For all the staycation ideas we have all been through, now let us introduce you on a new term – Daycation!

Whether you are catching a red-eye flight the next day with sleeping kids, trying to fill up the boring weekends, or even just saving money for vacations to come by pretending to be a tourist in our own country. This Daycation idea is going to blast you off for a “chop-chop” unique experience you never thought you can ever do so with any other hotels or resorts!


Mind you! This daycation shall happen within the newest most happening mall in Singapore, being one step away to one of the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, and modeled after the first-class luxury airline travel, let us bring you a tour to Asia’s first YOTELAIR at JEWEL Changi airport Singapore! + giveaway coming up, so read on! 


Being the first Yotelair in Asia, YOTELAIR Changi compromises of over 130 rooms in the recently opened JEWEL Changi shopping mall at the worldwide iconic Changi Airport.

Guests not only can choose the hours of stay with a minimum of 4 hours and additional 2 hours block after, there are also self-check-in kiosks, served with multifunctional 24/7 cafe, private shower cabins, and gym! Allowing guests who need to transit or traveling tourists to find convenience and everything they need to refreshen up or bed down from a matter of hours to days.

For us, it’s more than just stay, it offers convenience when we have a day plan to spend at the airport – I mean there are tons of things to play, eat, and discover in this new exciting mall that shapes liked a dome!

We loved this DAYCATION with the kids!

AIRLINE STYLE: self-check-in/check-out kiosks

You may enjoy the no-hurry VIP treatments at check-in desks, but ask any parents – we begged to have this process to be over fast and soon so we can hurry head to the rooms and settle the over-excited kids who happened to look liked highly-wired up spring toy whenever they go to a new hotel!

Replacing the traditional front desk with airline-style kiosks, parents, I mean us appreciate this god-send convenience, to get checking-in and out, all done in a speedily few seconds. From the check-in to processing our room keys, it’s all do it yourself!

This process may be easy for some, but have no worry if you need any help anytime. You will still have your friendly YOTELAIR front desk crews hanging around if ever you prefer the traditional way to get to your rooms!

Hotel doors are shaped like a futuristic space cabin doors


Speaking about first-class luxury found on airline travel, what comes to our mind, would be the high-end amenities provided, combine with space-saving, smart technology, and comfortable resting space. Compare to what other hotels are offering, YOTELAIR Changi doesn’t disappoint with the affordability and flexibility on its rates.

With the interior shaped liked space-cabin, we discovered the unique out-of-the-space designs that made us feel liked we are staying in one!

purple color scheme fills the hotel with its futuristic vibe.

PREMIUM QUEEN cabin: adjustable SmartBed™

Our premium queen room fits 2 adults comfortably, however with two kids around, we were given two rooms instead, all because the family rooms with bunkbed were fully taken up prior to the soft opening month earlier this year.

high quality thick adjustable bed mattress


mounted mirror enhances the room capacity


All the cabins come with signature, award-winning SmartBedTM, that glides at a touch of the button from a couch to a fully flat double bed, coupled with their gel-memory mattress and luxury bedding to complete the recipe for a great sleep and levels up the entire daycation experience.

The little black button is found at the side of the bed. Another fun adjustable function of the room would be the mood lighting which changes from bright white light to a dimmer purple light for the guests to optimize every resting time.


Compact but resourceful – foldable chair and pull out table


Adjustable bed being elevated.


Foldable stool tucked by the adjustable bed


We were quite impressed by how thoughtful the planning behind the foldable stool, pull-out table and dedicated space under the bed for luggage. Though it might look liked putting puzzles together, eventually, space was well optimized. It’s workable and doesn’t involve any complicating steps to set it up.

What prompts us now is whether we really need that much floor space in hotels anymore if all we need is to find it! However, YOTELAIR Changi does serve a different set of tourists that includes those who merely just need a space to rest and nothing more.

As for us, our daycation began with getting our room key then leaving our luggage in the room and we head out for lunch before we came back again for a quick nap, and then out again to explore the new mall further. Our premium queen cabin served the perfect purpose.


Additional shelving to utilize despite space limitations.


pull- out table with USB and power sockets mounted on the shelves for on the go workspace.


For a room-spanning across 10 sqm, YOTELAIRChangi premium queen cabin manages a simple and minimalistic approach to its bathroom design. Designed similarly to an airline-inspired bathroom, all essentials were well-prepared – shower gel, shampoo, towels, refreshing rain shower, toiletries, hairdryer, etc without lavishing on additional irrelevant spaces.

Urban Skincare shower toiletries

As the toilet was placed behind the bed, the kids had fun watching their parents taking turns to shower. To add in some privacy, the curtains can be drawn as well.

Without compromising on quality, we had a chance to lavished on premium Australian product – Urban skincare shower toiletries to nourish our skin and restore mineral balance as this product promotes cruelty-free and is free from paraben, SLS, and MIT!

Urban Skincare for Urban life!

FAMILY cabin: Queen & bunk bed

For families with children, choosing the family room would be the wiser choice compared to the premium queen cabins. Obviously, you had more space as its double the area, covering over 20sqm, together with a bunk bed and a queen sized SmartBedTM, that can easily accommodate 2 adults and 2 children or 4 adults. It could also fit a cot and stroller or two? But good luck in booking for one, as this type of cabin has been on the hot spot for months!
FAMILY ROOM is on dim light mode while we managed to snap a shot of it as the cleaners were tiding up the room when we walked past it!
Bathroom again features simple decor with standing shower features.


A notable point about this hotel is the fact that it allows you to book a minimum hour of 4 hours block for $80 only. The flexibility of having a cabin for hours enables transit guests or even who decides to do a daycation liked us to plan for a family day out at JEWEL CHANGI to have the rest they deserved!


KOMYUNITI: 24 hours of free coffee and tea*

KOMYUNITI offers a 24/7 coffee & tea options for guests who arrive at any time of the day for a drink. It also allows guests to meet up, chill out, catch up on emails, or enjoy our menu of snacks, soft drinks, spirits, wine, and beer.
A quiet space tucked away by the lobby, where you get a view of the HSBC Vortex and natural lighting while you munch your day away. Depends on what time you “land”, there are different varieties of snacks and drinks catered.
Komyuniti sounds liked community where everyone gathers


Want to try some hot dishes? Komyuniti even serves Mac & cheese or Teriyaki chicken with rice. Hot and cold soft drinks are available alongside beer, wine, and spirits.

Breakfast for us on the second day, had assorted muffins, fruits, cereals, hot beverages, yogurts, and toasts! In a hurry? just grab and go, but if you do have a day to spend, just plug in your laptop, spam on their FAST WIFI and take your time to savor the incredible view of the HSBC Rain vortex that comes with its various performance thru out the day!

Breakfast – grab and go assorted muffins


Self-service fridge of beverages


Coffee, tea for you?


Behind us, stands the famous HSBC rain vortex waterfall.


one step away to the incredible Rain vortex!
prices for the ala carte menus.


Breakfast: 06.30am – 11.00am (open buffet)
All day refreshment’s: 11.00am – 10.00pm (open buffet)
Overnight: 11.00pm – 06.30am (snack buffet)


GET FIT: 24 hours of GYM time

The brand new gym at YOTELAIR Singapore Changi Airport is available to hotel guests only, 24/7. Need to break some sweat, just get into your sportswear and hit the gym any time of the day, whether its the first thing in the morning, last thing at night, or in between your day. Whenever you want it! And, didn’t know that watching the monorail passing by every few minute by the window is quite therapeutic!

SHOWER CABINS: freshen up before flight

If you are on transit or just came from a plane trip (assuming you are not intending to stay over for more than 4 hours) one-time use of the shower rooms are available for walk-in with a rate of $20++.

perched on the left wing from the lobby, both gym and shower rooms were available for use.
Each cabin features a rain shower, Urban Skincare toiletries, fresh fluffy towels, and a hairdryer.

MISSION CONTROL: room service

Mission Control is the “engine room” of YOTELAIR This one-stop service can help you with anything from emergency supplies and toiletries to extra keys and towels. You can reach the Mission Control team by calling from your cabin or pop by to see them: they are available and ready to help 24/7.

JEWEL: kids/family friendly offerings

We spent most of our time checking OUT the new retail shops during our daycation as it was the same week when Jewel Changi just opened its doors! It literally felt like we are indeed a tourist in our own country exploring the new grounds and discovering what to do and where to eat!
See below for all the options that we deemed family friendly within the mall!
  • Fun Toast (level 4)
  • Pow Sing Chicken rice (B2)
  • Lenu noodle restaurant (Level 4)
  • Mothercare (Level 4)
Instaworthy photo shot of us at fun toast on the same level as the Yotelair Changi.
Hainese Chicken rice located opposite A&W restaurant.
All you need for your Baby and toddler
Need a hair cut?
Hello Kitty anyone?
Anderson ice cream has seats that shape liked a train
First stand-alone outlet catered to children books. Comes with plenty of local writer’s new work.
Many nursing rooms on every level of Jewel Changi – comes with padded changing tables and beautifully decorated rooms for nursing mothers to feed their babies.


One particular nursing room comes with a family area with slides and play area  – find it at level 5 Canopy Park!

That night during our daycation, we got to attend the premiere screening of THE AVENGERS ENDGAME, and we felt so lucky that we had the night spend at our premium queen rooms as the movie ended really late into the night. Both of boys were utterly worn out by the time the movie ends, but compared to the rest of the moviegoers, all we did was to walk back from B2 to level 4 and back to our cabins!

Shaw theatre located at the basement 2 level

It was the perfect plan for the day, really, without having to fuss over finding the transport back while dragging our strollers and the kids. For those, we are planning for a daycation at YOTELAIR Changi, going to the movies would be the best way to end the day.

one level down to the Shaw Theatres

One more – If you haven’t been to the new dreamers theatre at Shaw Theatre that comes in colorful seats, ball pit, tunnels, and bean bags, you are missing out BIG! See below for my Instagram post on the new features that Shaw Theatre offers!


View this post on Instagram


Imagine going to the cinemas without worrying your kids run around or scare of the dark! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Godsend Privilege for PARENTS To finally catch your movies with the kids OMG! Well, yesterday at @avengers movie premiere we got to experience the best movie moments (more for the kids though coz we still have to chase the baby around) for 3 whole hours! . . . Benefits for the @shawtheatres new Dreamers cinema includes having a softer audio, soft lightning (we had winnie the pooh, Peter pan, toys story characters on the wall lights around the hall), ball pit and tunnels, plus bean bags for just lazing around thru out the whole movie! Wulala! . . . Didn’t got the chance to take photos yesterday so we came back again since we are also having a media stay at the new @yotelair in @jewelchangiairport! Definitely had the best staycation experience ever! See more of our staycay moments on our IG stories today! . . . . #familystaysg #shawdreamers #shawtheatres #jewelchangiairportg

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Beginning of this month, both Canopy Park and Changi Experience Studio were finally opened after a few months wait since the launch of Jewel Changi! Check out below on what to expect if you haven’t been there! For the month of June, YOTELAIR Changi is offering promotions that tie up Canopy Park with free breakfast for guests staying over, to find out more information, head to this link here.


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📣📣📣 ARE YOU GOING TOO? Today’s the first day opening of the long awaited Canopy Park at @jewelchangiairport! We had our preview last week and I’m excited to share some of the shots we took with the boys! Find new adventures in this recreation wonderland on level 5 of our newest Jewel mall at @changiairport! . . From mazes to bouncing nets, it’s all fun! Take a stroll along creative garden trails, glide down giant slides or hide in bowls of gentle mist. We had to run to the next event so we had a chop chop tour but it was worth waking up at 7am for all these! . . . For the rates and packages you need to purchase to get on this whimsical land, go to my IG STORY to see, I screenshot all the bundles for you! @edelman Thanks for the invite again! #goodtoshare #familysg . . . #jewelchangiairport #canopypark #familystaysg #sgmums #sgkids #sginstagram #sgig #exploresingapore #singapore #instakids #indoorpark #sgparents #sgdads

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DAYCATION at YOTELAIR Singapore Changi Airport

Our first Daycation with our kids is seriously packed with so many things during our stay with YOTELAIR Changi that we wished that we have more than one day to explore!
If you are thinking of trying out this Daycation with your family, or maybe you are just passing thru Singapore with kids for a few hours (or not) I’m glad you have read our review of this hotel! Look no further, other than our world famous 24/7 Changi Airport (you can literally find anything here), you know you will have everything you need here at YOTELAIR Changi! 


Before June holiday ends on 30 June, get hook on with YOTELAIR Changi’s ‘Daycation‘ Package costs S$110++ and includes use of a Premium Queen Cabin for 6 hours and a pair of Canopy Park Tickets. More details can be found on their website here.
Disclaimer: We had a sponsored 2D1N stay at the premium queen cabin, instead of 1D stay.


We found Lobby E conveniently situated beside Lobby H as well.

YOTELAIR Singapore Changi Airport (Landside) is located within Jewel Mall, between Terminals 1 and 2. 

  • Please look out for Lobby H. You will find the entrance of the hotel after exiting the elevator.
  • Alternatively, you may take the escalator direct to level 4 upon entering from arrival hall Terminal 1.
  • For passengers who are coming from Terminal 4, there will be a complimentary shuttle service to Terminal 2. Guests coming from Terminal 2 can take a linked bridge via Jewel.


WIN! YOTELAIR Changi Premium Queen x One Night Stay!

Family Staycation Sg is giving away above mentioned stay to FOUR LUCKY winners!

Contest Period: 24 June – 7  July 2019, Winner Announcement: 7 July 2019

  • Follow all the steps seen on our INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK to win this!


  • 4 lucky winners will be randomly selected and the results will be announced at the end of the contest.
  • The winners will be entitled to 1 NIGHT STAY AT PREMIUM QUEEN ROOM
  • Stay period: valid till 31 Dec 2019.
  • All results are final.
  • The prize will be non-transferable, non-refundable and non-exchangeable for other dates/times
  • Collection details will be advised via confirmation email.
  • Other terms & conditions applied. 

Good Luck!

Disclosure: Giveaway prize is sponsored by YOTELAIR Singapore Changi Airport.

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