It was groovy feet, it was an action-packed adventure escaping from the Central Park Zoo, it was an entertaining extravaganza because it was Madagascar live on Stage! Yes, we were down at Marina Bay Sands for a full 101 mins of recreation of the blockbuster Dreamwork Animation Francaise on the zoo escapades musical show with Alex the Lion, Melman the Giraffe, Marty the Zebra, Gloria the Hippo, King Julien the Ring-tailed Lemur,  and of course, how could we forget the plotting Penguins! Photo 21-4-16 6 11 53 pm Photo 21-4-16 6 10 56 pm Photo 21-4-16 6 12 13 pm

The curtain opens with the animals celebrating Marty’s 10th birthday and he had a penchant desire to be in the wild. So the story goes when his best and only friends had failed to cheer him up, he plotted an escape plan and did so, the pack went into the city to search for him. After what happened on stage was similarly adapted from the movie until the animals reached Madagascar by a twist of fate with the 4 Penguins with the strong british accent – Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private who was also plotting an escape. Thats when they met a pack of lemurs led by King Julien – our favorite character!Photo 21-4-16 6 20 25 pmPhoto 21-4-16 6 13 59 pm Photo 21-4-16 6 19 07 pm Photo 21-4-16 6 26 23 pmAww, Best Friend hug! Alex and Marty despite being the originally prey and predator, remain friends in the Central Park Zoo.

Impressive and vibrant stage settings brought the interchanging scenes to live on the projection wall; from the Central Park Zoo to New York Time Square, Central Train Station, onto the Ship and finally to Madagascar! Splendid hue-lightnings and loud music infectiously brought our tapping feet to the ground and had our little humans swaying side to side thru out the show, though some dialogs may have been a little wordy, music was continuously grooving on the beat. Our slight disappointment was only when we (the adults) realized the vocals were all pre-recorded and occasionally the cast may have a few lapses on one or two lip-sync moment but really, it was just us, those mini fans of the musical were just glued to the adorable animals on stage with awesome trains of props such as a jumbo-sized Steak, glowing eyes of the fossas and smoke effects.Photo 21-4-16 6 27 26 pm

The loud reporter getting attention from the floor, as she reports zoo animals seen at Time Square New York. 

Photo 21-4-16 6 28 33 pm Photo 21-4-16 6 29 22 pm

Metro station as the background setting, the pack is lost and still doesn’t give up looking for Marty the zebra. 

Photo 21-4-16 6 37 16 pm

Where are they, wonder where are they locked and sailing off to ?

Photo 21-4-16 6 39 37 pm Photo 21-4-16 6 39 25 pm Photo 21-4-16 7 47 18 pm Photo 21-4-16 7 17 31 pm

King Julian amuses everyone, he’s our favorite Character no doubt!

Photo 21-4-16 6 47 42 pm

Several times when the penguins came hopping over to the audience seats and amused the whole theater, our kids went crazy waving their small hands longing to get a closer look, we think that interaction with the crowd is always our favorite moments. Not forgetting the last scene, when everyone was asked to stand on their feet and disco with the casts, the kids went jumping off the seats and mad with laughter. The night ended with them kept doing the rawr~ liked the Lion on stage as they were still toddlers who do not know how to speak yet, but from the smile on their face we knew it was indeed an enjoyable time! Speaking of which, if you have not got your hands on the tickets, better get on with it right now and its still on sale for today’s and tomorrow’s show! The show will end on 24 April, so hurry grab your tickets right now! For more information, read the timing and prices on our calendar or log on to or



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Disclosure: Tickets are sponsored by Base Entertainment Asia, all opinions are ours ! 

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