Filled with anticipation throughout the entire week, we head down to DBS Arts Centre on last Sunday to catch the Production of The Cat in the Hat for this review.

Photo credits: Family Staycation Sg | The Cat In the Hat

If you have not read any Dr. Seuss lately, you will love this production of The Cat in the Hat. Every Dr. Seuss’s story is a lesson in grammar, syntax, scansion, phonics, morality, ethics, tolerance and the human spirit. Sally and her brother get a surprise visit from the Cat in the Hat. With his endless tricks and crazy ideas, he certainly turned the dull rainy afternoon into one amazing adventure. Joined by the twin mischief-makers, Thing 1 and Thing 2, The Cat in the Hat promises to be a purr-fect day out for both children and parents alike!

3 Reasons why you should bring your little ones to Dr. Seuss’ – The Cat in the Hat

Photo Credit: Family Staycation Sg | DBS Art Centre Theatre

Perfect first theatre experience for younger children

As a parent, I always had second thoughts about bringing my little one for a theatre show. I often worry whether if my child will be able to sit through the show, whether he will cry and many other worries. However this show has proven that my worries are in vain. This is the perfect first theatre experience with a 45mins production that is suitable for younger children as young as two.

Engaging Production

Even with older children, the theatre was filled with giggles and laughter as the show was presented with a lot of fun and laughter by the comical production where the casts were loud, fun and filled with dramatic action! The lines “Have No Fear” and the sound effect – the real bubbles, huge red bouncy balls and fish in the bowl would certainly draw the attention of your little ones.

The Lesson taught in this Production

Photo credit: Family Staycation Sg

On a rainy afternoon, Sally and her brother welcomed the Cat in the Hat into their house despite the “warning” from the fish, latter did they know that the Cat in the Hat were up to endless mischief, joined by the twin mischief-makers, Thing 1 and Thing 2. They turned the house upside down, wreaked havoc that Sally and her brother had to use all sorts of methods to chase Thing 1 and Thing 2 out of their house. Eventually the Cat in the Hat returned to tidied up before the children’s mother came home.

The show ended with an intriguing questions to the audience:

Then our mother came in

And she said to us two,

“Did you have any fun?

Tell me. What did you do?”

And Sally and I did not know

What to say.

Should we tell her

The things that went on there that day?

Should we tell her about it?

Now, what SHOULD we do?


What would you do

If your mother asked YOU?

The Cat in the Hat play is still on until 27th September 2015. For more information or to book the tickets, please visit SISTIC. If you have never been to DBS Arts Centre, the SISTIC ticketing counter is available next to the entrance of the theatre.   

Grab your tickets now & be in for a good time!


Family Staycation SG Team

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