The essential life skill to start early and confidently, so whether if your baby is 6 months old or 1-year-old, to learn swimming in the right hands of professional coaches is important. Sing praise to the everlasting summer in Singapore, we get to plunge into the pools with all the right reasons as swimming is the nation’s favorite activity. There may seem too much of a trouble (time-consuming we know!) to find out what’s the trending or popular class in town, so check out the parent guide on swimming lessons that we have scooped under the sun with our little fish across the island!  Guide on Swimming Lesson for babies


Tick off this checklist to see if your babies are ready for some frolicking before you dive in, – 

  • GOOD NECK STRENGTH: Many swimming lessons are catered for 6 months and above as the baby’s neck strength are more steady by then. 
  • HEAD START:  Start from the bathtubs from birth, To get them used to the feeling of water on their head, fill a cup and gently pour it over their hair and make it a routine.
  • RINSE OFF:  Follow up with a quick rinse right after the chlorine filled pool especially babies with sensitive skin to take extra note. 
  • NAP & FED:  Ensure your babies are well-rested and fed before going for the lessons. 
  • SAME AGE: Do check with the coaches that the lesson packages have classmates ( babies ) of the same age and ability.  
  • START EARLY: Due to popularity or location, weekend classes might fill in fast so if you thinking of enrolling one, start planning now! 
  • WORD OF MOUTH: Ask around, your friends recommendation may just be as reliable as our guide! You can even go for the same lessons as it’s usually are more enjoyable with friends around! 

Guide on Swimming Lesson for babies

Inspire Mums & Babies 

Inspire Mums & Babies literally encourage parents to develop the technique of relaxed holding and learn to immerse as much as possible on eye level with their toddlers during lessons. Currently operate at a rooftop of the WIS building in Eunos for regular baby & tots classes, parents can choose to do a short term of 5 classes for $150 or 10 classes which is the much preferred by many at $250. If you have your own pool and desire for some privacy, private classes for one person or more than five is available as well. Check out our guide to Inspire!

Where: 116 Changi Road, WIS @ Changi #02-08


Aqua Ducks 

The child-oriented Aqua Ducks runs a parent and child programme at one teacher to a ratio of six babies at their varied venues from Turf City, Tanglin Village to Orchid Country Club. If you are looking to foster some parent and child bonding and eventually have your little swimmer to learn submersion and survival skills, head over to join their free trial with a line up of songs and games in their duckling classes for babies aged 6 months to 48 months. 

Where: +65 6463 5554


Aqua Bambinos

Parents who have concern over sensitive skin problem babies, you can find sanctuary here at Aqua Bambino‘s indoor heated pool where the water is added with salt (NaCl) and cleaned through a two-stage process instead of the direct input of Chlorine that might cause dryness to the skin. By introducing the babies to an indoor aquatic environment as early as 6 months, aids their water confidence. Their trial lessons run at 30mins for $32, the actual lessons are sold at a term of 11 weeks.

Where: 45 Burghley Dr, Singapore 559022 | + 65 6487 3225


Marsden Swim School

One of the reputable and oldest swimming school in town, Marsden Swim School offers heated and covered pools for young swimmers at several locations liked Turf City and both at Australian and Canadian International Schools, as well as Ang Mo Kio and Sembawang swimming complex. Fees range from S$30 per student in group classes (maximum of six per class) to S$60 per student for individual classes. What’s more, there are lessons available for your domestic helper.

Where: 113 Holland Road, Singapore 278556 | +65  6473 8353


Able Aquatic School

Able Aquatic School has infants swimming lesson catered to as young as four months to two years old, as they believe that kids pick up skills faster when they start classes young. The aquatic program will be teaching the little ones thru classes of entering water relaxed, holding their breath which further on learn how to get themselves out of the pool safely.

Where:  +65  8233 9288


Little Swim School

Little Swim School promotes the vision of  “Enabling Water-Safe Kids“, with your little ones to master the skill of floating with minimal aid or supporting devices. Classes costs range from $20 for five and above students in a class to $60 for the individual classes, which holds the lessons across (almost) all the swimming complex in Singapore.

Where:  +65 6747 5232


Happy Fish Swim School

Happy Fish Swim School designed swim classes for babies from 4 months to 2 years old and conducts lessons at OASIS Rutherford and both at Bukit Batok and Bedok Swimming Complex. Babies will learn how to build up their independence by grabbing shirts to pull themselves up if fall into water, float without assistance to get out of the water, and exploring the water safely. Right on time for a promotion of 8 lessons plus four lesson free are going at $320 while $300 for individual lesson per month.

Where:  +65 6589 8650


Smile Swimmers

At Smile Swimmers, you will be in good hands of Coach Kidd, with infants aged between 3 to 12 months old learning water survival skills, how to move, balance and stabilising in water. And at the end of the term, there will be a special   underwater baby photography session to capture the result from the 12 weeks baby swimming lessons capped at $300.

Where: +65 9661 6071



Keeping the class to a ratio of one teacher to four parent-child pairs, Coach Yong aims to let his students appreciate and enjoy playing in the water while building water safety skills. He specialises in infant and preschooler swimming and teaches his students to respond safely if fall into the water. MoovSwim operates at River Valley and East Coast area at $35 each, but if you prefer one-on-one, classes are $80 for half an hour. 

Where: +65 8128 8397


swim lessons for babies in singapore
Lessons to teach your baby to be comfortable in water at SWISH!

Swish! Swim School

Tucked away within Loewen Cluster on Dempsey Hill, in the old army barracks, you will find a new swim school SWISH! that owns a temperature and saltwater controlled indoor and outdoor pool, and sole distributor of the Merfin in Singapore. Your babies can learn water safety skills, and encourage concepts such as putting their face under water, blowing bubbles and floating on their backs. There are even programs for ” Who’s your Daddy” swim lessons for Dads with babes, and “Mermaid Mums” Swim Lessons to let mummy work those abs while living the dream of being a Mermaid! 

Where: +65 9832 2522


SJ Swimmers School

Sarah Jane is a mother of three, is an Austswim teacher that specialises with Infant and PreSchool Aquatics. She will teach parents skills to practice at home in the pool or bath to help babies get conditioned to proper water submergence and familiarity. Her class operates within Tanderra Swim, is also tucked away at Loewen Road at Dempsey Hill, with swim groups kept at maximum four children with a duration of 30mins. 

Where: Block 73 Loewen Road, #01-21 | +65 6509 3468


Joyfins Swimming

Joyfins swimming goes to almost all the swimming complex in Singapore or anywhere convenient for you, and helps babies develop a new found confidence when in the water. Packages at four lessons for a small group of 3 to 6 students per class at $80++ from 45mins to 1 hour, or private classes from $250 to $320.

Where: +65 8691 1632


Swim Concierge Singapore

Swim concierge might be  your unique parent and child swimming lesson at various location on Aranda Country Club, Chui Huay Lim Club, Canadian International School and SMU. Benefits of their swimming lessons aim to help baby sleep better, aware of water safety, gain independence and of course bonding. 

Where: +65 9800 1120




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