With his humble beginnings at the DBS Art Centre for his debut, Broadway Beng – Sebastian Tan is back for his gala 10th Anniversary Concert at our newly furnished, The Capitol Theatre. Stepping into the atas theatre, which still retained its 1930s classic look, I was all geared up for a night of nostalgic songs and a hearty laugh after an one-year hiatus from catching concerts and theatre ever since becoming a mother.familystaysg-review-broadwaybeng

Clad in his striking and smart outfit, Sebastian Tan began his concert by engaging his audience with an up-close and personal style of chit-chat, making us all ready to participate and be part of his concert. Touching on current affairs happening in our sunny island, it cracked the audience up and especially with his flair of hokkien to jazz up the night. Breaking into songs that best fit his topics, audience gleed with a smile or move to the tempo of the songs, as they recognised that familiar piece. 

A song is best sung with a talented group of musicians which brought to our attention of his finally not minus one cd but his very own tok-kong five piece band! It truly brought the concert to a higher level of enjoyment, watching and listening to the five talented musicians as an accompany to our Broadway Beng’s vocals. Not forgetting his personal entourage of three chio-buus, all talented in vocal, dance and act,  their accompaniment spiced up the concert that night.familystaysg-review-broadwaybeng

How does Broadway and Beng come together, I asked myself. Then Sebastian Tan showcased the true meaning of East meets West, by his music of course! He wowed his audience by his mix and mash of our beloved tunes to musicals as well as classic hokkien songs that we so often listen, whether it is from our era or even remembering our grandparents singing us those songs as a child. His 10th Anniversary Concert was not all jolly and tease, there were moments of gratitude as Sebastian Tan sang songs dedicated to his parents and his audience. As the crowd’s profile varied from the young to the golden aged, everyone was entertained and enjoyed his wide choice of songs. From the oldies, to the heavenly king era and even popular songs from musicals, Sebastian captured his audience in participation and song.

I personally enjoyed his selection of songs that evening. Though not a Hokkien myself, some subtitles flashed on screen for the songs sung definitely helped my understanding. Having supported Broadway Beng’s Concert a couple of times in his past seasons, his gala 10th is yet another successful and heart-warming performance in my opinion. I applaud our sunny island’s one and only Broadway Beng for his delectable performance that captured the hearts of young and old. His taste for jokes got his audiences laughing to our heart’s content. familystaysg-review-broadwaybeng

This show is not only a perfect date-night for couples, I think it is a great show to bring the grandparents too! As dialect is rarely heard these days among the young, let this concert be one that brings back the good old memories or learn a word or two! Tickets are on sale and it must end 31st July, so wait no longer, support local theatre and grab those tickets now! Have a jolly chio ka peng time!


Isabelle Lee

(our theatre mummy reviewer) 

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