Festive seasons come with a happy yet heavy burden – FEASTING TIME! This Christmas day, we celebrated with our both of our parents. Sometimes, good things happen when you least expect it. Who knew Saybons does catering? All my friends were surprised and impressed when I told them we had Saybons Catering buffet on Christmas day! It was merely a week ago when I happened to saw an ad or post lingering on my Instagram page on Mini Buffet Catered by Saybons, that made me went out to their website to take a look.


Anyone who passed by Plaza Singapura, Junction 8, Downtown Gallery or KK hospital & Mount A hospital, would be familiar with the hot and delicious fresh homemade soup. You might even want to pair it with their signature focaccia bread or a tasty crepe, and it’s affordable enough without losing the quality of great French food.

Little Elves Mini Buffet


Yes! Not only mini buffet, but there are also options of pasta, crepes live stations and even delicious Christmas Catering for that cost about $29/per pax for 9 courses buffet catering services. If you are not looking for Christmas menu, Saybons offers International Buffet menu with more choices to choose from! You will find that there is a taste of some classic Asian dishes that cater to traditional tastes while offering exotic French dishes that will add a unique & delicious twist to your buffet.


We started early at 4plus to 5 pm on Christmas Day for dinner, and the delivery of the food was right on time, even better it was on time! When I was handed the bags of food from Saybons Delivery guy (who happened to be really nice to double check all items and bring it up to my house to me because he says the food is hot, in case I burn myself!), we did a quick tick on the list of food that was packed.

In a jiffy, we laid out our pipping hot catered food on our dining table and managed to snap some good shots before the sky turns dark! Our dinner was warm and well-packed, other than the pots of Salmon Mac&Cheese and Beef Bolognese Pasta which had to be heated up, all the rest were ready to be eaten!

I have never been a fan of breast meat I love drumsticks more than anything, but to my amazement, our turkey was baked and seasoned till it was soft and mouth watering delicious! All that I could imagine about turkey meat being too dry or tasteless wasn’t present that night, we had the “melt in the mouth kinda” MEAT. Can’t resisted myself to go for a few more rounds of servings! Portioning of the entire catering was perfect up to 8 pax even though it was meant for 4 pax. With their homemade spiced pear-apple chutney, we have pinned down the fact that the maple baked ham was the tastiest ham we ever had in our life – dead serious on this. We loved the homemade Pear-Apple Chutney sauce so much so I had to steal the few big chunks of the fruit before the rest gets to it!

The kids loved The Golden Butter Rice with raisins, and it keep them coming back for more. Yup, it was gone in a blink of an eye. (haix, I shouldn’t have blink that eye!)

Not forgetting their baked baby potatoes and mushroom soup were highly raved! The only setback was that we had to heat up the soup a few times as it gets cold easily. It was then quickly drained and consumed by our hungry little humans!

We note down the menu for the mini feast, it’s suitable for family and friends gathering to cater! The whole set came with stainless steel tongs, large soup lader, and a few sets of plastic fork and spoon. No one else provides such good quality cutleries anymore!

Little Elves Mini Feast MENU

1. Mushroom Potage Soup
2. Assortment of Bread
3. Classic Caesar Salad with hard-boiled eggs and croutons

4. Maple Baked 1kg Ham with Homemade Spiced Pear-Apple Chutney
5. Baked Half Turkey with Rich Gravy and seasonal greens
6. Luxurious Fish Pie
7. Golden Butter Rice

Dessert & Beverages
8. Mini Christmas Brownies
* photo for illustration purposes only

Price: 7 Courses at $168(not inclusive of GST)

Maple Baked Ham
Baked Half Turkey
Fish pie
Baked and well seasoned baby potatoes
Assortment of Bread
Classic Caesar Salad with hard-boiled eggs and croutons
Our add on – Pasta pots
Golden Butter Rice with Raisins!!!
Mushroom Soup!

Never had we finished our catering food before, it’s either over portion, or too many leftovers. This time, we didn’t any to keep or cause any wastage – maybe just the ham! We didn’t even eat the turkey with any sauce and it still tastes great. The problem was the food was too yummy, we almost lost our waistline to it! AND DID WE MENTION THE AWESOME BROWNIES!!!!

This was the best Christmas feast we had in years, we are definitely grateful to Saybons for feeding us so well! We are keepinh this catering options for our upcoming gatherings and parties in 2019! Are you tempted as well?

Scroll down to find out what we are sharing with you before the year ends!

Saybons provides cutleries to customers!
Mini Elves Buffet
Mini Elves Buffet


Save 10% off from your food caterings, use code FAMILYSG when you are checking out your order. For more information, kindly visit the website at Little Elves mini buffet, and get your bookings done online. Other than the Little Elves menu, there are more options with Santa’s Delight Buffet, Mini Buffet menu, and Classic International Menu.

To see more videos of our catering, head over to Instagram/familystaysg highlight


Saybons was started with the objective of making French food affordable and accessible to everyone. No more exorbitant ‘ ambiance charges’ nor 3-hour course-after-course dinners. Using the freshest of food ingredients, classical French culinary techniques, and a collection of fresh insights, we bring French food to you in a way not seen very much in this part of the world. We have packed the goodness of French food into convenient takeaways, one that allows you to enjoy on the go, in your office or in the comfort of our cafes. We hope everyone in this time-pressed world can enjoy French goodness without fuss.

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Website: www.saybons.com


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