Back by fancy stage backdrops with contrasting shades of green pieces together alongside with colorful flowers decorating the “hills”. BOY WHO CRIED WOLF opens up on 15 Feb at Jubilee hall with an interesting twist to the lovely story of a boy and four sheep – the human-liked furry animals gave the boy a great lesson on the consequences of lying and about responsibility.

I theatre brings on a familiar tale of Boy Who Cried Wolf on stage to kids and their families who know very well of the original story. However, this time, the audience can look forward to an unexpected turn in this story. Master of all kids-theatre director and writer Brian Seward gave birth to a musical and play suitable for children aged three and above to enjoy the infectious music and exquisitely colorful stage setups not only entertaining the little people but the adults as well.

We, ourselves utterly loved the sheep costumes, face masks, props (e.g, flowery umbrellas) and puppetry used during the play. The details were well-thought and assembled to catch the attention of all ages, as we sat down for the show, we had the urge to snap shots of it. (as photography was not allowed) 

boy who cried wolf reviewThe Boy came up with his imaginative plans to prevent himself from breaking into a nap during the watch of the sheep, Just in case any mishaps were to happen – liked wolfs appearing! Even after the reprimanding from the villagers after the second time, Boy had to learn from the hard way by finally facing the wolf himself on the third cry! Can he save the poor sheep or even himself?

boy who cried wolf review

So parents, bring along the little lambs to this show before it ends on 19 March 2016! The diverse music style of gospel music to theatre musical and tunes from Southern France to the UK, will definitely keep your feet up and grooving with your little dancers. Make sure you get your photos-taking opportunity with the brilliant casts at the end of the play before you leave the show.

YOU will leave the seats with a lighter heart after laughing at the comical sheepish accents and screams from the kids warning the boy of the lurking WOLF! Expect to have a few ringing from the ears after..

boy who cried wolf reviewBOY WHO CRIED WOLF 

WHEN: 15 February to 19 March 2016

WHERE: Jubilee Hall, Raffles Hotel, Singapore


WEBSITE: The Boy Who Cried Wolf (click here to get your tickets!)


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