Last weekend we embarked on an egg-citing Easter hunt with other medias to uncover a great mystery happening at Jurong Bird Park! 

We heard that a parade of Three hundred 3D Smurf figurines have arrived at the Jurong Bird Park’s Waterfall Aviary, a rainforest Shangri-la for over 600 free-flying birds and has hidden away 1,000 Easter eggs!

Time for some adventure!


The two-hectare Waterfall Aviary, featuring the world’s tallest waterfall inside an aviary includes resident birds such as the great blue turaco, crested guinea fowl, and roseate spoonbill will be sharing their space with those mischievous little blue iconic characters from 8 – 30 April 2017. With an impressive waterfall measuring 30m in height as a backdrop, guests are welcome to snap pictures with these Smurf figurines along the trail.

Now Let’s follow us in our Photo guide below: 


Our journey began with some eggs-traordinary easter craft activities above the Waterfall cafe on level 2, so for parents with prams do expect some stairs climbing!

Our tram fetched us from the main entrance and let us off at the entrance of the Waterfall Aviary, and with many signatures around, you won’t have to worry about getting lost in this huge park. familystaysg-smurfs-jbp

Families will have to make their way up to the crafts area on level 2 from the Waterfall Cafe on ground level. 


We collected our activity cards which entitled 2 activities per child – under the section for “Let your creativity fly”. 

Other than that the crafts, children get to redeem a Go Glittery body art and a chance to enter the Great Aviary Egg Hunt to win prizes! 

familystaysg-smurfs-jbp familystaysg-smurfs-jbp We picked 2 activities to partake in! Bunny Cubeecraft and Easter Suncatcher craft! There was a craft materials table by the side, so hop over to grab your materials before you settle down at these mini crafts making tables!


With some help from the friendly staff and our papa smurf, we finished our craft making!

familystaysg-smurfs-jbp familystaysg-smurfs-jbp



Grab a bag from the egg hunt table before you leave to the aviary, and find 6 coloured eggs hidden away from sight (see below image for the colors)!

Psst. purple eggs are the highlights and hardest to find! Hop your way up to the hills to search for them! 

familystaysg-smurfs-jbp familystaysg-smurfs-jbp

Free roaming birds will be seen around the hunting grounds! Always be gentle and don’t feed them with human food! 


A common crowned pigeon spotted beside the bushes! 

Some of the Eared Dove perched on their shelters..



Try the blue-hearted chocolate brownie, the blue-hearted carrot walnut cake or a lychee blue lagoon, while mulling over which Smurf plush toy to purchase at Feathers, Jurong Bird Park’s retail store.


For those who adore these blue characters, get your beautiful photographic keepsakes with either Smurfette, Papa Smurf or Brainy Smurf at the mascot meet and greet sessions! 



Present all your eggs back to the Prize redemption table and spin to win a prize from your hard earn collections! 


For more information on the timing and venue, check back on our article on Easter Surprise at Jurong Bird Park!

Uncover Hidden Egg-citement with Smurfs at Jurong Bird Park will be running from 8 – 30 April from 830 am – 6 pm daily. Get your tickets online and check out for discounts and promotions! 

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