Passing down the business from generation of the father down to his children; from Punggol Point to Marina Country Club to returning to Punggol Settlement again; bringing back memories of those earlier days of enjoying seafood by the Punggol Jetty and where former buses No. 82 and 83 did a three-point turn at the end of Punggol Road…

Residing from the yesteryears of the Punggol point, a household name in Singapore, Ponggol Hock Kee Seafood was formerly known as the Original Hock Kee Seafood Restaurant has now relocated back to The Punggol Settlement while it prided itself to be the first Seafood Restaurant in Singapore to cater seafood home delivery services. 

Look forward to bring your whole family enjoy some good quality and fresh seafood at really affordable prices. Their founder Mr Ting Choon Teng believes that was how his business should operate. Attracting heap of tourists and executives to continue their patronizing of the seafood restaurant after a long 25 years of relocation to and back. Bringing back the fond memories of eating by the jetty, and familiar taste of their signature sauces.

Ponggol Seafood - Food

If you are thinking of swinging over to The Punggol Settlement soon, check out our guide to the 5 must try restaurants in Punggol Settlement and the below food review on the list of the scrumptious and popular dishes to order when you are here at Ponggol Seafood.

Let’s find out what’s on the menu we’ve curated from an empty stomach to a replete one… 

punggol seafood food review
Ponggol Famous Chilli Crab – $58/kg

Ponggol Seafood is widely famous for its Ponggol Famous Chilli Crabs($58) and their big draw is their special recipe. The self-invented Chilli Crab sauce is made up of 13 flavours by their Founder Mr. Ting Choon Teng who used to manufactured Chilli and Tomato sauce in the past. The mouth-watering chili crab indeed brought us over with the juicy meat and we love the thick and mildly spicy sauce which is suitable for all ages. importantly you can taste the freshness of the crab, which is specifically selected daily by their owners.

punggol seafood food review
Ponggol Famous Mee Goreng $8 (S)

Their signature Ponggol Famous Mee Goreng ($8) was another reason worth travelling down to try out, as their hand-crafted sauce is sweet and savory, unlike the Malay style Mee Goreng this comes with a tinge of the local Chinese style of fried Kway Teow but more fragrant and less oily. Each of their dishes comes in a palm size plate though had many customers commenting, but to us, it was the legit size to order more dishes for sharing!

punggol seafood food review
Crispy & Crunchy Baby Squid $12(S)

Something we would definitely order for a soccer beer night out with the pack would undoubtedly be their crispy and crunchy baby squid ($12). Comes in a luscious sauce coated all over the babies, it was very crunchy to chew on. This will be an excellent nibble to pair with chilling beer and even more addictive just by chomping on its own. Just liked munching on the popcorns in cinemas, we love the taste of the crispy squids toasted around in our mouth. Yums!

punggol seafood food review
Salted Egg Yolk Prawn $21 (300g)

Prawns have never tasted this good with salted egg yolk whipped together and fried to become the piquant-flavoured dish. Their Salted egg yolk tasted similar to egg flowing custard buns but more savory and perfect to go with rice. One more bowl, please!

punggol seafood food review
Thai Style Pandan Leaf Chicken/ Boneless leg $4/pax

It’s not our norm to order pandan leaf dishes on our table, and after the recommendation by the owner of Ponggol Seafood, we were glad he introduced to us their signature tantalizing Thai Style Pandan Leaf Chicken. We love the boneless leg, it boasts a Thai style scrummy coated sauce wrapped in the pandan leaf thus giving it an effortless bite on the tenderized meat!

punggol seafood food review
Ice Jelly with Aloe Vera $3.50
punggol seafood food review
(Handmade) TeoChew Style Yam Paste with Pumpkin $4

Both desserts were way better than being mediocre while the handmade Ice Jelly with Aloe Vera coupled with, Cocktail desserts and long gan ($3.50) were our kid’s favourite but between the two as he enjoys the disappearing of the jelly in his mouth, we adored the authentic Teo Chew style Yam Paste($4) even more. It was not over gluey unlike those massively cooked yam paste desserts at wedding dinners. This is a must order Chinese style dessert for elderly within the family who are always fond of good old handmade traditional yam paste back by the breezy and idyllic setting at Punggol Settlement. 

If your parents or even you still have that unforgettable memory of eating by the jetty for some nostalgia and value for money seafood, hop over to Ponggol Seafood this weekend. Or you can also call upon their delivery service straight to you if you hate to travel that far. As long as you order a minimum of $80, free delivery service will be provided however a minimum of one-day order must be placed in advance. Book your reservations early to avoid disappointment! 

3 Punggol Point Road, The Punggol Settlement, #01-08/09 | open: 11.30am to 10.30pm on weekday (closed from 2.30 to 5.30pm), 11.30am to 10.30pm on weekend |

Disclosure: This is a sponsored review on the food menu at Ponggol Seafood. All opinions are our own.


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