For all the love we have for the theatre shows in Singapore, our friends from I Theatre once again made us believe in the magic of musicals and wonderful performance that brings us not only laughter but warmth to our heart. This might just be their last production, not due to the lack of audience nor applause but the withdrawal of their consistent funding for the upcoming year rendered a huge disappointment in our hearts. But, nevertheless, we can see that even though there might be an end (or not, do your part and donate here) to this everlasting passion of theatre production for the younger ones, I theatre is reaching out with Poultry Tales, not merely as a show on stage but the new flame to hopefully ignite the audience’s passion in theatres and musical again! Let’s definitely hope for the best and miracles does exist!

Without much delay, let’s check out how Poultry Tales ties three classic tales together with a glimpse of how the mystery backstage look like without having the sets and props hidden away from the audience.


In lieu of the Year of the Rooster, Poultry Tales stars 3 famous classic tales, The Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs, The Little Red Hen, and Chicken Licken into a well woven musical. First look of the stage was, however, a setting of how a backstage actually looks liked before the actual show begins. With two senior stage crews and two new innocent interns sauntering around the stage getting their on the job training.

Learning trade secrets and even theatre terms liked what are the true meaning of hand props, leg, fly bar, cyclorama, flat etc, the 4 casts took turns to act out behind the scenes and create their own version of the musical – Poultry Tales.

For Chicken Licken, the casts managed to manoeuvre the use of face masks found in boxes seamlessly created 6 characters with only 4 casts! The moral of the story hang around the truth that we shouldn’t jump in to conclusions without getting our facts checked – as Chicken Licken told everyone he saw the sky fell and hit him when it was actually just a fallen acorn.

The story then moved on, as the stage was set up with a wild wild west saloon, appearing with period costumes, the sinister innkeepers plotted the murder of a mother goose who laid golden eggs, might be hiding gold inside her. The audience had their laugh when Elizabeth loh – the waddling mother goose was throwing out her “insides” using ribbons (it was meant to be a kids-friendly show!) and bestowing the moral of this story to not be ruined by greed.

With the swapping of the sides of the stage set, we were next transported to The Little Red Hen’s farmhouse with her 3 seemingly good friends gave their promise to offer their hand if she ever needed help. To her disappointment, none of them actually fulfilled that promise, only to reappear when she had bread to offer. And as the audience were in stitches of her comical “bok bok Kay” grunting, everyone interacted with much understanding that the moral of the story was – do not break your promises (relating to the kind of friends Little Red Hen had).

Creating a memorable musical for all to enjoy, we see the efforts of the beautiful background scenery sets from a splash of green hues of hills becoming a farming ground and a by a change of an angle the western saloon turns into a farmhouse. 

Mostly what we remember was the easy to sing along songs that even our toddler enjoyed standing and grooving to, blending together plenty of genre into a musical extravagance suitable for all ages.

If you have been a fan of theatre productions by the imaginative hands of the Artistic Director Brian Seward, you definitely shouldn’t miss out his best work – with tales to remember… 


Poultry Tales

Date: Sat, 29 Apr – Sun, 14 May 2017

Venue: Drama Centre Theatre

Duration: Approximately 55 minutes without interval
Ticket Pricing:  $32 
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