Are you one of those parents who flash out the bio cair spray faster than your baby touching that dirty floor in the public? Even though I’m not as prompt to do so, but I did learn a great importance of baby gear hygiene in two recent incidents.

First, when I found ants crawling on one of the stroller seats and later found out the source was concentrated from the aplenty of biscuit crumbs hidden under the seat cover. Second, during a serious outbreak of HFMD week last month, we got stopped by the boss before we got to push in our pram as Christian was sleeping on it because he explained that even the wheels can carry HFMD virus so no strollers are allowed into their premises. Does this sounds familiar to what you encounter, well then read on to find out how we managed to rewind the quality of our prams and give it a new life after we send it to PRAMWASH.

Singapore’s First Pram Cleaning Specialist

Both the founders (parents themselves) of PRAMWASH agreed that “Babies getting dirty and messing things up are just part of growing up.” Therefore, instead of trying to figure out how to dismantle the fabrics from its frame to get a thorough cleaning, every parent with babies and dirty prams, should leave the cleaning to the professionals.

New parents can now be relieved of the chore, spend more time with their children and have a clean and bacteria-free ride for their bundles of joy. PRAMWASH uses only products that are non-toxic, chemical-free and completely safe for children.

Located in one of the industrial building in Jurong, PRAMWASH covers over two stories, their drop off/ self-collection lockers are available at level 9 while the backend service all happens on level 8.

Say ByeBye to Stubborn Stains

We have been in the search for affordable cleaning services for two of our dirty strollers – we have a Babyzen yoyo for over 2 years & a three-wheel Joie with us since the beginning! We even tried to remove the cover to wash the fabric, some stubborn strains just won’t come off, not until we found out about PRAMWASH!

Thus we took head down to check it out on weekday morning and although it may be slight far for us, we know we can trust the pram washing specialists! 

We came to drop off our prams in need of some “spa” & “servicing” into these lockers according to their size there are over 10 lockers, more than enough for everyone. Firstly, open up the lockers, drop the folded prams in, grab a tag and fill up your details, close the lockers and put in your choice of 4 DIGIT Codes then close it! That’s all! 

For self-collection, when you opened up the lockers, your stroller will be wrapped in huge plastic bags, be nice and return the bags back to PRAMWASH for recycling! You can either select on the day return by self-collection or delivery.

It took us min. three days before it came back to us.

Knowing that our kids’ sleep, sit and eat in the prams, PRAMWASH offers a few services –


1. The Basic – Everyday Essentials ($59.90)

Everyday Essentials Package provides a thorough clean to remove surface dirt, dust, and bacteria, leaving your child’s stroller fresh and comfortable for use again. Recommended for maintaining cleanliness on a regular basis.


  • Complete vacuum, wash and wipe down of stroller fabrics and frame
  • Full sterilization with 165-degree high-pressure steam cleaning and heat-drying to kill microbes, germs, and bacteria trapped deep within fabric
  • Use of locally produced allergen-free, non-toxic and fragrance-free cleaning solutions

2. The Intensive – Stain Treatment Supreme ($89.90)

The Stain Treatment Supreme Package will take care of these pesky stains and leave your stroller looking brand new. Using multiple stain treatment solutions that are allergen-free, non-toxic and fragrance-free. Even the unthinkable of – removal of any hair stuck in wheel rollers*. You will receive all the services included in the Everyday Essentials Package! 

*Only applicable to models with wheels that can be dismantled

3. The Ultimate – Extreme Revival ($119.90) 

The Extreme Revival Package covers everything you can ever think of,  whether it’s vomit, a potty accident, a mold attack, or even a pest infestation, the specialists will make the pram safe for your child again. It includes an intense, deep-clean of stroller fabrics and frame and all services included in the Stain Treatment Supreme Package!

Additional service for delivery is available – just select the option to get it delivered back to your doorsteps after a timespan of 3 days time.


Second Day: WASHING


Let’s Take a LOOK at our dirty prams and the areas that are taken care of!


We have strains on the fabric seats, stubborn stains on the canopy cover, and front step pedal.


Our Babyzen YoYo looks liked brand new to us! All strains are gone on the fabric, it smells fresh and sanitized! Cleaning up with PRAMWASH makes me worry no more about bugs, leftover food residues and even stains that are hard to remove when the children go out sitting on it! See below image – SO new looking isn’t it?


Our Joie has been with us for quite a long time, therefore some wear and tear can be seen and we NEVER wash it before! So you can imagine how dirty this ride is!


All stains are removed, the frame and fabrics are thoroughly cleaned! Even the wheels are free from dirt and tangled hair! We are so impressed by the entire services done by PRAMWASH!

Well, what are you waiting for, mummies and daddies? As long as you have a child who usually heads out with their strollers, go and get your prams some pampering treatments at PRAMWASH now or be that lucky winner to win a chance to get them washed! Other than prams and car seats, your baby carrier, baby cot/playpen, and even carrycot/bassinet should get some cleaning up!

For those who prefer to go book now, use FAMILY15 for 15% off all cleaning services, excluding delivery fee, same day wash, unlimited washes and pop up! Head over to now! 


WIN! 1 x  complimentary ultimate pram wash (worth $119.90)!

Family Staycation Sg is giving away above mentioned prize to 1 lucky winner.

Contest Period: 19 Nov – 24 Nov 2018 | Contest closes:  24 Nov, at 11:59 am.

  1. Follow @Pramwashsg on FB!
  2. Like & Share Post! Tag 5 friends!
  3. Tell us why you want to win this?
  4. (Additional Chance) Head over to our IG and follow the instructions!


  • ONE lucky winner will be randomly selected and the results will be announced at the end of the contest.
  • The winners will be receiving the following service – 1 x  complimentary ultimate wash (worth $119.90)
  • All results are final.
  • The prize will be non-transferable, non-refundable and non-exchangeable for other dates/times
  • Prize redemption details will be advised via confirmation email.
  • Other terms & conditions applied. 

Good Luck!

Disclosure: Giveaway prize is sponsored by PRAMWASH.

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