Hidden unruffled along the lane of winstedt road, Skyve wine bistro is tucked away in the newton residential. Laid back ambiance without having a huge crowd on weekday is  an advantage for mums with kids to enjoy afternoon brunch.

credit: Familystaycation sg
credit: Familystaycation sg

Interior furniture lined with long cushion sofa which is fitting for nursing mums as well. From their website, they also hold their kids party package in this area, where the kids get their entertainment of magic show, mini inflatable castle and cake cutting ceremony while the parents just kick back and relax. Additionally there’s an outdoor patio used for weddings and parties if there’s a need for more space.

credit: Skyve wine bistro
credit: Skyve wine bistro

We dive straight into the main course as it was lunch time and we were famished. We gave Skyve Sous Vide Eggs Benedict ($19) a try for starter. Hollandiase source was perfectly whipped on the eggs and we enjoyed the crispy bacon alongside with the confit cherry tomatoes.

credit: Familystaycation sg
credit: Familystaycation sg

Next came our Minute Beef Steak Sandwich with béarnaise Sauce, which gave a twist in its plating without having the steak in between 2 sandwich and the turn out taste was flavorful. The beef was grilled tender at a generous portion but still kept us expecting for the last dish to arrive.

credit: Family staycation sg

We also had their Skyve lunch set menu with their soup of the day – mushroom soup with our choice between seabass, cordon bleu, duck confit, or OUR Lamb shank with roasted baby potatoes. Dish was tender lamb at the thighs, melting in our mouth with a little salty for tasting. Still the whole experience was just laid back enjoying our meals in a hot afternoon day.

credits: Family staycation sg

For more information on their kids party packages or their snoozy brunch menu, you may learn more from

Skyve Wine Bistro | No.10 Winstedt Road Block E, #01-17 Singapore 227 977 | Reserve:+65 6225 6690 | 

Bon appetit


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