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Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,
How I wonder what you are…

Do you often sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to your kids before bedtime?

Have you ever thought of the story behind the song?

This world-known age-old rhyme ring a sense of a lost identity, although the star took the glow liked a diamond in the sky but no one knew what it is exactly, not even the star, herself.160818-11338

Inspired from the popular ditty, I Theatre brings a brand new theatre show reflecting a lonely little star who isn’t certain of her existence in this universe, together with her friends from the earth, Celeste, and her brother Cosmo went on an adventure ride in search of her belonging and identity.

Suitable for aged two to six, any child from the varied age will be able to relate well to the show without complex conversational lines from the casts. More physical stage humor was presented to delight the younger audience with puppetry, and minimalist yet functional backdrops.

Smart, at the same time, beautifully executed with hall light and black lights, if you are familiar with their previous production from The Rainbow Fish, the audience was taken to the bottom of a pitch black ocean bed with glow in the dark coral centerpiece.

That was where Little Star met a manifold of gorgeous glow in the dark sea creatures such as hermit crab, jellyfish, starfish and a school of other fishes from deep under that doesn’t seem to welcome or enjoy her presence. familystaysg-littlestar

From the ocean, Little Star flew back to the home of the siblings decorated with a chalkboard bushes and a window, the stage was once again transformed into an imaginative realm of outer space where there were no presence of gravity around. 

Illuminated planets and dancing lights surrounded the hall as the young audience got to interact with bouncing balls where the casts clutch on to colorful spheres attached to a long pole dangled from one end of the room to the other.

Made the excited little ones rivet away from their seats – to catch them!familystaysg-littlestar

Much to our anticipation, colorful balls then were tossed onto the crowd for a few minutes of participation. Something, we always enjoyed attending children shows by I Theatre. There will always be something to get in tune with the show, whether it’s assisting the casts to spot something or a volunteer action to go on stage. 

Besides the younger audience, the older kids were as much captivated by the plot of the show, especially when the sibling’s rivalry created several comical scenes when the brother tries to irritate Celeste with his “magic scarf”.  

We were greatly impressed by the used of puppetry that brings the story to life in an interesting perspective.  The actors were all dressed in black and even gave an introductory of what to expect before the show starts before ‘blending’ into the shadows and gave life to the characters – writing, moving around, and even holding on to objects!

familystaysg-littlestarPretty much of the 45 mins, I was excitedly identifying objects from the sea and space, our boy and his best buddy(both 2 years old) indeed enjoy a dose of fun in giving a hand with the illuminated balls. Yet the imaginative and meaningful plot will definitely be well appreciated by those older audiences. 

Little Star will be showing till 11 September 2016 at the Alliance Francaise Theatre. Tickets are available from SISTIC. Grab them now!  familystaysg-littlestar


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