The Bedok Marketplace may look like your conventional food court sans the grubbiness of local hawkers. It presents a contemporary brand new dining experience for all. Besides local favourites such as Chicken rice and Wanton mee, there are additionally offerings of yakitori, meatballs and pies for your selection without getting your pocket burn.  Here, we curated a few choices you may find and not find in local food courts. 


Familystaysg - The bedok Market Place
Deluxe Burger ($14.50) Upsized Waygu Beef
The Chop Chop Selections 
Pick your chops from Baby Back BBQ Ribs, Premium Ribeye Steaks to Burgers Sausages – an extensive selection of omophagous favorites to feast on. After your handpicked marbling at the counter, tell the guys how you want it done and expect splurges to range from single digits to mid-tens on each dishes. It was an hands – on affair for us with the drool-worthy Deluxe Burger with upsized Waygu Beef served with the crisp fresh bacon and a generous spread of sides. Though it may get messy, trust us it’s worth it (imagine us – one burger in a hand and another juggling a toddler.) 
Familystaysg - The bedok Market Place
Augus Beef Short Ribs ($6), Tsukune Chicken Meatball ($2) , Iberico Pork Cheeks ($12), Chicken Thigh ($2)
Burning Oaks 
Hitting the spotlight at Burning Oaks is indubitable their yakitore. This modern charm is helm by a young culinary Chief Jeremy at his 20s, who somehow does a pretty good job serving grill skewers over real charcoal. With his 72 hours Guinness sauce paired with skewer – the wood fire Angus Beef Short Ribs had an effortlessly melt out in our mouth!


If you crave for more premium stuff, give their delectable soft grilled Iberico Pork Cheeks at $12 a try. You may also get the Tsukane Chicken Meatball, chicken thigh, quail eggs and shitake mushroom skewers are at a steal of $2 (and below) per stick!
Familystaysg - The bedok Market Place
Signature Ballistic Meatballs (5pc – $5.90), Plain Jane Meatballs (5pc – $4), Crispy Crab Balls (4pc – $10.50) -Top
Ballistic (Home made) Meatball 
Never go wrong with meatballs when the little ones are around – considering the meatballs are handcrafted all the more better! Or at least to us – it’s fork in and non stop digging in! Though you might suspect whether they served anything else other than those chewys ? Well there are crusty pizzas for sharing to Crabmeat linguine, Seafood Paella, to an array selection of sandwiches & wraps and desserts liked a good ‘ol homemade cheesecake to complete the meal. 
Familystaysg - The bedok Market Place
Squid Ink Linguini topped with spiced oven-roasted squid at $12.90

The Plain Jane Meatballs (5pcs at $4) are available in 4 flavours: Beef, Chicken, Seafood and Vegetarian. Although we did liked their crispy crab balls which was perfectly rested on a bed of luscious chili crab sauce (served with man tou!), we must say their new on the menu – the appetizing Squid Ink Linguine topped with spiced oven-roasted squid was a dazzling delicacy. If you have a taste for fancy squid ink pastas, you won’t want to miss this!

Familystaysg - The bedok Market Place
uncle chicken rice ($10.00 good for 2 pax)
Uncle Chicken Rice 
Finally  lets bring on the all time local favourite. You will never go wrong with the formally famously known – Sin Kee Chicken Rice from Margret Drive. Not only you won’t be disappointed by their poached chicken nor its authentic fragrant rice, we also highly recommend to savour the real zest – by dipping in their freshly sliced ginger and scallion dip to accentuate the flavour of the chicken and rice. It will get addictive, warning you!
Familystaysg - The bedok Market Place
Ayam Buah Keluak Pie, Chicken Laksa Pie, Beef Rendang, Babi Pongteh ($2.50 each)
Spies & All Things Nice 
As sinful as it looks, our resistance are relatively low with these mouth – watering asian-flavoured fillings in the bite size handcrafted pies! Its great for take outs or even feasting on the spot. As much as we DON’T want to share this, but their more popular flavours are the Ayam Buah Keluak Pie, Chicken Laksa Pie, Beef Rendang, Babi Pongteh sold at $2.50 each! Some of these babies got our mouth spiced up and yearning for more! (especially writing this now.. we are drooling on the keypad.) 
Familystaysg - The bedok Market Place
Pisang goreng pie & Almond Longan
Alternatively do bring back their Almond logan swaddled with chunks of logan set in a Almond flavored custard topped with cherries and crushed almond bits and! and! their “goreng pisang” pie laden with chocolate sauce which had many going bananas over them! (ahem, hands up! we are guilty!) 

If you need inspiration on where to hangout after work or weekends, Bistro Avenue are available with an unison of good time – think draught beers, pool table, darts board and a large projector for soccer games till midnight. No worries for late night cheers or noise as all the food stores are a level up above the giant supermarket (yes, there are stairs to climb).

Yet with the wide varied of food selections to fix on, you bet to get replete with excellent quality of food that is solely found in this hippest food centre – The Bedok Marketplace

Insider’s Tip: 

  • Prepare your mozzie patch if you have those sweet blood liked us, as its an open air food place. 
  • Avoid prams/ strollers as the stairway is the indeed path to great food up there. (baby high chairs are available though!) 
(Oh, have we mention? Wholly Crab by local Artistes Felicia Chin will become one of The Bedok MarketPlace tenants soon! Do look out for our updates!) 

The Bedok Marketplace, 348 Bedok Road, Singapore 469560. Opens daily from approx 11am – 10pm. 

Bon Appetite,

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