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Fancy taking some time off to do some shopping along the retail haven on Orchard Road, and fulfilling your kids with their dose of interactive play, hands-on learning and role playing? Our curating of children’s indoor playground has recently reached the heart of our prime shopping belt in Singapore! FamilyStaysg-littleplanet

Located on the second level of The Centrepoint Mall, Little Planet Playland offers a miniature world of imaginative and purposeful pretend play with interconnected children’s play area to keep your little bees busy while you take a breather from them!FamilyStaysg-littleplanet

With 6 themed play stations built to scale to mimic a grown-up’s world such as farm, marketplace, kitchen & cafe, fishing area, forest maze and castle role-play area to provide children with a realistic educational play environment. Keen to find out more? Let’s follow our little steps into this miniature world for play!



Surreal plants are laid neatly on one side of the farm, there are mini wheelbarrows for the little ones to harvest and transport the “crops” to be planted on the other side of the farm. FamilyStaysg-littleplanet

On the other side of the farm, was a plot of soil-liked seeds with farm tools such as shovels, spades and watering pots to “dig” and “grow” the plants in the soil.



You might have wonder what exactly are those soil-liked seeds? Providing more cleaner environment and safer for the little ones, those are cassia seeds used as soil.


Fear not, in any case, these little seeds land in your little one tummy, as much as they are edible, it’s better to watch out not to let them eat it (don’t know how much kids have stepped over them).


 let’s plan and let them grow!


Right at the marketplace, we saw a tons of fabulous variety of items, so much better than any other farmers markets we been to. Kids get to use either a mini shopping cart or baskets to carry the food over to the Kitchen & Cafe for cooking (which we will show you later). The food, cakes, bread, fresh seafood and even desserts are made way too realistic that our little reviewer was slightly afraid to go near them – especially the “crabs” & “lobsters”!


This is the perfect place to let them recognize the “real” food, some of which are not as common, in a way they can play and learn at the same time. Spending time in the market area, also built self-confidence when they learn to make own decision without the parents telling them what to do, rather they can dictate what they want instead.

DSC08469 DSC08468 DSC08467 DSC08465 DSC08506

Small tongs are provided, just liked those bakery shops!


So, load up the groceries and grab all these beautiful cakes, desserts, and donuts as much as the little one (and you) want! Doesn’t hurt to imagine right?


After all the catch, it’s time for Bon-appetite! We saw a well-stocked kitchen with cutlery,  utensils, and food. There were 4 sets of kitchen equipment included washing & cooking area, electric BBQ station, and ovens – even better than what we have at home!

DSC08491 DSC08498DSC08492 DSC08489

Mummy! come and eat!


 There you go~ a pizza and cake!


Most unique feature of this miniature world was the fishing pond, with fishing rods provided for the little one to have a feel of what’s it’s liked to fish! Amazingly, the magnetic rods are able to wind in and out to let the line be shorter or longer to hook those fishes which had tiny magnets piece in their mouth. If you have a patient little one, there’s a plenty of fishes, crabs, starfish, frogs and turtles to catch!



A little forest maze with fruits in baskets, on the tree trucks,are found in the middle of the playground. Bananas, Papaya, and some melon fruits were contained in the basket for the kids to pick.

DSC08511 DSC08510 DSC08556

There was a corner for a little picnic or where parents are seen gathering around while the kids are busy around. Personally, we think it’s a great spot to nurse the really little ones if you have your nursing covers with you as the nearest nursing rooms are located rather far away up at level 6 of the mall.



Castles and slides are one part our little one didn’t much appreciate and he merely took a glance around and went back to his cooking in the kitchen. So for your princess and prince wannabes, there are a few medieval costumes in their treasure chest and a throne to play role-play pretending games.

To have more idea of how the entire playground looks like, watch our video right here!

In addition, Little Planet has an arts & craft area for hands-on handicraft work. So looking for area for birthday parties and events, do check out their package rates on their website – which we think are reasonably pocket-friendly considering every 10 kids at $480 for the STANDARD PARTY PACKAGE.


176 Orchard Road, #02-21 | The Centrepoint | Singapore 238843 | +65 6268 6595 | |

Opening Hours:

  • Sunday to Friday: 10am – 7pm
  • Saturday & Public Holidays: 10am – 8pm

Admission rates:

  • WEEKDAYS: $25 per child for unlimited play
    Free entry for children <1-year-old with each paying child
  •  WEEKENDS AND PUBLIC HOLIDAYS: $25 per child for 2-hour play
    Free entry for children <1-year-old with each paying child


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