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After the enjoyable site tour of Mövenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa, we were ushered to the restaurant adjoined to the Galleria. You may read more on our site tour review of this lovely 5 Star Hotel located conveniently across the Imbiah monorail station in Sentosa.

family stay sg - movenpick hotel - tablescape

Being the flagship restaurant of the hotel, Tablescape presents a table of International breakfast buffet with mix of premium Euro-Asian fusion cuisine and local delights. Expect special Powerbites menu for the young ones too! Are we in for a savoury exquisite feast at Tablescape? Well we urge you, don’t read this during lunch time.

family stay sg - Mövenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa - Tablescape Open Kitchen
credits: Mövenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa | Breakfast buffet

When breakfast is concerned, Tablescape ensures your fundamental meal to start right. Their international buffet includes live cooking egg station, freshly brewed tea and coffee along with a wide selection of pastries. To oblige by their promise of delivering the Swiss hospitality to guests, the Chef’s a la minute menu options are available all day as well. So fret not if your little ones get hungry after the list of activities you planned out for your family day out, just pop by and select from their delightful Powerbites menu to fill those little tummies.

So when our little one had a share of his Macaroni and Cheese that day, he was elated to discover a sweet entertaining toy presented along with his meal. A little racer car! That got his attention on his food so that we could dig into ours! (Whop!)

family stay sg - movenpick hotel - tablescape

Take a look at the sample of their premium kids’ menu, other than the list of mini gourmet dishes there are also little crafty drawing activities to keep the little inquisitive minds occupied. 

Family stay sg -tablescape - kid menu
Tablescape – Kid’s Menu

And if you are looking for quick bites after a paddle in their infinity pool located near the Galleria, chose from their selection of premium pizza, pasta and signature sandwiches such as their piquant Mövenpick Heritage Wagyu Burger ($24) with fries!

family stay sg - movenpick hotel - tablescape
Tablescape | Mövenpick Heritage Wagyu Burger $24

Alternatively under their menu’s Monthly Chef’s Recommendation, you can try their Turkish Lamb Kofta Balls ($28) stuffed with pine nuts and served with hummus, marinated olive, cucumber, yogurt, tomato sauce and flat bread. Though we fancy the succulent Kofta balls, but we were more smitten by the generous spread of flat bread.

family stay sg - movenpick heritage hotel
Tablescape | Turkish Lamb Kofta Balls $28

If you are a spicy food seeker and enjoy ‘man tou’ as much as we do, have a go at their Wok-fried Chilli King Prawns served with Fried Mantou ($32) though it may seem a tad too pricey for this dish, but their addictive chilli paste will be worth that sum.

family stay sg - movenpick hotel - tablescape
Tablescape | Wok-fried Chilli King Prawns Served with fried mantou $32

Favored by many, their signature dish, Black Pepper Char Kway Teow ($20) was out of the ordinary. You may ponder what is so special about their Char Kway Teow? Evidently, their Kway Teow was enveloped by a galore of seafood, while the black pepper works magic by giving this local dish a luscious taste.

family stay sg - movenpick hotel - tablescape
Tablescape | Black Pepper Char Kway Teow $20

Kids (and us!) will love this Chocolate Crunchy Sundae ($18), especially when there’s two heavenly scoops of Mövenpick chocolate crunch ice cream with chocolate chip cookies, honeycomb AND chocolate fudge! So much for the opening of the various frozen yogurt outlets this year, we must say that this jumbo honeycomb snared our hearts over and we will be back for more!

family stay sg - movenpick hotel - tablescape
Tablescape | Chocolate Crunchy Sundae $18

There are also themed set and buffet options available during the festive periods, so if you are looking at staycation in Sentosa, get your luggage and kids to Mövenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa for a more premium and exquisite time away.

An exclusive offer is awaiting for our lovely readers so head over to our article on Mövenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa for more details! (psst! that includes free ice cream!)

Tablescape Website | Level 1, Heritage Wing | +65 6 818 3388 | Breakfast : 7am to 10.30am | Lunch : Noon to 3pm | Dinner : 6.30pm to 10.30pm |

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