Confinement is a period where mummies recuperate after the tedious labour. We can easily do so with proper confinement herbal food. Without engaging a confinement nanny, we decided to handle this month all by ourselves. We made an important decision of ordering food catering as no one in the family had the time to cook for this mummy here. To make sure we enjoyed the entire 28 days confinement food from the same caterer, we tried out trial meals from 6 different confinement catering service during our third trimester of pregnancy.

Staying in the East offers us a huge advantage to be surrounded by a plethora of food choices. Our usual hangout is the Marine Parade and Joo Chiat area where the best Peranakan food places are found there. Being fans of the spicy and strong flavours was a huge temptation for this mum whose pregnant and mouth itchy. So for our confinement package, we eventually let the Nonyas prepared our feast for the 28 days – from Chilli Padi Nonya Catering service. They are the same people behind the Chilli Padi restaurant along Joo Chiat Road.

Consuming the right food at the right time, not only will steer your body condition to a better recovery it will also be beneficial to your entire health conditions in a long run as well. During our trial meals tasting from Chilli Padi, we found out that apart from having a great menu to nurse our body back to its healthy state, the food tasted really good! We definitely could foresee us eating them for 28 days without getting tired of it!


For Modern day mums, Chilli Padi‘s innovative menu offers Grilled Salmon Fillet with Mirin Sauce, to Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup & Shabu Shabu with XO wine, these fusion confinement dishes are carefully prepared while keeping in mind to ensure their menu are low in salt, fat, and importantly no MSG included. Only organic farming Sakura Chicken is used for it’s higher nutritional value! So, mamas get to lavish in delectable and healthy food!


Once the baby was born, our first catered meal was a dinner on the day we went home. Each day after, at 10 am and 4 pm promptly we receive our meals in 4 Layer of heat containing Tingkat together with a flask of red date tea. Meals always come well-heated up as we got the advantage of staying near their central kitchen in Bedok! 

Having an extensive menu selection, what really exceed our expectation was that food always comes FRESH & HOT. So we never had to re-heat it up again. And the only requests we made was the change of white rice to a mix of brown rice & white rice to keep it healthier during the confinement period. The customer service response for the change was prompt and friendly, the next day we received our brown rice. 

Mix of brown and white rice


Every single time we opened up the container, it felt as if there’s a caring mum in the kitchen who SPEND hours preparing delicious herbal soup, savoury protein (meat) and a wide variety of veggies. Making sure we were full and satisfied! Never failed to give us more than enough portion to fill our hungry tummies. 

As stated on their website, week 1 & 3 gets the similar menu and same goes for as week 2 & 4 separating into lunch & dinner. To see the full menu, click here!

Personally, we always make sure to finish up the herbal soups as our baby didn’t quite offer us the precious time to slowly savour the entire set of dishes. Some of our favourites were Double Boiled Black Chicken & White Fungus Soup, Fish & Papaya Soup and Double Boiled Dang Gui Chicken Tonic soup which boosted our milk supply drastically! So as long as we had those soups mentioned in the above, that very night it would be a fountain of supply for our little boss!

Double Boiled Black Chicken & White Fungus Soup
Double Boiled Black Chicken & White Fungus Soup

Other than the double boiled soups, the meat dishes liked Pig Trotter in Black Vinegar & Ginger & Egg, Grilled Salmon filet with teriyaki sauce, Pan-fried Shabu Shabu wrap with enoki mushroom & x.o sauce, Baked X.O Chicken Roulade w Wolfberries, Braised Hong Zhao Chicken, Roasted Pumpkin Capsicum & Crushed Walnut w Olive Oil and Hong Zhao Fried Snapper Fish are all our favorites as well! 

Roasted Pumpkin Capsicum & Crushed Walnut w Olive Oil

The transition of meals was fairly simple as all we had to do was to leave the bag of washed Tingkat outside our door, it will be picked up and exchanged with the bag of new dishes during the next delivery.

Previously, there were some mums feedback that washing was too troublesome, but for us, we preferred to have the stainless steel containers rather than plastic containers. So with the delicious food delivered to us on a daily basis, we could easily maximise our time to have better rest and less thing to worry about what ingredients we should buy to help us in this recovering journey and what to cook and who to cook it.

Having a huge flask of Red Date tea also lessen one more item on our to-do list. The portion was enough to keep us hydrated for the entire day. This gave us more time to take care of the newborn and mummy me also gets to rest well and enjoyed spending time with our little one. Our confinement “nanny” (aka Husband) wouldn’t have to take the trouble to go to the market and cook at home. As the portion was generous enough, it can easily feed two adults & a toddler (ya, that’s us). 

Thru out our 28 days of dual confinement meal catering, we took photos each day. We have uploaded 9 examples below. If you have any further questions on the confinement food catering please feel free to comment below and ask us!

Having confinement meals delivered to us was the best decision we made especially after the baby was born (absolutely no time to go toilet, what say about cooking right?). We have been indeed well taken care of by Chilli Padi Nonya Catering in making our confinement a fuss-free yet fulfilling one and we will still do the same for the next one (if we do have!). 


Lunch: 10.30am to 1.30pm

Dinner: 4.30pm to 7pm


4 layer Tingkat for food; Flask for Confinement Tea.

Microwavable container will be used on last delivery


S$ 25 (Regular Price S$35) with 48 hours notice

To order click HERE!

Confinement meal packages


Our readers will receive $100 off the 28 days dual package (Usual price: $1678.00) as well as $50 off for 21 days dual meal (Usual price: $1314). Just code “FAMILYSG” during booking to enjoy the discount. This promotion is valid from now till end July 2017. Enjoy! 


FamilyStaySg Team

Disclosure: Our confinement meal is sponsored by Chilli Padi Nonya Catering, but all opinions are ours.

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