How long have your children become blinded by the things they see that they forget to listen?

Both in simple white outfits, on a floor that changed color, the ponytail Maya Politaji and Curly tresses Anna Woolhouse with a few simple props generate a cacophony of sounds that made the young ones super entertained for a good 55 mins.

We hear breathing, ticking, chewing, blinking, ticking, sirens, hooters, bells, whistles in this wordless dance piece for tiny tots. Much anticipation from the two casts, and they indeed gave a blast.familystaysg-shhbang-review

The intelligence and purpose to this concept of exploring sounds and noise in everything that surrounds us was back by a team of research on designing a show to develop your child’s aesthetic and auditory senses. I theatre partnered Peut-être Theatre from the UK together established a collaboration with Great Ormond Street Hospital (for hearing ability) and the Institute of Acoustics and Vibrations in Southampton University (how sound is generated) on exploring sounds and noises through the imaginative minds of the small ones.

Biscuit crunching, tummy gurgling, brain churning, joints creaking and locking, Velcro straps, zips, enhanced by Politaki’s facial expressions and her child-like dances had children laughing and parent’s questioning the kids on what do they hear?  More zanier came about as button noses are pressed of bleeps and foghorns.familystaysg-shhbang-review

Close Interaction of the two casts – coming towards us with the mic, pointing at our head, some daddy’s watch, or even their own arms movement, made little raised hand eager to be call out every time a new sound was made. A world of white noise gives way to a white world of muted sound, to feather crashing to the floor, an arm moving, to a tickling watch that set the beat for a dance while both of their body becomes an accordion of sound. 

In came more sounds exploration with tubes –  whirl and whir, metal rods conduct sound, Jewish harps call to each other creatures from under the floor, red flouncy skirts that trigger a bouncy frenzy, the kids were glued to the center floor. We were impressed by how much a toddler liked ours can be so intrigued by such simple performances. The woman in the control room made such timely evacuation of all the movements and actions which made it seems liked there had  been a lot of effort in rehearsing or she must have spider-man powers.  familystaysg-shhbang-review

Although this show only runs till 27 July, what the kids bring home will not only be the feathers they picked but a new creative way of playing and learning – with sounds. This show must come back again! 

familystaysg-shhbang-review Children went bonkers at the feathers lying on the floor! Someone looking excited as well! 
familystaysg-shhbang-reviewPolitaji saw our lonely boy who doesn’t have the attention to play with older kids, sat down after the show and both of them enjoy some feather blowing time.

Familystaysg team

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