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Featuring a concert storytelling with SSO and Dandi’s company 4 humorous comedians with red long underwear. 

Roald Dahl was the world’s most beloved children’s author, even to us as well. His works brings back fond memories of childhood and great imagination. His work includes James and the Giant Peach & Charlie and the Chocolate Factory & The Witches, you name it we had it! So when we heard that SSO is having concert for Jack and The Beanstalk we were much excited to first hand experience this story with a twist at Victoria concert hall.

family stay sg - jack and the beanstalk review

This is our first time attending SSO concert for children at Victoria Concert Hall, though the drop off point as slightly inaccessible for parents with kids and prams (constructions on the road) but our efforts traveling down were well spent when the majestic concert theatre music rings in our ears as the SSO gracefully starts their instruments.

Family stay sg - Jack and the beanstalk
artwork from Dandi Productions

In a short while the witty comedians also hits the stage appearing from behind the audience in red long underwear and one of them had a huge bottom that tickles the kids into giggles when they saw him.

Family stay sg - Jack and the beanstalk

In a quick prologue the comedians reminds the family audience of how the twist storytelling would be. Which one of them will be the narrator, another as Jack, Jack’s mom, the giant (with the huge bottom) and lastly the magic beanstalk. With the use of puppets representing Jack and Jack’s mom up the beanstalk, and highly orginial staging, the company easily transport the audience into the world of Roald Dalh’s fascinating imaginary world of fairy tales.

Family stay sg - Jack and the beanstalk

Our favorite part where a little insignificant magic bean revolves overnight into a giant beanstalk (by climbing up the ladder!) and becomes the main part of the story to how jack found out about the smell sniffing giant. The costume of the bean and extension of 60 foot beanstalk was simple and beautiful as the female comedian went up the ladder and threw her waistful of lush green cloth over the ladder while her head stalk extend up to the ceiling in seconds. This scene had the crowd in awe with applause!

Family stay sg - Jack and the beanstalk

Overall, SSO performance was splendid as it accompanied timely with the pacy comedians, coming from a orchestra background us,  its definitely a stimulating listening experience for children and adults alike. We give our thumbs up and recommend to parents to bring their kids to another upcoming wildly entertaining Concerts for Children by SSO – Emily Saves the Orchestra on 21 November 2015.

Tickets are available on Sistic, and good news for Jack and the beanstalk holders you get 10% Discount off which is only valid for Cat 1 – Cat 2  and on sales from 4 July 2015 onwards.


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