OVER 200 stories researched but only 8 selected Asian folktales in JEWELS IN THE TALE, i theatre‘s presents this new production from 17 to 30 Aug at the anew Alliance Francaise Theatre.

Bringing alive the elements of Japanese Noh, Classical Indian Dance, Chinese opera ( wayang style ) blended with western styles of slapstick humor,  not just merely a story telling session but also decorated with fun, color and music. Using simple props of puppets, masks, buckets and shawls and also dust brooms, the 4 performer inserted life into the stories and brings you back to those ancient times when the tales began.

credits: iTheatre
credits: iTheatre

Our team had an enjoyable time watching this lively and beautifully crafted stories last Saturday, and went home with damp hair and clothes but it was definitely worth it!

We learned much from the morals taught in the stories, and they were still stuck in our minds with the enchanting songs and instruments that was cleverly used during the play.

The Stories

Met Jenin and The Coconuts                        Malaysia

The Hermit and Two worms                         Philippines

The Crane’s Gratitude                                    Japan

Si kabayan                                                         Indonesia

Half A Loaf (Banjjogi)                                    Korea

The Princess who liked Cats                         Singapore

Tenali Raman and the Three Thieves        South India

The Four Dragons                                          China

Here’s the few stories we loved and we are sure it will be unforgettable for you too!

The Princess who liked Cats

This story had us laughing at how the intelligent pet cat whom saved it’s spoiled brat singlish accent princess’s jewelry from the bandits. Every imitation of each character was so accurately performed, especially when the princess tried to push her way thru her father to get what she want. Indeed shows how much effort they have put in the storyline and all the rehearsing.

Tenali Raman and the Three Thieves

We were amazed by how the three thieves without having to say any words, just by mumbling like a minion can actually allowed us to understand what they are saying or want to do. All we can hear was laughter from the kids and parents from the comical thieves when they tried to steal the “ching ching” money from Tenali by pretending to be alluring women dancing around him.

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credits: itheatre Facebook page

The Four Dragons

Understatement to why this is the last story as it got the crowd laughing and wet from our seats! Touching story of how the comical Four Dragons went against the almighty jade emperor to retrieve water from the sea to save the people from the season of drought and becoming the 4 rivers in the end. Until now the voice of the yei-llow dragon still rings in our head, with her “wa yang” mandarin accent as well as the black dragon with his “yo yo” hip hop style of talking. Don’t say we didn’t warn you on being wet, just be prepared and have fun!

credits: itheatre Facebook page
credits: itheatre Facebook page

This play is definitely going to be our top list of theater plays we attended so far. Though it was present with simple props but with its educational and enjoyable dialogues between the 4 performances, parents and kids from all ages would enjoyed it as much as us!

There’s one more week of shows to attend before itheatre brings this magical folktales to Korea for The Grand Opening Festival of the National Arts Culture Centre for Children 2015!

Tickets are still on sale, see below for more details:

Date: 17 to 30 August 2015

Venue: Alliance Française Theatre, Singapore

Recommended for: 4 years and above and their families

Duration: 50 minutes with no interval

*note* No Photography, Video recording and Audio recording is allowed for this event.

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Enjoy the show!


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