Travel with kids in Batam. Consider your sublime family vacay needs being answered. Travel with kids is the conventional you see of us, but to really getting the entire brood out of the house (yes, we meant our own parents too!) without a fuss on the nitty bitty stuff such as crossing the customs, finding the suitable food, and compromising on comfort or luxury, we say let’s goooo to Montigo Resorts, Nongsa!


Barely taking 30mins from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to Nongsapura Ferry Terminal, the resort’s very own direct ferry launched last year, was the best choice we made this trip. What we got onboard the Montigo Ferry was a level up premium and seamless ferry service to Nongsapura. Having the convenience of assistance in luggage handling, and importantly an express pass through immigration clearance! All we had to do was to slide on our beach slippers and be escorted.

Comfy seats were what set this direct ferry apart from the usual BatamFest ferries, where we were always chased to rush onboard for a seat and even comfort. This time, we leave the baggage and strollers to the crews and park ourselves on to the lengthy sofa seats where we could clearly see the front view of where we are heading to.


Upon arrival, Montigo crews await at their booth, in which we saw them patiently holding our name cards before we crossed the customs.  We hand over our passport to the friendly crew who passed it over to the officers at the customs without us joining any queue. This has got to be the first time we felt like some honorable guests or celebrity with such fuss-free services and convenience. We don’t even have to lift a hand to pick up our baggage on the conveyer belt.

Loving what was planned for us so far.

Next, when as soon as our passports were stamped, we were escorted out of the customs declaration stations in a swift. There waiting for us, our private car ride to the resort. Luggage already loaded up in the boot. 

It was that easy.


Meeting us at the resort after a short 5 to 10 mins ride was the mascot Tilo the adorable chick and the resort’s entourage of friendly staff with tea and cold towels in their hands. Just waiting to serve.

Baggage were loaded off from the car, and we got off with an anticipation of an exciting journey! One hand grabbing our towel and another slipping the delicious tea we were informed that we could head over to Tadd’s restaurant for lunch before our check-in. We arrived early so the villa was not ready yet.

But it was ok. We were famished from the rides.

Right before we left for the restaurant, Ms. Luna – the former marketing person came over and greeted us with a warm welcome and did a brief explanation from the map below on the locations of different spots – where we will be staying, where’s the restaurants and kids playground! It was a great gesture to gave us a tour even before we were dismissed for our own exploration.

Against the sunny weather, Montigo Resorts, Nongsa offers a sanctuary white and sky blue combination of colors similar to countries liked Greece and Italy. Everything looks so romantic, though I have wished it was just the two of us, but still am glad to visit as a family.

The blue sky and sea, white steps and wall, luscious greenery and green patches as though it was a paradise destination for honeymoon or couple retreat, yet we were glad our family came along.


Our luxury villa with an amazing seafront view is not just for the dreamers. Having the grandparents and kids in tow, we know we are going to have a mind-blowing vacay we usually only can dream about.

Our dream pad was a massive 3-story villa complete with an expansive open-concept living area, 2 bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and incredibly romantic rooftop that overlooks the sea. And did we mentioned about the private own infinity pool right in our villa? Excited much!

The master bathroom comes with an open-air roof with all the abundance of natural light flooding in while we take our shower in the separate rain shower or bubbly in an oversized bathtub was such an experience.

Need an extra bed for the little one? No worries, each room comes with a sofa “bed” or baby cot on request! Remember, ask their friendly staff to get them ready before you check in! 

Our best moments spend at the pool was precious and had the kids high in the simplest things. You merely just need your wetsuits (no need to worry about that mom bod), and that’s all.

*Always note to have adults around, as the depth of the pool aren’t really kid-friendly.



Having the table turned around this time, instead of just waiting for the food to get serve, we took the ladle in our hands literally. It was a worth shouting out experience as this is not a common view of meals preparation, so getting to learn how to whip up dishes from their home-style favorites using local herbs and freshly caught seafood is definitely a Must do list if you are in Montigo! Highly recommended by many guests, including us!

Foodie look right here!

Husband learn well! Here’s our appetizer – Gado Gado!

Right at the TIIGO Beach Club, we were in good hands with the Chef standing beside us, pointing us in the right directions on what sauce to use, and which meat to cook first. Never knew cooking during a staycation can be this fun! If only we could do this everytime we go on a vacation! To reserve a slot for this, you can do so at the resort concierge when you check-in.

Fancy for some Green curry?

Every dishes you see on the table were made from scratch, and Noah finally got the feel of “helping” in the cooking. Though we were sitting outdoors, the weather was perfect for such arrangement (it was raining, so the wind was good!). Either way, there’s always dining area at Montigo Resorts, Nongsa with air conditionals if your kids are feeling too warm out there, just ask their friendly staff.


There’s something about Montigo Resorts, Nongsa, that allows the guests to do things from scratch, and we loved it. Fancy some Batik painting with the kids? Or even just to bring home a memento from this trip? Have no doubts or second thoughts for painting a batik because it will be the most orginial piece of art you will ever make!

Using the method of repeated layers of wax with a Tjanting tool, where it slowly drip hot boiling wax onto the design you draw – we sketched a Minion because it’s Noah’s favorite character! The wax requires steady hands and a patient mind to finish it.

Looks easy, but it’s not, as we have to regulate the temperature so that it penetrates the fabric; not so cool that it just turns yellowish and sits on top, and not so hot that all your lines spread out too much. If that steady hand fails you, you would give the picture many “moles” – when the wax is too much! See our Minions with many moles due to overflowing of wax when we don’t control the tool properly.

Once the wax has dried up, its time for some painting, and we leave it to the master of this artwork to doodle up his creation! Other than hanging around the Tilo kids club, don’t miss out this activity suitable for both grandparents and kids to take on!

Both Ms Luna (the hotel’s (Then) marketing lady) and Noah’s work of art! See those proud faces there!


Located at TIIGO Beach Club, we came by for a sing session at their Karaoke Room! Two rooms for rent with a good list of local and international songs to chose from. Being the typical Singaporean, hanging out at the Karaoke will never be a bad idea. Apart from reliving your dreams of being “THE VOICE”, kids can definitely appreciate a break from the hot sandy beaches with snacks and drinks! 


No trip would be complete without the oh-so-relaxing Montigo Spa time! You who seek some respite from the urban life, restore our mind, body, and soul balance from their signature centuries-old therapies, accentuated by the ambient infusion of soothing fragrances and light.

So, Take our money.

Perched by the long stretch of the beach, the Montigo Spa’s timeless Sumatran huts have had their rich authenticity preserved for over a century. We can hear the beating of the waves together with the fragrant scent of the massage oil, and that rejuvenating rub down onto our back to our hip… what else matters right?

Yes, kids may miss us for that hour, but we had a good sleep during the session. Was that a dream?

It offers a range of services such as herbal compress massage that relaxes aches and pains, foot reflexology, traditional facial, firming wrap, Javanese acupressure lulur as well as ginger bathe. Best thing, we got to spend that golden couple time together when the kids were swimming in our private pool with the grandparents.

There’re also a steam bath and plunge pools – the latter perfect to lounge, wade or simply cool off in. A revived body also needs some stimulation for the mind, and you’re sure to find it in the spa’s library and reading area.


Another place to ditch (haha), ops we meant to release the kid’s never-ending energy, the perfect place to bring them to – Tilo Kids Club. Remember the loveable mascot chick who met us with a warm welcome, this is his territory of FUN!

For older kids, there’re swimming, beach volleyball, tennis, arts & craft, and cookie baking. There is also a playground and multiple playrooms for some quiet reading or a game on the PS3, X-Box or Wii. Follow a tight schedule, there are face painting, batik painting and even baking sessions guided by mentors if parents need to have their own time.


When it comes to food, as long as the kid eats, the food is good. The boys are hard to please. Often when traveling with them, finding them proper food will always be our main worry. And there was no fuss over food at Montigo Resorts, Nongsa.

Three dining area available – Tadd’s Restaurant, Pantai Restaurant and Tiigo Beach Club, each having their own taste of cuisine. Let’s share more!


Decorate in white and blue shades, this Santorini inspired restaurant in Montigo Resorts, Nongsa boosts as a casual lunch, a relaxing dinner dining area. Serving local, Asian and Western comfort cuisine in a relaxed semi al-fresco poolside setting, the all-day dining café’s contemporary takes on traditional favorites, including the Gado Gado Salad, the Montigo Club Sandwich and the Coconut Crème Brûlée, are sure to please.

On our first day – lunch was inside the cooling air condition private room in Tadd’s Restaurant. Noah was slightly under the weather due to the ferry ride (seasick), so having a lower in temperature helps greatly. He had a quick nap while we feed.

What was on our table, was clearly their signature dishes and you bet, we were lavished with scrumptious and mouth-watering food for our hungry tummies.

Must have:

  • oxtail soup
  • montigo ayam panggang berempah (oven-roasted spring chicken with steamed jasmine rice and crackers)
  • signature platter (beef, chicken, seafood)
  • Indian chicken curry with jasmine rice
  • dessert tray (green tea tiramisu, triple chocolate truffle, blue berry cheese cake, ginger crème brulée, strawberry pannacotta, chocolate crémeux)

Breakfast Spread.

Impressively, the variety of food was way over the top! There were live stations that served Prata, fried noodles, soup based noodles, eggs, and even their local delights such as Nasi lemak etc. To cater to the grandparents or if you prefer a more simple morning, the porridge table will blow you away with their numbers of condiments available, we never seen a porridge station with so many choices to pick from!

Each morning, we got to pick from international, western cold cuts, hot pipping dishes from fried rice to savory desserts such as donuts and cupcakes. Anything you can think of.


  • Lunch: 11:30 – 17:00
  • Dinner: 18:00 – 22:00
  • BBQ on Saturday: 18:00 – 22:00


  • Weekdays: 06:30 – 10:00
  • Weekends: 06:30 – 10:30


Adjacent to the main lobby, the intimate kelong-style restaurant is tucked away in a cocoon of natural beauty, a gentle breeze and the soft sway of trees.

Offering an extensive menu featuring fresh, locally-sourced produce and ingredients, rendering the Pantai experience both charming and delightful.

One of our fave meals happened at Pantai Restaurant as the food selections were closer to our usual – Zhi char dishes but a top-notch standard. Words cannot express our palates gratitude. We were served the set menu which includes steamed seabass nonya style, mud crab black pepper sauce, cuttlefish golden sand,  broccoli garlic, hot plate tofu chicken complete with a yang chow chor rice!

What had us wanting more, was dessert! It must have been the best and delicious white fungus (served chilled!) dessert we ever have! A stamp of approval and with the highest acclamation from us!  This is a MUST ORDER dish!

Prices can be seen below, on roughly how much the drinks may cost.


  • Dinner begins from 6 pm till 10 pm
  • Weekend Lunch operates 4 hours from noon till 3 pm

To enjoy the natural breeze near the beaches or even listen to live bands singing while you sip a martini, TIIGO Beach Club would be the place you should be when you are here at Montigo Resort, Nongsa. It got to be the coolest spot within the entire premises and the best spot to catch that Montigo sunset!

Offering over 50 cocktails and signature spirits alongside a selection of delectable bar bites, put on your sunnies or swimsuit and watch the kids play splash while we unwind in the comfort of shaded outdoor loungers or cabana beds. Whatever we desire.

We heard on Fridays, the resident DJ takes over the decks and will put on the most electric, groovy songs for some dance off! You may click on for more updates on events and promotions.

This is where we had our chef experience and karaoke sessions as well! How versatile!


  • opens from 9am to 11pm daily


Need we say more? In need of some privacy at the villa, or just liked us, when we want to catch some shows on the tv, we would rather choose to snuggle together and order in. Another option is if you are having a birthday party, ordering food in wouldn’t be a bad idea! Your kids will thank you for that (my son did, he felt lazy to head out). Though the choices may not be as extensive as dining in at those restaurants.

Food arrived pipping hot and delicious!


We made a habit to bring home something in every trip we go, and at the Montigo Cabin, there’s a huge range of items to shout out and bring back for!

In case the kids wanted some ice creams or drinks, the crew will make sure you get what you wanted!


Traveling with our parents and kids in tow, might just the perfect idea for anyone to give it a tryout. We feel that Montigo Resort, Nongsa providing the right amount of tranquility and sanity that anyone needs to declutter the chaos and stress from live daily, bonds become closer, soul and mind are rejuvenated as well! With activities that are suitable for all ages, meanwhile, we also gained experience and memories that will last a lifetime. We say why not? Come and get pampered as a family – from one generation to another.

With Mother’s day coming, whether you are a grandmother, sister in law or aunt as long as you are a MUM, get the best discount on this period with the Mother’s age! You heard us, if you are 50 this year, you get half the usual price how cool is that! Find more offers right here! 


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