

Most parents, grandparents or caregiver deem that using the car seat belts, carriers or even their own laps are the safest for children and the little ones during car rides, what if today we tell you that concept is not only wrong but simply putting them in more risk? What if you are able to own a portable booster seat with a tenth of the size of a regular child booster seat, easy to use and fits the correct way of making sure your child is more comfortable and much safer in the case of an accident? 


Introducing to you our dear readers, an awesome revolutionary invention and the most advanced Grab-and-Go booster seat from Australia – Mifold is distributed by Taxi Baby in Singapore the world-leading online marketplace for children’s travel safety solutions! Being the most compact and portable booster seat ever, and being more than 10x smaller than any regular booster, it provides the safety of any traditional booster seat you ever find in the market.

Do you know?  Compare to booster & car seats (although we recommend using these in your own cars), for car rides accommodating more kids you can use it 3-in-a row at the passenger seats.


This new invention has been regularly crash tested successfully in certified facilities around the world and meets or exceed the European crash test standard ECE R44-04. Although it’s being already small in its size, it still can be folded into half and kept almost anywhere or you can even add on their own stylish padded case along to keep it clean and even easier to carry around.

The fact that not every parent uses a proper restraint in car rides, reports from KK Women’s and Children Hospital found that more than 50% of children in motor vehicle accidents were due to improper or lack of a protection. To further emphasise the importance, the shocking truth is that there are three times as many babies die in car accidents in Singapore compared to the US, adjusting for birth rate.

Do You Know? According to Singapore’s Road Traffic states children under 1.35metres in height are legally required to be in an appropriate child restraint when travelling in vehicle (though it’s unsure why this does not extend to taxis).


A few weeks back, we had the honour to experience the first-hand installation of using Mifold on a car seat live by none other than Elise Mawson, Founder of Taxi Baby and Singapore’s only certified Child Passenger Travel Safety Technician during the media launch. 

Check out our short clip below – the demonstration of using the compact Mifold on a 9-year-old volunteer. 

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And our version of installing on our own toddler at almost 3 years old but weighing at 17kg.

(Disclaimer: All videos and pictures with my toddler are for demonstration purposes only. Appropriate use of the mifold should only be used on children who meet the age and weight requirement of 4+ years above and 15kg and up 

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Do You Know? The hip structure for children is not as well-developed as adults, so conventional car seat belts are only fit for keeping adults safe, while children should have their thighs secured to ensure that they receive minimum injury obtain during car accidents.

Here’s a guide on how to use Mifold in Cars: 

  1. Parents can adjust the width setting for the child before you board the car: Small, Medium or Large by changing the red guides by pulling it outwards. 
  2. Position Mifold flat on the seat and against the seat back. Let your child sit on top of the rump and have their back against the seat beat.
  3. Slot the vehicle lap belt into the red guides (left and right) and fasten to the vehicle belt. Ensure the shoulder belt rest snugly on your child and adjust the lap belt low on to the hips and thighs. 
  4. Attach the Mifold red shoulder clip to the vehicle should belt to secure the seat belt. 


To ensure the bare minimum that reduces the chance of children sustaining injuries during a car accident, we reckon that the invention of the Grab-and-go booster seat for on the go is a godsend for kids aged 4 years above. So we are definitely looking forward to NO More carrying around bulky or inconvenient booster seats during travelling tips. This will not only allowing us to cut time installing and our toddler could just easily tug it in his bag pack (yes, lazy mama here)

Additionally, having one yourself means you don’t have to pay extra charges when taking cars rides without a car seat via paid rides for families, as well as the adjustment of the Mifold would already be fixed for your child toddler before you board the car!

To fully enjoy time and cost efficiency when you travel with your child by using a car safety device that not only safeguard your daily rides on the road or even oversea trips, you can get these chic and convenient Mifold online at TaxiBaby.sg

Disclaimer: A mifold should only be used with children who are 4 years and above. Even though the mifold is more convenient than other forms of child restraints, the mifold should not be used to replace an age-appropriate child restraint if your little one is under 4 years old. While it can be safer than nothing, the mifold will still not provide enough protection, and will not be an adequate option for your child when they’re under 4.



Family Staycation Sg is giving away 2 Sets of Mifold with bag to the above mention product.

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Good Luck!


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