Moving from it’s primitive location of over 10 years from Esplanade to The Punggol Settlement, Simply Peranakan promise to serve not only the classics like Bakwang Kepeting, Chap Chye, Ayam Buah Keluak, Assam Fish Head Curry and Ngoh Hiang but also a taste of home cook, heartfelt and unpretentious Singapore fare. Not all Peranakan food are meant to be spicy, as it should be an affable way of spending family time together to share and enjoy for all ages. Go on and check out our trip down on their family friendly dishes specially bespoked by the nice Lady Boss. 

Simply Peranankan food review
Simply Peranakan is located on the second floor of The Punggol Settlement! Right beside the lift..


Established formerly from one of the well-known restaurants in Esplanade for over a decade, where many have seen to join in the early dinner crowd before the shows. This stalwart restaurant had made its reputable name within the theatre of the bay. Welcoming many of the world’s distinguished leader all the way from U.S to even our PM lee, Simply Peranakan is one proud Singapore-based diner to have offered their piece of local and traditional food fare even now after it moved to The Punggol Settlement for more than a year now.

Simply Peranankan food review
Nyonya Otah $7

Fresh from the daily catch, the Batang fish Otah is not your usual scrawny and spicy fillet, it’s double the size and better the flavour of the Nyonya dishes in Peranakan restaurants. You can never imagine how chewy (and fat) this fish Otah is, only if you have a taste of it. The mild spicy texture feels more of a fish cake than the common Otah. It can be a lovely starter for families (even kids) to share as we were charmed at the first bite!

Simply Peranankan food review
Nyonya Ngoh Hiang $7.80

Alongside with the Otah as a great a la carte dish, you can order this huge and well-embedded Nyonya Ngoh Hiang. Hidden within the crust is a generous chunk of waterchest nut. The tasty ingredients and zesty archa pairing brought out a flavoursome taste that even our kids kept going for it.  

Simply Peranankan food review
Bakwang Kepeting (Bamboo Shoot with Meatball) at $12 (4 pax)

Very safe for parents with young kids to order this we say, the bouncy and tender pork ball with bamboo shoot is a clear broth that warms up our heart amidst the “mild” spicy main dish that was served. Without splurging too much on ingredients, the broth came in as hearty, wholesome and savory as any double boiled soup. 

Simply Peranankan food review
Assam Fish Meat Curry $23 (half)

When one talks about Peranakan, one should not miss out the Assam Fish Meat Curry, which we were not at all disappointed by the mellow spiced curry. So if you have always craved to try one, but you are a non-spicy eater, then it’s time for you to try this at Simply Peranakan. The freshly prepared fish head is surrounded by a great portion of tender meat, lady finger, and the other usual suspect of curry veggie. The taste was right for us, and the curry was tantalizing enough to pair with rice. (OR NOT, it was good on its own too)!

Simply Peranankan food review
Beef Rendang $15 (S)

Another Peranakan dish that we won’t missed out ordering is the Beef Rendang as the meat was so delicate when we sink our teeth in, it melts in our mouth. The sauce was savory and when it’s coupled with rice, we were contented to have it just like this for a simple dinner.

Simply Peranankan food review
Ayam Buah Keluak ( Black Chicken) at $15 (S)

Though we are not a fan of black chicken as it’s more stale and unappetizing  as the other red meat, but this Black chicken was heavenly smooth and it was piquancy to our taste buds. The gravy had the authentic taste from the extract of Buah Keluak which is essential in all Peranakan abode, served in a clay pot that further boost the rustic taste.

Simply Peranankan food review
Chap Chye $10 (S)

Simply Peranakan impressed us further with their clay pot Chap Chye. The cabbage was in considerable chunks with a mixture of ingredients complements the mild saltish sauce even vegetarians will enjoy this simple yet delish dish. A good call for dine in or take out. 

Simply Peranankan food review
Babi Ponteh ($15)

After waves of galore of delectable food served on our shrinking table, the uber-sweet lady boss specially asked the kitchen to concoct one more of their signature brewed clay pot dish for our young one who goes gaga over “ba ba” ( which meant meat ). With the last mouthful of Chap Chye with rice in our mouth, we crammed our favourite (fatty!!) part of the pork meat, dipped in the rich flavored dark sauce into the last room left in our replete tummies. We couldn’t felt more contented to have finished this review, as the cozy ambience and breeze blow on our face, we knew we needed…. a stroll back home. (so full!)

So with the Chinese new year on the way soon, look no further than the kids friendly Simply Peranakan for an authentic style of Nongya’s taste! What’s more! you can drop by any day throughout the public holidays through the Chinese new year as we heard they will still be opened daily, with a range of $128+ to $298+ on set menu!



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